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    ‘My mother has told the company “absolutely not” because she doesn’t drink gin and certainly would not put her name to anything alcoholic,’ says Dame Vera’s daughter, Virginia Lewis-Jones.
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    When Jimmy Carter dies it’s probably going to take at least a week before he gets back to building houses.
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    Pictured at Ed Asner's 90th birthday do earlier this month: Looking a bit older, but still fantastic for 93. It wouldn't be a surprise if she were to outlive him. And she clearly wants to get her money's worth out of that top!
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    This sentence needs a comma; is it going after ‘bar’ or ‘in’?
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    Have a small and tired update: Two people score with the late Julie Gibson obit. DDT gets two unique hits with al-Baghdadi and Edwin Bramall. Two more people had Gay Byrne. And I had previously missed to give drol points for Leah Bracknell, and Cpt. Chorizo for José José. I had updated the score in the meantime without posting here... so I am not 100% sure, but 99% sure that Ivan Milat is also a new hit, pushing Banana onto the podium, plus another hit for drol (and a couple others). Rank Team name Points 1 Death Impends 1439 2 Clorox Bleachman 1425 3 Banana 1277 3 Joey Russ 1277 5 Phantom of the Midway 1249 6 GCReptile 1229 7 Cpt Chorizo 1216 8 Grim Up North 1191 9 Skinny Kiltrunner 1088 10 Devon Death Trip 1084 11 drol 1067 12 msc 969 13 Sir Creep 911 14 Book 815 15 John Key 712 16 The Unknown Man 640 17 The Quim Reaper 601 18 Prophet 566 19 YoungWillz 542 20 Grave Danger 532 21 Yorkshire Banker 450 22 theoldlady 430 23 The mad hatter 405 24 Fixed Business 401 25 The old crem 334 26 Deathray 314 27 Pedro 67 295 28 markb4 293 29 Gooseberry Crumble 279 30 Bibliogryphon 260
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    2020= about time Super Gran is one of the 50 names on Deathlist.net
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    I hope President Carter lives to be the first president to live to 100 although these recent health developments have me worried. I remember President Ford was pretty active and coherent in his eighties but suffered a few minor health issues that escalated and made him live his last years in decline. In the event I would be interested to know who would be speaking at Carter's funeral service. Because lets remember - he was in the world of Washington for four years almost forty years ago. The most powerful man in the world at the time but many of his contemporaries in politics are either also approaching their end (and I doubt there are more active 95 year olds out there) or they have passed on. Vice President Mondale will probably speak if he outlives him. I know for a fact he has a long friendship with Vice President Biden who spoke brilliantly at John McCain's funeral last year. But perhaps Biden's 2020 campaign will prevent him from speaking should Carter pass away before the election. because the spotlight would be on him rather than celebrating the life of Jimmy Carter.
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    The test is simple. What would you say if there's nobody else involved, just you? To use the example in the quoted tweet "Instead of working after school, myself and Mrs. B decided to master it." If we lose Mrs B, would he then say "Instead of working after school, myself decided to master it" ? No, he would say "Instead of working after school, I decided to master it".
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    The Browns were seconds away from a season-changing win when Myles Garrett lost his composure in a moment of rage rarely seen on an NFL field. Garrett tore off Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph's helmet, wildly swung it and hit the QB in the head, a shocking act that will likely result in a lengthy suspension for Cleveland's star defensive end and perhaps cost the Browns any chance of making the playoffs. Garrett's outburst came with 8 seconds left in Cleveland's 21-7 win over the rival Steelers on Thursday night, a game that will not be remembered for anything that happened in the first 59 minutes.
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    Poor Howard first his wife and now his bit on the side were is Howard going to go for a bit of Fun now. RIP Jean a good actress who would of thought Robert Fyfe would outlive both of them considering he is 15 years older than Juliette and 20 years older than Jean, Rip Jean
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    In July I made a list of famous hospitalized people. I think only 3 on 7 (Gigi Simoni, Everton Weekes, Balbir Singh) are still going. I think it is time for a new list: 1)Lata Mangeshkar (1929): on life support with pneumonia and heart failure. Family insists she is recovering and her life is not in danger. Hospital says she will be discharged in a few days. Usual Indian scheme. 2)Daniel arap Moi (1924): Hospitalized for the third time in a month. Was on life support two weeks ago and reportedly wanted to be left at home to die. Obviously according to the family he has gone for the usual "routine check up". 3)Jimmy Carter (1924): suffered fall and cerebral hemorrhage. Now hospitalized for indefinite time, but rapidly getting better according to close people. 4)Balbir Singh (1924): again in hospital, for the third time in a year. He spent two weeks on life support last year and is suffering from congestive heart failure. No hints at a possible death from family, though. 5)Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (1936): Peruvian crook/president, hospitalized for cardiac arrhythmia in ICU. The Fujimori way, all along.
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    Anytime??? Au contraire. "The car went through a red light and almost hit (my wife and) I" is clearly nonsense; "The car went through a red light and almost hit (my wife and) me" is correct.
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    Yes, "myself and" really boils my piss too. If you're going to be ungrammatical, why not keep it traditional with the old-school "me and". I suppose they all think "myself" is correct.
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    It's not actually. 9 times out of 10 in these situations mass death is caused by panic and crowd crushes rather than actual fire, so the fire brigade try to avoid that as well as put out the fire. In the case of Grenfell, no one had bothered to tell the fire service about the flammable cheap cladding, so they worked on the standard principle: avoid panic, isolate area of fire, evacuate the necessary, put out fire. The firemen used the safety advice that helps to save thousands of British lives every year. Its just that in this instance, crucial information was kept from them and the residents, and well, the results were as they are. JRM is using hindsight to judge and thus is open to criticism.
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    Ah bollocks. This is too tricky. Marley and Myself it is.
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    Technically of course, she's quite correct, at least in the case of the cash.
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    John Sitton's dressing room rant takes some beating. Love the bit at the end when he's inviting the players to have a fight with him. https://youtu.be/nYDIMWpcKqI
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    When you are 95 this takes the stuffing out of you and leaves you weak and unable to fully recover.
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    In mid-1964, when he was clearly approaching the end and frail, friends used to ask Winston Churchill how he felt, and he described the sensation as being at the end of a long air flight, hanging around above the airport, waiting for the clearance to land and rest. Jimmy's now taxiing above the landing strip imo.
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    This is, for remainers or even just people not on the hard right, just a tactical voting exercise. Everyone needs to check who’s most likely to unseat a Tory and potentially end up voting for a party they’d in normal circumstances rather shit into their hands and clap than elect. Myself included this time. But it relies on remainfolk/non-right-wingers thinking to do that check (because Lab and Lib won’t get their shit together and work with each other) and we as a nation are shit at doing that. It’s gonna be close.
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    They do. Bunch of ‘stunts’.
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    Death Notice for Betty Shackleton (nee Homan) aged 104, widow of the late Edward Shackleton, Baron Shackleton: http://announcements.telegraph.co.uk/deaths/225805/shackleton
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    He's reminding himself what an erection looks like.
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