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  2. China 2 Spain 2 South Africa 0 Germany 3 South Korea 1 Norway 1 Nigeria 1 France 2
  3. CaptainChorizo

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Tom Heinsohn-Hall Of Famer who won multiple titles with the Boston Celtics as a player and coach turns 85 in August.Dude is obese and has had to take time off his radio announcing job with the Celtics for health issues the last few years. Most likely to be the next big name Geriatric Boston Celtics death.
  4. Yvonne

    Horse Racing

    Racehorses have a stable name and they also have a posh name. For instance in the stable he could be called Storm and then on the race track or being interviewed he could be known as Indian Rainstorm
  5. Today
  6. Ulitzer95

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    George E. Felton, British computer scientist dead at 98. Charles Wyrsch, Swiss painter dead at 98. Jacob W. Gruber, American anthropologist dead at 98.
  7. The Quim Reaper

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    Matt ‘cock is now backing Johnson in the leadership contest. In the interests of the people, you understand, not his career. Yeah. My arris. Unprincipled toilet.
  8. Gooseberry Crumble

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2019

    Just sent my list of names!Fingers crossed I do a bit better this year!
  9. China 2 Spain 1 South Africa 0 Germany 4 South Korea 2 Norway 2 Nigeria 1 France 2
  10. Paul Bearer

    Ladies football World Cup (Predict the score)

    China 1 Spain 2 South Africa 0 Germany 2 South Korea 1 Norway 1 Nigeria 0 France 3
  11. Paul Bearer

    Ladies football World Cup (Predict the score)

    No change on the league table. En passant 4 Grim up North 4 Redrumours 4 Sir Creep 2  Everybody else 0
  12. The Ashes Urn

    Death Anniversary Thread

    The curtain closed for Nicholas Ray on this day 40 years ago, aged 67.
  13. One shot Paddy

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Not faster than a speeding bullet then........
  14. mollyafox

    Death Anniversary Thread

    60 years ago today, George Reeves, the original Superman, was found dead in his bedroom of a gunshot wound to the head, aged 45. While the ruling was a suicide, many people believe he was murdered.
  15. YoungWillz

    British Science Fiction Series

    Damaris shares her birthday with another of my Hare's Pool picks, Michael Kilgarriff, who is 82, and of course the Doctor's granddaughter Susan, Carole Ann Ford, who is 79.
  16. openviews

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Glen Michael of the Cartoon Cavalcade will be 94 next year.
  17. YoungWillz

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Revered Hungarian gymnast, Erzsebet Koteles, who won three team silver medals at the 1948, 1952 and 1956 Olympics, as well as team gold for portable apparatus in 1956 and a bronze for the same event in 1952, dead at 95: https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=hu&u=https://www.origo.hu/sport/egyeni/20190616-torna-reviczkyne-koteles-erzsebet-meghalt-95-eves-olimpiai-bajnok.html&prev=search
  18. msc

    British Science Fiction Series

    Damaris Hayman is 90 today! PS Another appears to be an alive ancient name is Hugh Lund (b. 1925) who played a Zarbi.
  19. Paul Bearer

    Ladies football World Cup (Predict the score)

    Monday 17th games. China v Spain 17:00 South Africa v Germany 17:00 South Korea v Norway 20:00 Nigeria vFrance 20:00
  20. ladyfiona

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    While I would love him to be immortal, I think Nicholas Parsons should go on the list. He will be 96 in October.
  21. Seppuku

    6. Vera Lynn

    I just stumbled upon a message she recorded for the 75th anniversary of D-day. She doesn't sound so well unfortunately. Especially compared to a few years ago.
  22. Spade_Cooley

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Colin Baddiel update for those with a deadpooling interest:
  23. gcreptile

    Alain Delon

    Hospitalized for "migraines": https://www.panorama.am/en/news/2019/06/15/Alain-Delon/2128650 He's supposedly not in danger, but the article insinuates that it could stem from heart problems.
  24. Cat O'Falk

    Linda Nolan

    She's working her way through her bucket list. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/brave-linda-nolan-ticking-items-16523448
  25. redrumours

    Horse Racing

    It's all about the $money honey!!
  26. maryportfuncity

    Lara Roxx

    Incidentally So far as I can tell from following the links on Wiki Lara Roxx remains alive despite suicide attempts, seeing the inside of a psychiatric ward and crack addiction and 55 year old Darren James who infected her on set with HIV was last seen working as a security guard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inside_Lara_Roxx
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