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    Just gone online to find: Uncharted territory! I'm top of the DDP! Ok, joint top and losing the "most hits" to DI. But top anyhow!
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    The White Zulu blacking out causes 7 teams, all no higher than mid table as is, to fall further. Would Juluka the new scoreboard? 1. drol 1 =2. Bibliogryphon 4 =2. CaptainChorizo 4 4. Phantom of the Midway 10 =5. markb4 12 =5. Mercarte 12 7. Sir Creep 14 =8. BuffaloPhil 15 =8. gcreptile 15 =8. machotrouts 15 =8. paddyfool 15 =12. An Fear Beag 16 =12. FixedBusiness 16 =12. GraveDanger 16 =15. Clorox Bleachman 17 =15. QTips 17 =15. Spade_Cooley 17 18. The Quim Reaper 19 19. Banana 20 =20. Dr_T 21 =20. Pedro67 21 =22. manuel 22 =22. Torva Messor 22 =24. charon 23 =24. The Unknown Man 23 =26. deadsox 24 =26. JoeMoneypenny 24 28. The Old Crem 25 29. Great Uncle Bulgaria 26 =30. Book 27 =30. Death Impends 27 =30. Skinny kiltrunner 27 =30. The Mad Hatter 27 34. Wormfarmer 28 =35. Joey Russ 31 =35. Newjack 31 =35. Toast 31 =38. Grim Up North 32 =38. YoungWillz 32 40. En Passant 33 41. theoldlady 34 42. Master Tech 40 43. Philip 55 44. Neobrakeon 59 45. Bentrovato 60 46. nantonian2013 76 47. Team Wean 82 48. msc 108
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    Points for Cleggers who no longer plays pop.
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    Sweep! Who dies first, Bracknell or the Earth?!
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    The Express and their clickbait Bracknell health updates https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1153655/Leah-Bracknell-health-update-Emmerdale-Zoe-Tate-blog-cancer-news-lung-cancer "Time is running out" she says in the headline. But read the article (or her Instagram) and she's actually talking about the climate!
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    Apparently Savuka means "we have risen". Eight teams have risen now that Johnny Clegg has gone over The Crossing. 35 points for FixedBusiness. 30 for msc, drol, and Chorizo. Interestingly, all of drol's surviving main team also now have a current value of 30. 25 for Rad and Clorox. 25 sub points for Book. And 20 points for John Key. And so with that we have a new scoreboard. msc claws back the lead off the deaths of Arte Johnson and Johnny Clegg. 1. msc 232 2. theoldlady 195 3. drol 192.5 4. Sir Creep 186 5. CaptainChorizo 185 6. maryportfuncity 174 7. Phantom of the Midway 168.5 8. Wormfarmer 159 9. Lord Fellatio Nelson 153 10. gcreptile 140 11. markb4 126.05 12. John Key 125 13. Skinny kiltrunner 112 14. Prophet 98.58 =15. Pedro67 84 =15. Sean 84 17. YorkshireBanker 83.12 18. Book 69 19. Clorox Bleachman 65 20. time 63 21. FixedBusiness 60 22. The Mad Hatter 57 23. the_engineer 51.5 =24. Exu 50 =24. The Old Crem 50 26. Toast 45 27. nantonian2013 35 28. JoeMoneypenny 28 29. The Unknown Man 25 30. WidowsPeak 20 31. Torva Messor 12 =32. Everyone else 0
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    If it turns out to be the Earth I want a quiet word in a darkened room with @The Quim Reaper
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    Ah, heady days, leading a Deadpool! I was (joint) top of the Inverse DP once - didn't last. I shall bathe in the warm sunlight atop the mountain for the short time I'm here.
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    Judgment day has come for Justice John Paul Stevens. The US Supreme Court has ruled in an unanimous 9-0 decision that it is constitutional to give Clorox Bleachman 25 points for the first death from his substitutes bench.
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    Amazingly there are currently 4 ex-cricketers alive who are over 100. The oldest is John Manners (born 24 September 1914) who is the only living cricketer who played first class cricket before WW2. He played for Hampshire & Combined Services. No other first class cricketer ever lived to 104 & he is closing in on his 105th run! Incredibly he played first class cricket way back in 1936 not in the summer of 1939. Archie Scott is 101 & was born on 26 January 1918. Eileen Whelan is a former women's English Test player and was born on 30 October 1911 so will be 108 later this year. Thelma McKenzie is a former ladies Test player for Australia and was born on 6 April 1915.
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    Just bumping this to the top. I have the following NINE teams entered (though fair to say I haven't checked if suitably 'celeb' enough yet, working on that the next night or two; 98% likely fine): Sir Creep YoungWillz Bibliogryphon Great Uncle Bulgaria RadGuy Yvonne YorkshireBanker Philip Etushispushingupdasies If you think you sent a list (didn't someone post one on the thread? It's gone! LOL) and don't see your name.....well guess what! Try try again. SirC EDIT: OK I have gone over the names for all the teams listed above and have sent out PMs asking for clarification and/or a new name in a couple instances. I EVEN POLICED MYSELF!! Only two names have I given the absolute AXE to , and those are Destinee McEwen (off of MY team lol) and Paddy Bassett. I let a couple others slide....I am old and weak and mentally frail. OBVS. So if you have a team entered and didn't hear from me you're all set. SC
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    Crosby is quite engaging on Twitter and regularly responds to queries, so it might be worth asking him straight out if he considers himself 2020 deadpool fodder. Someone else will have to do it though, because I'm not brave enough.
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    New documentary on David Crosby's life, here's an article with lots of health statements: https://www.wsj.com/articles/david-crosby-is-making-songs-as-he-faces-the-end-11562385662 "Because I'm going to die" “I have eight stents in my heart, and I’m going to have a heart attack in the next year or two, and that’ll be it,” he says. “I’m trying to get the music out of my head first.” "Early in the new documentary movie “David Crosby: Remember My Name,” the musician says flatly that he is afraid of dying after battling hepatitis C, receiving a liver transplant and now struggling with diabetes, on top of his cardiac issues."
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    Like every summer, I'm going to Poland with my family. This time for about 2 and 1/2 weeks. Right in time for my 18th birthday too, me and my friend over there got big plans. My flight leaves tomorrow - Saturday - from Chicago O'Hare at 17:25 to Warsaw (LO 2), and I have an hour layover there before I land in Rzeszów (LO 3809) at 11:30 local time Sunday. That info of course being for Cat in case he wants to track. I get back on August 1st. Don't think I'll be visiting the forums during my vacation. ABC title defense team already submitted. So this is goodbye for now.
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    will update this over the weekend
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    Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has died at age 99. https://abcnews.go.com/US/retired-supreme-court-justice-john-paul-stevens-died/story?id=64379900&cid=clicksource_4380645_null_headlines_hed
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    Condolences to the handful of people who had heard of him 7 months ago...
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    Johnny's last Cleggs have fallen off and points are awarded all over the place - too many to mention! Welcome to the leaderboard to Great Uncle Bulgaria and Fixed Business. Yes, even after Clegg's death there are still teams on Norway points. Bonuses: Great Uncle Bulgaria's inaugural hit is A Spades (the A of Spades...) - 5 Additional Points. Toast makes a pair of 7s - 10 Additional Points. We have our first sub faller too. And it isn't Joey! Sir Creep gets lucky and draws the A Diamonds for 14 Points added to his total. Leaderboard updated.
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    I actually asked DI and centenarian expert Clorox if she were still alive 4 days ago, and thought it unusual a DL alumnus's aging widow to be alive a decade on! See, never put off a "surprised so and so is still alive" post till later because it can expire awfie quickly!
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    After some self introspection I've realised I may not be coming from the same personal or emotional position as @Banana and @The Mad Hatter and want to apologise if I caused any hurt. I'm lucky that cancer hasn't hit my family that much and maybe it has for you. You may have had loved ones lost through cancer and me coming along saying a cure is being hidden is understandably reckless and could cause upset. I'm just very strong sometimes with defending my views and I can be too ranty about certain things. It comes with good intentions and not madness as I'm sure some people think . This is the only place I really write online now as I just don't have the time I used to but tend to unload everything out. I know I could filter my views and be more liked on here by some, and I would probably of been promoted at work too now if I wasn't so outspoken but I just can't. I always spoke what I thought and sometimes I'm wrong( though I defo believe they're hiding a cancer cure ). But I do believe that's what makes deathlist unique because a lot of the posters on here are unfiltered. Unfiltered and Scottish!
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    Rad Force One (SP-LSC) is airborne; outbound from Chicago, O'Hare and inbound to Warsaw, Frederic Chopin: https://www.flightradar24.com/LOT2/214653ff Hey Rad, don't forget on your 18th birthday you can walk into a bar in Poland with your passport in one hand, cash in the other hand and BUY ALCOHOL. You don't have to wait for three more years to pass by.
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    Alexander Hamilton died on this day 215 years ago, aged 47.
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    I don't think I can run an update until tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure that YoungWillz should now be in the lead. Are there any stats that people would particularly like with the next update? I was going to add a "points change" column, as in "points by which each player's score has changed this round".
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    Yea I guess all the scientists working on cures would definitely stay silent if they achieved the greatest feat in mankind.
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    Yesterday was Jimmy and Rosalynn's 73rd anniversary. As long as nothing happens to either of them in the next 111 days, or by October 27th of this year, they will surpass George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush as the longest married U.S. presidential couple. https://people.com/politics/jimmy-rosalynn-carter-celebrate-73-years-of-marriage/
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