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    It's interesting what you consider to have meaning or not to people this side of the pond. This event does not mean little to us! It was (quite rightly) 24/7 news at the time and four years later we had our own version on 7/7. The world trade centre destruction was a tragedy of global importance. However, some of the names those of you stateside consider to be famous worldwide are anything but. This isn't meant to be disparaging in any way, merely an observation.
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    Which makes your 18 days a significant achievement
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    I’ll make a little reminder for myself about him - know a good way to do this?
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    Ahh, FFS So, to the reply above I'd add Ringo's work when he/Lennon and Klaus Voormann made up a trio for some of the songs on Lennon's Plastic Ono Band album. Oh yeah, and the onstage work in the massive All Starr Bands who like to get stuck in and play a range of each other's hits etc. And - anyway - re the "talent" he's by far the best Beatle actor. The early films were crucial to their ability to reach a family audience (massively important to breaking them stateside where Hard Day's Night and Help played in places the band would never gig) etc etc. There's a really good book about all sorts of wrong-headed Beatle ideas that has a chapter called The Ringo Rant which tackles head on the notion that Ringo got lucky joining the band and makes a clear case that Lennon and McCartney's trip to Butlins to offer him ten bob a week more than Rory Storm was paying was actually a really astute piece of Beatle business:
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    Robert, you're a fucking trolling bellend. Paul verse 1.
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    As he's on 'holiday' for a week, here are the premier games. CBA with the lower divisions. Liverpool v Newcastle (live on BT sport) Brighton v Burnley Man U v Leicester Sheffield Utd v Southampton Spurs v Crystal Palace Wolves v Chelsea Norwich v Man C I'll add the rest tomorrow when I get in from work.
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    What about this then? Man goes on a business trip, picks up a stranger in the hotel and dies of a heart attack while having sex with her. The French court decides it was an industrial accident so his company has to pay compensation. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-49662134 One for the "you couldn't make it up" file.
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    Everybody here will be able to tell you what they were doing that day. It had that much of an impact. Ditto Kennedy, the Moon landing and who shot JR. Small nation we may be but we are worldly in a way the US could only hope to be. Ok?
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    What are you talking about skinny man, You are just racist and weak poster, you would not survive 2 mins in the Arab spring
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    I don’t think it’s a good idea to tear apart the great Hosni Mubarak. I mean, I tried to do that when he was known as Robert Mugabe and he definitely got the best of me. You have been warned
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    Your money's no good in the 2020 DDP.
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    I am like that tbh. When I was an engineer I would rather eat in the van than in a welfare room which tended to be inhabited with grotty bastards who were too smelly and too loud.
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    When Barbara disputes them, let me know.
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    I was in Senior school/walking home. Two things that stick out that day. The teacher in the last lesson kept walking out of class and had a worried look on his face,I'm very observant so I noticed it. I think a few others did but he never said anything to us. A Teacher telling everyone at school gates to go straight home and when pressed just said something is happening in America. Me and my friends ran home. I also remember my dad (RIP) saying it was like a movie I don't know if he was trying to protect me or drop hints. Sadly I never asked him.
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    This posters acts like he owns the forum, but in reality, he is really not that good He rarely predicts deaths, (he usually averages like 3/50 a year) He is a bit on the spectrum and is obsessed about ice hockey players He also has never ruled an Africa nation, so really is lacking in life experience He is a wannabee despot rude boy
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    Grahame Souness, Terry McDermott - just sayin' that was a manly and respected look in Liverpool for years; doubtless there are sixty something scousers still getting culture shock when their cruise ship docks in San Francisco and two guys looking like that walk past holding hands!
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