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  2. DeathClock

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    She just received treatment for pancreatic cancer. Link
  3. Deathray


    I'd assume like any investor a loss by his standards will be however much money he's put into the club on top of the £1 to pay off debt etc. But I agree he's a cunt who should never have passed the fit and proper persons test: The reality is even if Bury FC folds, a Bury Football club will rise out the ashes like Wimbledon AFC, Aldershot, Maidstone United. They'll just have to get use to lower league football.
  4. The Ashes Urn

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Sidney Howard went with the wind on this day 80 years ago, aged 48.
  5. Wee Jum


    Sevco 5088: Uefa orders Ibrox section to close after 'sectarian singing' https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49449628 Scummy b'stards
  6. Charlotte's Controller

    Death And The Scrabble Deficit

    Margarita Plavunova, Cardiac arrest talented athlete aged 25 scrabble score 29. Failed before the final hurdle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margarita_Plavunova
  7. Today
  8. Phantom

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Going to see The Vibrators next week. Then in a few more weeks I will working for Nick Lowe
  9. Lord Fellatio Nelson


    How can he really sell it at a loss when he paid, iirc, a pound for it? He is another one of lifes cunts who feel that, because they have thrown shitloads of their own money at something, they have added that amount of money to its value and, consequently, they are entitled to get some other mug to repay that ill advised expenditure. This will not be the last shitbag to take a loved and famous club to the cliff edge.
  10. Phantom


    Danny Amis aka Daddy-O Grande still in hospital after being treated for listeria meningitis.
  11. Deathray


    Absolute horrible situation (both there and Bolton). It's one thing to have a shite owner but to have one willing to let your club go to bang point is absolutely horrendous. Suprised a League One or Conference team haven't publicly attempted to do a MK Dons/Wimbledon FC with it. Although I'm sure they might have tried in private.
  12. maryportfuncity


    That'll be SEVEN hours and 18 minutes, then. Really sad situation, frankly. In a related matter I saw a video clip of the chairman who took Carlisle to the brink of extinction - Michael Knighton - bigging up a book about his attempt to take over Manchester United, something he did before taking over moribund Carlisle.
  13. maryportfuncity

    49. Ginger Baker

    Few years old now so likely on a few of the major streaming services. It starts with Baker attacking the documentary maker with a stick. Last I heard Ginger lived fairly close to me; not seen him, mind. A few other local celebs - Vic Reeves, Sean (Barry from Eastenders) Williamson - are regularly sighted. It's not the kind of locale in which people feel the need to be reclusive.
  14. the_engineer

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    Wow I actually may win . If Fernando ricksen dies sometime in late October to December and Lee karslake doesn't die this year, I might be in with a small chance.
  15. the_engineer

    49. Ginger Baker

    You've intrigued me. I'll have to check it out now if it's readily available.
  16. Deathray


    Bury FC have 8 hours 45 minutes to find a buyer (or more importantly convince Steve Dale to sell at a loss) or they'll be expelled from the EFL.
  17. Saturday 24th August 2019 Norwich City v Chelsea (12:30) 0-4 Derby County v West Brom (12:30) 2-1 Brighton v Southampton (15:00) 1-3 Man Utd v Crystal Palace (15:00) 2-2 Watford v West Ham (15:00) 3-0 Sheff Utd v Leicester City (15:00) 0-4 QPR v Wigan Athletic (15:00) 2-1 Fulham v Nottingham Forest (15:00) 2-0 Stoke City v Leeds United (15:00) 1-1 Preston v Sheffield Wednesday (15:00) 1-2 Hull City v Bristol City (15:00) 3-0 Huddersfield v Reading (15:00) 1-1 Blackburn v Cardiff City (15:00) 1-3 Barnsley v Luton Town (15:00) 0-3 Middlesbrough v Millwall (15:00) 0-1 Charlton v Brentford (15:00) 2-0 Liverpool v Arsenal (17:30] 3-1  Sunday 25th August 2019 Swansea City v Birmingham (12:00) 2-0 Bournemouth v Man City (14:00) 0-6 Tottenham v Newcastle (16:30) 4-0 Wolves v Burnley (16:30) 2-2
  18. Oh dear. Fixed. Appeared to forget about Portsmouth but then so did everybody else since 2010 I'm sure.
  19. Swansea are playing two different teams in the league cup on Wednesday ? Away to QPR and home to Cambridge on the same day
  20. Charlton Athletic v Brentford (15:00} [CH] 0-2 Brentford
  21. Spade_Cooley

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Hit refresh.
  22. gcreptile

    Businesspeople, Investors, Ceos

    He was the friendly, social face of their operation. Charles was/is the bigger ideologue though. Well, interestingly their influence in politics has declined anyway. They used Obama as a boogeyman and Trump doesn't care about their free market ideology.
  23. En Passant

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    This ought to be worked into a porn script. "That's the wrong Koch!"
  24. I used to have one of his bikes. (a lame gag based on ddp thread and not knowing who all these people are)
  25. Sir Creep

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    We all figured it out on our own, snowflake. They’ll manage. In fact, if they can’t its a good first step in membership weeding. However I think maybe WE should have a questionnaire that THEY can fill out so we have ammun......er, information about who we allowed in. btw, newbies, I’m SirC, the Official DL Welcomer. Chosen cuz I’m so warm and cuddly. SC
  26. Seth Moulton drops out. His 15 supporters must be devastated.
  27. CastAway

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Should point out that the wrong Koch brother's marked as dead in the A-Z list - it's David that's carked it, not Charles.
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