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    I’ve graduated high school this past Friday, and for me I’m glad it’s over as it has largely been a negative experience for me (as such, I went to a nice dinner with my family rather than go to the actual graduation ceremony as it didn’t feel right to celebrate something that was overall bad for me). I’m just ready to move on to the next phase of my life and hope that it’s much better for me overall than my high school experience...
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    I guess we can confirm the 5th death of this year now: It is the guy that registers the deaths in the Deathlist.
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    A film career spanning 2761 years? And to think we thought Fay McKenzie's was a record.
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    Those waiting for Tommy Donbavand QOs, your patience is rewarded: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2019/05/20/tommy-donbavand-childrens-writer-entertainer-gift-making-people/
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    Graduated high school today. I made a lot of memories and had a lot of fun, and I'm all up in my feels about it ending. But this is going to be a great summer. I'm going to Poland in the middle of July for a couple weeks, and in August, I might take a road trip to Canada with friends. But also gonna enjoy local lake trips and house parties in between with my friends.
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    In this update Tim Conway-Banana,FixedBusiness,JoeyRuss,markb4,RadGuy,theoldlady,quim,torva,wormfarmer,theunknownman Sprent Dabwido-Banana,Book,CaptainChorizo,Clorox,DI,drol,FixesBusiness,GCR,GUN,Jiroemon Kimura,MSC,RadGuy,Quim,Torva,WormFarmer Tommy Donbavand-Banana,Book,Clorox Bleachman,DeathImpends,Drol,GrimUpNorth,JoeyRuss,Msc Bob Hawke-Book,FixedBusiness,TheOldCrem,theoldlady,thequimreaper,TorvaMessor Roz Patterson-CaptainChorizo IM Pei -Bibliogryphon,Bou1,ebless,FixedBusiness Jean Vanier-Death Impends,drol,JoeyRuss,Msc Herman Wouk-Bou1,Captain Chorizo,ebless,Great Uncle Bulgaria,Gun,Gooseberry Crumble,markb4,radguy,TheQuimReaper,TheUnknownMan,TorvaMassor,YoungWilz *John Starling also died but has yet to recieve QO First Scoreboard 1st place DeathImpends-1100 2nd place GunUpNorth-990 3rd place TheQuimReaper-820 4th place TorvaMessor-815 5th place Book-770 6th place CloroxBleachman-700 7th place Wormfarmer-675 8th place Msc-665 9th place TheOldLady-650 10h place Banana-575 11th place ebless-545 12th place TheOldCrem-500 13th place Markb4-485 14th place JoeyRuss-476 15th place FixedBusiness-445 16th place Bibliogryphon-400 tied 17th place GreatUncleBulgaria-350 tied 17th place GooseberryCrumble-350 19th place Jiroemon Kimura-300 20th place Drol-285 21st place RadGuy-281 22nd place CaptainChorizo-240 tied 23rd place Bou1-210 tied 23rd place TheUnknownMan-210 25th place Gcreptile-200 26th place YoungWilz-50 Any names missed or mistakes just let me know
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    Yes, it's likely that 2 time Oscar winning British citizen Dame Olivia de Havilland wont get much coverage in the British press when she goes...
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    Happy belated birthday GUN!
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    Well Cyril Smith weighed 400 pounds so the answer is obviously him
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    Yes apart from the bit where someone suggested he wasn't obit fit...
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    Drol's on a roll! Pick Kissinger next!
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    I announce that after frantic research and tough decisions, I've picked a substitute of the late general Le Duc Anh as my perennial favourite. And the winner is... General Prem Tinsulanonda! Who was the good twin of evil Le Duc Anh, of course. Or maybe not so good? The general is dead, long live the general!
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    Edinburgh Zoo have announced the death of Jambi, their oldest Sumatran tiger. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/pa/article-7062459/Sumatran-tiger-Jambi-dies-Edinburgh-Zoo.html It is not known if he had just given up, never having been invited to tea.
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    Spade Cooley vs Banana Boudicca vs Clorox Spade (Nelstar*, Bass, Bill, Christofias, Kelly, Long, Milat, Noble, Sleggs, Powlison, Yudhoyono) Vs Banana (Yudhoyono*, Christofias, Milat, Weakland, Bill, Sleggs, Musharraf, Garcia, Genson, Blanco, Sizun) Boudicca (Yudhoyono*, Moore, Doherty, Essex, MacDonald, Toole, Musharraf, Bill, Rehboga, Sizun, Davis) Vs Clorox (Bill, Blanco,Christofias,Figes, Long, Milat,Musharraf, porridge,Sleggs*, Wickham, yudhoyono) 1. Sam Bass – Spade 2. Bushwick Bill – Bou, Spade, Banana,Clorox 3. Kathleen Blanco – Banana,Clorox 4. Demitris Christofias – Spade, Banana,Clorox 5. Steve Davis (punk) -Bou 6. Brian Doherty – Bou 7. Steve Essex –Bou 8. Kate Figes - Clorox 9. Sunny Garcia – Banana 10. Ed Genson -Banana 11. Joe Kelly – Spade* 12. Tom Long – Spade,Clorox 13. Steve MacDonald (musician)- Bou 14. Ivan Milat – Spade, Banana,Clorox 15. Tim Moore (wines) – Bou 16. Perez Musharraf –Bou,Banana,Clorox 17. DJ Nelstar – Spade* DNS 18. Lee Noble –Spade 19. Genesis Porridge - Clorox 20. David Powlison - Spade 21. Johann Rehboga –Bou 22. Ji Sizun – Bou, Banana 23. Michael Sleggs – Spade, Banana, Clorox* 24. Mac Toole- Bou Verne Wagner - Spad 25. Rembert Weakland – Banana 26. Jerry Wickham - Clorox 27. Lady Ani Yudhoyono – Bou*, Spade, Banana*,Clorox
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    He picked a fine time to leave us.
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    Claus von Bülow dead
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    Roses are red I'm getting pissed Wouk's bloody dead So update the list
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    One of the all-time reggae greats.
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    Another DL-candidates birthday today: Henry Kissinger, 96!
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    She's been a rock (in terms of emotion) for her entire career, so to see her sobbing today goes to show the inexorable headache of Brexit has taken its toll on her. She'll add years to her life by getting out now. She got so much wrong - her personal Brexit red lines strangled her - but not as much as the party behind her did. Much as I'd like to see the back of this Tory government, I do want to give her a hug, make her a nice cuppa and reassure her that she's not a bad person, just a bit shit at her job. But millions of fuckers are guilty of that.
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    will have update 1 over the weekend
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    Niki's dead. Lauda? NIKI'S DEAD!
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