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    Looking at how close some of these Tory wins are, it’s the distinct lack of cooperation between Lab, LD and Green that has won the Tories this election. Kensington, for example; Conservatives beat Labour by 150 votes, about 16,000 each. Lib Dem’s Sam Gyimah got a further 10,000. Ridiculous.
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    I know very little about UK politics, but I know enough to know Boris Johnson is an idiot. Did Jeremy Corbyn shoot a baby?
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    Only by 100 or so votes. I’m surprised there wasn’t a bigger gulf. Useless waft of pissy air.
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    Jack Scott has died at the age of 83
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    Labour, tactically; was not happy about doing so.
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    Ex mining town Blyth valley voting for conservatives. It's actually looking even worse than the exit polls. Also the talk was boris losing his seat Jo swinson is actually more likely to lose her seat at this point. Does that bury remain for good?
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    Looks like my Pidcock punt will be borne out.
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    1. Alex Trebek (Joker) 2. Kirk Douglas 3. Michael York. 4. Terry Jones 5. Roger Scruton 6. Frankie Banali 7. George Alagiah 8. Bill Turnbull 9. John Andretti 10. Cullan Brown (A Kentucky golfer with bone cancer) 11. Pat Smullen 12. Tom Smith (the rugby player) 13. Tabare Vazquez 14. Genesis P-Orridge 15. Lee Kerslake 16. Gianluca Vialli 17. Bob Gibson 18. Jimmy Carter 19. Jay Allen. (Detroit Tigers announcer with bile duct cancer) 20. Brandon Sorensen (An Iowan wrestler with leukemia) 21. Doddie Weir 22. Daniel Arap-Moi 23. Vasily Kulkov (Russian footballer with esophageal cancer) 24. Anastasia Zavorotniuk (Russian soap actress who may have brain cancer) 25. Armen Dzhigarkhanian (Frail 84-year-old Russian actor) Subs: 1. Ruth Bader Ginsberg 2. Alcee Hastings 3. Margarita Terekhova (Russian actress with end-stage Alzheimer's) 4. Vera Lynn 5. Olivia Newton-John.
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    Lady Bird was 94 when she died. Betty Ford was 93 when she died. Nancy Reagan was 94 when she died. Barbara Bush was 92 when she died. Enter Rosalynn Carter. Turns 93 years old in 2020, so prime 21st century First Lady dying age. Jimmy is clearly on his way out after many recent hospitalizations, and like the Nixon and Bush couples, I doubt they'll stand to be separated for very long. Get her on Deathlist 2020!
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    How did they know it was a Scots tourist? Was it clutching a bottle of buckfast or summat?
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    Archie Scott out for 101: http://www.cricketscotland.com/archie-scott-scotlands-oldest-living-cricket-dies/
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    US hunter killed by deer he thought he had just shot dead https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-50180755
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    I find it amusing that both he and Dick Van Dyke share the same bday and both of their most popular films were alongside Julie Andrews.
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    Happy birthday Christopher!
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    Death notice for Peggy Warde, who has died aged 100. http://announcements.telegraph.co.uk/deaths/203599/warde Thought she might be of interest as she's the call handler who put the call through to the Queen telling her that George VI had died. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/wirral-woman-who-put-through-10622033
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    My sister saw Roxette on the last tour they did in Australia a few years back. She said Marie was in great voice but was *incredibly* frail, needing help getting on and off stage, and also had (known) memory problems - as well as the brain tumour/cancer affecting her sight and hearing, she was also unable to read afterwards so a teleprompter couldn't be used. Still a fantastic gig though, and there was a lot of love for Marie for being such a trouper in spite of her obvious fragile health.
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    Ok get off your high horse (pun intended). Just because you have interest in a topic doesn't mean you get to dictate what can be included in the topic discussion. This is the Deathlist section of the forums and your interest in any of the topics here is redundant to anybody but yourself. For example, if I don't like "soccer", I'm not going to ignore putting any "soccer" players on my pool teams. It isn't on topic. The thread is "American Football Players", not "Football organizations that seized operations". This has nothing to do with anything relating to death. Where it does belong is the extra curricular Football thread, yet no one cares about a sub-division 1 school seizing their football operations so maybe it should stay on Google News. Now this reply might seem hypocritical based on my reply to Toast, however I feel this is a different situation as AO Guy's posts were on topic. They related to actual deaths and yours does not. You're also free to post whatever you wish, I'm only pointing out the hypocrisy.
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