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    drol, my thoughts are with you and yours at this time. Sincerest condolences. Maybe somewhere, somehow, your dad, Biblio's dad and my dad are looking down on us, sayng "So that's why they were on their computer!" Quite the time for the three of us.
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    Anne Hamilton-Byrne dead: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/anne-hamilton-byrne-leader-of-notorious-cult-the-family-dies-at-98-20190614-p51xs7.html Edit: QO if needed: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9261982/anne-hamilton-byrne-dead/
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    Pull up to the cemetery baby, in a long black limousine.
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    I think my boss is getting suspicious. I am part of a team of six and both the two senior members of the team have lost their Fathers with a two week period. Strange how these clusters come together. But I do appreciate all the support from my fellow Death Listers. I think this thread should be linked from the ranting visitors thread.
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    By incredibly popular demand: Dill Pickle Soup (zupa as the Poles say, and to my knowledge they invented this): Plenty of photos so that the Admins can hate me. Any you can too! But remember who walked you through this so that you could enjoy the best soup ever. Note 1. The recipe, Zosia’s, can be found online. My changes are noted, and the idea was to make it as close to the restaurants of Hamtramck, MI as possible. Note 2. Buy a 14-cup (3.3L) Cuisinart food processor w **proper blade attachment** (pictured below). This ain’t no time to play...this is serious shit. But if you are serious about anything in your kitchen you have this appliance already. If you don't have one, you can search for one or marry a person who has one. Just sayin. Note 3: ALWAYS get the celery veins the F outta there no matter what, I don’t care if you’re serving a salad, or celery and cream cheese. NO ONE wants to floss with celery. Note 4: Carrots already done did. Adding the celery. Note 5: Get four rather large spuds; utensils for scale. Don’t get wee spuds. Note 6: About the right thickness. Cube dat! Note 7: Calls for 5 pickles, I wrote 4. So the jar had 6, so I chopped yellow areas away and figured we were at about 4-1/2, close enough. Note 8: BTW we are doing all the pickle prep and other creamy mixes during the 25 or so minutes the first part is cooking. Lagniappe: Note the ARMSTRONG tartan teacup. Aye, my clan weren't just North of the Wall, they WERE the fucking wall! Note 9: Milk + flour. Pour the flour into the milk, numbskull, not the other way around. Oh, and borrow your child’s whisk (if you can't find yours).... Note 10: Temper it (add couple ladles hot soup) 3-4 times and pour it in Note 11: Ok add some of dat pickle jar juice (could have been done way earlier but whatever—at any time during the process is fine). BE CAREFUL. I’d say 3/4 cup. Probably more but taste it, don’t want to cross the imaginary line of salty destruction. I've thrown out an entire batch of dill pickle zupa before at this stage. No fun. Note 12: Temper dat sour cream egg slop, 3-4 times, throw it in dare. Note 13: In it goes and you're done basically. Pepper, fresh dill or parsley if you like (I rarely do it), I used dill weed small sprinkle. Absolutely Fabulous! Serve in some depression glass from 1941 you have laying around, proving you're an 80-yr old woman trapped in a man's body.
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    So sorry for your loss, drol. I like YW's thought about the three Dads.
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    This Nae Zealand place is popular. Nae idea why. Netherlands v Cameroon 1 - 0 Canada v New Zealand 1 - 0
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    Rather like the other (other) Grace Jones who died as Britain's oldest woman in 2013 after a brave but doomed bid to be the last woman alive from the 1800s https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-24940663 Now if the other Grace Jones could become the world's oldest woman in 45 years time...
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    Rastus and Jerome, a couple of proud big black men were invited to a costume party where they had to come dressed as an emotion. When they arrived their hostess greeted them at the door and her jaw dropped seeing Rastus stark bollocks naked except for a carton of custard over his cock. Jerome was naked too with his modesty preserved by nothing more than a pear. "Oh my!" she exclaimed, "But what emotions are you?" Rastus went "Well I'm FUCKING DISGUSTED", and Jerome added "And I'm DEEP IN DESPAIR!"
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    It is is fascinating how something that is controversial in the USA remains mostly unknown in the UK.
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    Ah... RIP.... yes, a massive DL miss, in my opinion. My theme team takes the hit nonetheless.
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    Outside of Dr. Seuss,Roald Dahl and maybe Laura Ingalls,Cleary sold more Childrens Books in America during the 20th century then any other Author's. Should have been on already
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    Latest positions En Passant 4 Grim up north 4 Everybody else 0.
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    The DNC hasn’t announce the final lineup for the first debates yet, but it’s looks like everyone in the race apart from Steve Bullock, Mike Gravel (boo), Wayne Messam, and Seth Moulton qualified for the debate. Steve Bullock, however, is trying to contest that and if he successfully is able to contest that (which I doubt), then he might knock off one of the other no names candidates from the debates. EDIT: It has been announced that all but the four I mentioned above qualified for the debates.
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    Four ailing utterly despicable businessmen who seem simply unsinkable: 1)Stanley Ho (1921): Macao billionaire and Hong Kong Mafia associate. Suffered a serious stroke in 2009 and in February 2019 he was admitted to ICU with organ failure, which his family minimized. 2)Shin Kyuk-ho (1922): South Korean founder of Lotte Corporation, he appears to be uber-frail and wheelchair bound. in 2017 he was sentenced to prison for embezzling 119 million dollars, but remained free due to "failing health". 3)Sumner Redstone (1923): The CEO of Viacom and a Jewish gangster. Has suffered from dementia for years. 4)John Rigas (1924) founder of Adelphia and convicted fraudster. Terminally ill with bladder cancer in 2015. Then healed when released from prison. Well, these people could ask themselves what could they do for this world, and find an easy answer.
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    Not really what this thread is about
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    Thank gods it's not the other one, as I have ticket to see her next month.
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    Sorry to hear that, look after yourself and take it as easy as you can, always difficult when it’s someone so close.
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    Yup. Everybody's does, but it'll probably be before this round has finished.
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    That's the saddest death of the year IMO.
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    Mail Obit for Sylvia Miles: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7135063/Sylvia-Miles-dead-94-Two-time-Oscar-nominee-legendary-Andy-Warhol-party-girl-passes-away.html
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    I agree with you.
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    The leadership candidates therefore are: Foreign Secretary Jeremy C**t Former Chief Whip Mark C**t Environment Secretary Michael C**t Health Secretary Matt C**t Home Secretary Sajid C**t Former Foreign Secretary Boris C**t Former Leader of the House Andrea C**t Former Work and Pensions Secretary Esther C**t Former Brexit Secretary Dominic C**t International Development Secretary Rory C**t Shamelessly pinched from a mate on facefuck.
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