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    Lovely. She clearly makes people around her happy too.
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    If I ever get terminal cancer I can guarantee you that instead of running marathons and raising money for charity I'll spend my final months low-effort posting to this forum, playing Football Manager as semi-pro Israeli teams and watching Victorious repeats on Nickelodeon with IMDB permanently open to check how old each actress was during filming.
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    And in about 79.5 years, she’ll have lived in 3 different centuries, the first to do so since Emma Morano.
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    Iain, if you don't have anything sensible to say, just fuck the fuck off before I put you on mod preview. (In which case no one will see the shit you post).
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    Another gem from Matt ‘cock.
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    I'm sure we will. Might even have a prize like....... Fourth place a Coronavirus test Third place, a hospital bed Second a hospital bed with a ventilator First a hospital bed with a nurse, and a working ventilator.
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    Footballers are up Lets see how many fall down
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    I’m not dead. I’ve just been busy with other stuff.
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    This is emphatically not a disaster.
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    1. The return of the dinosaurs. 2. After Joe Biden dies, Kamala Harris chooses Hillary Clinton as her VP. 3. Prince Charles finally comes out as Gay. 4. Actual Covid-19 death rates hit over 10,000,000. 5. A tsunami comes after Dying Probably`s 8.0 magnitude earthquake in the Canary Islands killing millions of people living on the Easten Coast of the USA.
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    Yes, yes , this is you to a T.
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    Anyone done the pasta way joke yet?
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    Recent picture of 94 years old Angela Lansbury in California.
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    Alright, no update in almost a month.... and between work and holiday I lost track of who's new, and what's the narrative. So a sober update - if I missed something, let me know. New Hits: Frankie Banali, Sumner Redstone, Bullet Bob Armstrong, Christopher Guy Harrison, Dale Hawerchuk (Jiroemon Kimura with the latter two!), Kamala the wrestler and frequent pick John Hume. It gives us the following new scoreboard: Rank Team Score 1 Death Impends 1087 2 msc 921 3 Joey Russ 901 4 gcreptile 866 5 Banana 853 6 Cpt. Chorizo 801 7 Clorox Bleachman 792 8 Book 743 9 JiroemonKimura 732 10 DevonDeathTrip 709 11 Deadsox 706 12 RadGuy 677 13 The Quim Reaper 623 14 drol 559 15 The Unknown Man 558 16 John Key 542 17 Skinny Kiltrunner 539 18 Sean 523 19 The Mad Hatter 486 20 Torva Messor 484 21 theoldlady 456 22 Grave Danger 436 23 Kenny 434 24 Toast 411 25 The Old Crem 404 26 Sir Creep 342 27 Etushispushingupdaisies 336 28 YoungWillz 334 29 Chilean Way 295 30 Gooseberry Crumble 237 31 Great Uncle Bulgaria 214 32 markb4 208 33 ThePrematureBurial 203 34 Bibliogryphon 192 35 Pedro67 92
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    I hadn't realised Mad Mohamed Al-Fayed had joined the forum. How's your health sir?
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    All the teams are in and the game is underway. Bear with Me while I get the masterlists together but points will be awarded from now
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    Still think it should be a national holiday
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    90% of Scottish Wikipedia has been written by a 13-year-old furry from North Carolina who doesn't actually speak any Scottish, thinks it's just English written in a Groundskeeper Willie accent.
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    Reserved for James Bond Cast 1. Maud Adams yb 2. Ursula Andress bg, gb, cw 3. Janine Andrews gr 4. Joe Don Baker cw, ti 5. Steven Berkoff yw, ol 6. Martine Beswick gb 7. Daniella Bianchi gb 8. Jeremy Bulloch to 9. Sonny Caldinez cc, ro, af 10. Tsai Chin cc 11. Robbie Coltrane gn, to, af 12. Sean Connery ol, ro, gr, sp, ba, di, gn, to 13. Michael Culver dp 14. Judi Dench bg, cw 15. David de Keyser mc, sp, ba, af 16. Edward de Souza cc, mc, gr 17. Vernon Dobtcheff bg, yw 18. Dominique Don dp 19. Shirley Eaton dp, di 20. Britt Ekland yw 21. Aliza Gur gb 22. Bruce Glover ro, gr 23. Julian Glover bg 24. Mie Hama ti, yb 25. Barbara Jefford oc, di 26. Yaphet Kotto ti, ba, di, gn 27. George Lazenby cw 28. Marguerite LeWars bg 29. Michael Lonsdale yw, cc, ol, ro, oc, ba, gn, to 30. Andre Maranne ro, mc, oc, ba 31. John Moreno cc 32. Caroline Munro dp 33. Margaret Nolan gb 34. Geoffrey Palmer sp, gn, to, af 35. Luciana Paluzzi mc, di, yb 36. Diana Rigg cw, yb 37. Lon Satton mc, sp, af 38. Nadim Sawalha dp, oc, ti 39. Sally Sheridan gr, oc 40. John Terry ti 41. Chaim Topol yw 42. Gunther von Hagens sp 43. Akiko Wakabayashi yb 44. Christopher Walken ol 45. Lana Wood ol
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