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    Just a heads up, we should be seeing the first update this weekend. Teams, drop 40 and the first 12 deaths of the year.
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    It's really kind of you to ask ! It's getting a little better those time, I'm really happy and really motivated to win this fight ! I'll tell you when I have some interesting news ! thanks a lot, really ! Good night from Paris !
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    Stevie Wonder says she looked fit as a fiddle and he couldn't see a thing wrong with her.
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    A Mugabe joke: A Robert Mugabe joke - Dead Pig Robert Mugabe and his chauffeur were rolling down the highway when suddenly they hit a pig crossing the road. They killed it instantly. Mugabe tells his driver: "Go to da farm over dere and hexplain to da honer of da pig what happen." One hour later, Robert sees his driver coming back from the farm, his clothes all wrinkled, a bottle of wine in one hand and a cigar in the other. "What happen to you?" Robert asks. "Well, the farmer gave me a bottle of wine, his wife, the cigar and their 19 year old daughter made wild passionate love to me." "My God! What did you tell dem?" asked Mugabe. The driver answered: "Good evening, I am Robert Mugabe's chauffeur and I have just killed the pig."
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    All his life waiting for the second coming but on deathlist he is the second going
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    Yeh I'm surprised you have heard of him, as he does not play ice hockey.
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    Our little DL-Convention No.3: We couldn't decide where to meet, so we flipped a coin. Novosibirsk lost, New York won. How lucky we are. All the best from Book and gcreptile (left and right)
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    Many of you curmudgeons may have noticed that it's that time of year when the godawful British media report A-level results day with a deliberate focus on the high-achievers in an attempt to make the average student feel like dirt. Well, whilst I'm not one of those high-achievers, I'm pleased to say that I did get into my university of choice, that is the University of Stirling, and will be studying Philosophy there over the course of the next four years. In the meantime, I can celebrate the opportunity of leaving my dull and uninspired life behind and making some friends and enjoying myself for a change.
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    Just a quick update, she’s off the ventilator but still on oxygen and on the lung ward for now but I know there’s going to be a lot of tests done on her heart this week. However she’s awake, alert and talking away yesterday and again today. Ive barely slept since Thursday so it’s all a bit hazy now, so very large Baileys and an early night will help. Also the support of friends and family and colleagues have been amazing, so now we appear over the worst and critical stage I can hopefully chill and relax tonight.
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    No it isn't, Stephen Hawking was a dreadful singer.
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    Dennis Nilsen is dead aged 72. Thank God Grindr didn't exist when he was free to roam. Edit: The Sun, Daily Mirror, BBC obituaries.
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    Guys, I'm so excited this forum exists I was looking around to see if there was a website with betting odds for the death of Bush Sr., because I had a feeling he was going to die in 2017 since the year started. I agree with the prediction him and Barbara are going to die within a few weeks of each other. Maybe they'll even be hospitalized together and hold hands before going. Fingers crossed! But really, the death list is such an awesome concept. Finding this honestly made my week (summer always maked me depressed). My bet is that Jimmy Carter is going to last until 98-99, btw.
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    Wow, theoldlady, I didn't realise you were that old.
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    If he's taking up skiing he can't be that bad.
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    List of the Lost finally up, plus 100 new bios. Edit: and the List of the Missed! And some pictures as well! Someone's trying to put off their spring cleaning here...
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    Oh wait, just checked the IP. Nice try Africa7777
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    What kind of wood doesn't float? Natalie Wood! BOOM BOOM!!
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    Well at least his life insurance policy is sorted out. And he got a free fountain pen just for enquiring.
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    Well thank god for that to be fair the BBC has been on its last legs for a long time .
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    "...[DeathList] is pretty bullshit" Unilad - Jan 2017 "Unilad was pretty bullshit - for the short time it was around that is" - DeathList - Oct 2018
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    I don't know if it's safe to make a victory speech yet but I would like to take this opportunity to make my retirement speech. It's been an interesting, strange and sometimes morally questionable few years for myself. I've enjoyed finding out about random personalities and their stories I would have otherwise been ignorant of. However having, I think, claimed the title this year or at least given it my best shot I'm going to hang up my boots. There's only so many Christmases I can spend googling 'terminally ill with' before needing to step back. I considered entering a more 'proper' celebrity based team but I want to be able to compete and this is my best opportunity to go out on top. I'm especially pleased to have beaten the legendary DQSP this year, with it being the last chance to do so for the foreseeable future as he takes over the reins. I had a fair bit of luck this year with so many risky picks going my way so it feels right to at least take a break from it. At times in the past I've allowed myself to put far too many hours into researching the dying so I'm going to be focusing my energies elsewhere. There's more to life than death. I'll still be around the forums occasionally and may return to chase top spot again. Good luck to everyone competing next year and to the new host Mr DQSP. And big thanks to the Man in Black for all his efforts. Arrivederci, bon voyage and fare thee well.
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