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    Happy 93rd birthday Mr Poitier.
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    Why is everyone here a top level paparazzo with connections to the world elite
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    I'd strongly suggest you wait until you've been around a few years before you even attempt to make jokes like that...... and even then.....
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    Mate... there's no way she can QO.
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    There is no ambiguity to this. Harry has left the Royal Family. Irrespective of the rights and wrongs or who is to blame, both of them are a pair of cunts. He has always disliked the whole 'Royalty' thing, it has been obvious for a long time that, unlike his brother, he considered his birth into the dynasty as a burden. This is aside to what he really thinks in respect to his mothers treatment by them throughout her marriage, divorce and death. It is incredible, in view of all of that, that he has the brass neck to still consider himself to be The Duke of Sussex and use it to further his own career in the charidee sector etc, etc. I have not mentioned her because, obviously, to be critical would make me a racist. I actually think the sooner they are finished with the remainder of their royal duties and are out of here for good the sooner everybody will stop talking about them and just fuck them both off.
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    I swear every time this board has an argument about whether someone is famous or not it's like my mum going "oooh he looks like that actor. you know the man. the man that was in the film with the woman."
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    It's shaping up to be another horrible royal anus.
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    She "discovered yoga" for herself but yoga has been around a lot longer than 102 years.
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    6:21 CET, so it's after midnight in NYC: Happy 70th Birthday, Genesis P-Orridge!
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    Dick van Dyke chooses his pick on who should be president:
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    Happy 80th birthday to the legend.
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    Happy 83rd birthday to King Harald V
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    https://www.theguardian.com/global/2020/feb/20/love-and-free-food-mel-brooks-and-carl-reiner-share-the-secrets-of-their-70-year-friendship Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks give an interview to the Guardian.
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    Minnesota Congressman, Jim Hagedorn , has announced that he has kidney cancer. Of course he will receive the best treatment, while devoting his political career to prevent those in need have access to affordable health care
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    Posted 19 hours ago Larry Tesler, formerly of Xerox PARV & Apple has died aged 74  Computer scientist Larry Tesler was the inventor of copy-and-paste as we know it today, and was also the guide that showed Steve Jobs the Xerox PARC systems that would inspire the Macintosh. This copy and paste work is my tribute.......
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    Yes indeed, tis Hounds Of Love It samples Night Of The Demon which was loosely based on M.R. James Casting The Runes (a TV dramatisation of which scared the shit out of me and my mum many years ago - sadly only a fragment survives of this memorable adaptation). "It's in the trees - it's coming!" also featured in an episode of Endeavour several years back, as an easter egg. Interesting fact in the comments on the Youtube page. The lines about the fox: "These lines refer to a movie: Gone to Earth, GB 1950, by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger." (I've read the book it's based on)
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    Diana deliberately courted the media. Those last few days, she was flaunting herself at them on Dodi's boat, well aware that the long lenses of the paparazzi were on her, and welcoming the fact. Yet when they arrived in Paris, for some reason they avoided photographers as though they were assassins. All they had to do was come out, pose and wave and get into the car. It wouldn't have killed them to do that. Alternatively, not go out at all, but stay in the hotel. Harry's shaping up the same. Mental health my arse. It's just wanting everything your own way with no regard for anyone else. As a mate of mine used to say, "Well, we'd ALL like to do THAT."
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    I'm not getting too excited yet! Thanks are due to @Bibliogryphon for disqualifying my (still living) Tom Atkins entry - Kellye Nakahara was the late replacement for him.
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    Klaus Kinski says thanks for the birthday wishes
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    Judy Cornwell is 80 today!
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    Mr Derek's funeral yesterday. Basil was there.
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