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    Cheers to the most irrelevant continous member on this list for his 100th Birthday (I know its not the 19th in Peru yet but I dont care, this page is based in the UK)
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    Javier Perez De Cuellar! Welcome to the 100 Club.
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    Javier Perez de Cuellar joins the list today as the World's first UN General Secretary and also first Peruvian Prime Minister to live to 100.
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    Golden era Hollywood actress and 'Hitchcock blonde ' Tippi Hedren celebrates her 90th birthday today. Many happy returns!
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    With Ivan Milat dead, turns out the father of one of Tobin's victims has been told by "the cops" that Tobin has "days to live": https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5186366/serial-killer-peter-tobin-cancer-victim-party/
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    I’m currently in a very grotty pub. My DDP joker is also here - looks fine, but he does race motorcycles on public roads.
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    Meghan will get bored and realise that because she isn't a proper royal anymore with all the lovely stuff and things funded by the public (they have to pay back £2 million for Frogmore House) that she isn't so special. She won't have a lot of commitments in Canada other than being a mother and the occasional charity work and then she will miss acting if she isn't missing it already. I live near Windsor and my mum's close friend told me that she knows a woman who works at Windsor Castle for H&M press office etc and apparently Meghan is a right madam/bossy and always wants to get her own way. It really feels like with all the strip of royal titles, things relating to the army being stripped basically, being made to distance himself from his blood family and friends in UK, that Harry is in an abusive relationship. These are all the warning signs people tell you about - just not talked about here because Harry isn't a woman. We know Harry has had or has mental health issues so he's just giving in to person he thinks he loves.
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    Country and western legend Dolly Parton turns 74 today.
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    There really is some monumental shit being written about all this. When you start quoting that load of old dog wank 'Buzzfeed' then you really have lost the fucking plot. Lets rewind to before Harry met Sally Meghan. He was, without a doubt, the most popular Royal of a generation. Well loved and thought of as 'one of us' we forgave him his high jinx episodes and his devil may care attitudes because he really seemed to be just an ordinary guy who still hadn't and wasn't coping after his mums death. Fast forward to a point when he met the 'famous' actress Meghan Markle, star of a hugely successful 'what the fuck is it? TV series 'Suits'. Everybody was made up for the fella, the popular/gutter press waxed lyrical about how happy he was, how great they were together and how the Royal family were, finally, getting wiv da programme and mirroring British society with a mixed race marriage. Then the wheels began to fall off. Maybe it started with the private jets and Elton John but we know it ended with them becoming a couple of lecturing cunts that saw absolutely no issue flying here and there while telling the rest of us that flying was killing the Planet etc. People do not like that too much. They tried to justify it 'for security reasons' even though his brother was happy to take his family on Easy Jet or summat, with the other plebs, taking up the front rows of seats. Then they continued to jet around the globe and get all savey the planet while leaving a carbon footprint bigger than a whole herd of African Elephants cocks. We tired of it all, we were gutted about how he had changed and, of course, we began to look at her and wonder. Their announcement that they want to step back from public duties is no issue for us, is it. What IS the issue is whether they will continue to trouser millions of pounds of taxpayers money while doing what they want to do, to wit 'Having your cake and eating it'. This will not do at all! Maybe they would like to hand back the £2 million odd pounds we shelled out for to make their home all nice and cosy? As for the transition to be financially independent, they are worth over £35 million between them, what part of 'you do not need a transition period you wankers' would they not get? So, basically, if you want to go, go. Leave, let her do voice overs for Disney and he become some sort of global ambassador for whatever BUT do not fuck the public over with your unreasonable wants and conditions. Cunts.
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    Why not, I'll play please.
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    1. Spade_Cooley 2. Boudicca 3. Banana 4. Clorox 5. TQR 6. Death Impends 7. Chorizo 8. Reptile 9. Mad hatter (have yet to confirm entry) 10. Torva 11. Book 13. Deadsox 14. Bibliogryphon 15. John key 16. DDT 17. Dead cow (have yet to confirm entry) 18. Old lady 19. Heef (have yet to confirm entry) 20. Grim 21. Alt obit guys 22. Deathray 23. Engineer 24. Maryport  25. Young willz 26. Joey russ 27. Msc 28. Sir creep The bye state as of now. Sir Creep, who thought he had to compete in round 1 might actually have to compete in round 1 now. You know who else might have to compete in round 1 though? Er, me..
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    The last round in mi chamber..... 1. Angela Lansbury 2. Paul Gascoigne 3. Dick van Dyke 4. QE2 5. Barbara Windsor 6. Betty White 7. Rolf Harris 8. Henry Kissinger 9. June Brown 10. Little Richard 11. Olivia de Havilland 12. Leslie Phillips 13. Linda Nolan 14. Doddie Wier 15. Pope Benedict 16. Olivia Newton John 17. Billy Connoly 18. George Alagiah 19. Mikhail Gorbachev 20. Bill Turnbull 21. Kirk Douglas 22. Prunella Scales 23. Ruth Ginsburg 24. Jimmy Carter 25. Jimmy Greaves res Nobby Stiles
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    24 hours remain to get a team in...
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    Okay I have added two new reactions with functions like those suggested. Shocked and facepalm.
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    Sometimes you are a twat and sometimes you say stuff that is, like, really on the money. This was the latter.
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    Shouldn’t be a Duke or Duchess, or a Prince either. Mr and Mrs Mountbatten-Windsor would be suffice.
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    To be fair, Samantha Last is/was an iffy case - but she was a beneficiary of the rule that in cases of doubt, "BBC coverage in any form will convince me" (it's in the rules!). And Last had it: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-norfolk-49771450 By the way, I think the person that gave me the most headscratching was Sir Creep's own pick Erminia Motika, who basically is the mother of an American celebrity chef. She might have a different last name than given, or the name "Motika" is an anglicized version of "Mattichio". But well, it could be that she was in front of a camera herself a few times. So I thought I just go with it instead of a big discussion.
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    Hwang Sun-hui, director of the Korean Revolution Museum and multiple-times Deputy of Supreme Assembly, has finally died at 100 of respiratory failure. The oldest Leadership member of NK and the first public NK figure to make it to 100, she had been uber-frail for years. She was the wheelchair-bound mummy who was hugged by Kim Jong-un at every important occasion between 2015 and 2017 and always looked already dead. He really squeezed the Juche out of her! The last anti-Japanese fighter to have a notable political career, she leaves Kim Yong-ju as the undisputed senior member of NK leadership. Kim, who never fought against the Japanese as he was in Moscow at the time, will be "only" 98 and not 100 in August, according to NK sources. Western sites on NK (NKWatch. etc.) are full of bullshit DoB, including for one of History's greatest losers.
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    It's so interesting how Meghan has been villfied despite it being common knowledge that Harry hasn't been happy as a royal for a really long time. It doesn't seem to have occurred to anyone that he may have wanted to marry her because she had her own career and was supportive of him wanting to live a relatively normal life. Hands up if that's the case then the wedding being funded was uncalled for, but on the flip side, holding fire to wait and see if the marriage is working before breaking away is actually sensible. He knew that marrying some toff with no ambition of their own, wouldn't support him in the same way and would want all the royal perks forever which he doesn't. They want to go and be financially stable good luck to them!
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    Good to see you back, my lord. Don't be a stranger. By the way, speaking of wanking, "Sex Education" is back for a second series on 17 Jan. If you haven't seen it, do yourselves a favour and catch up. It'll make you laugh your socks off, and the soundtrack is terrific.
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    So you are absolutely, certainly, never ever, ever, ever mirandagurl from Halifax who posted a whole 11 times before?
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