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    He said he would die before the election, and he did. Staggering example of a statesman keeping a promise in an election year.
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    DL Mini-Con #251 CarolAnn & Sir Creep
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    Probably the guy who has to merge this thread into Suicidal Celebs....
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    Jimmy Carter has now become the oldest ever living former U.S. President, surpassing George H.W. Bush. https://www.ajc.com/news/jimmy-carter-gets-new-title-oldest-living-former-president/68TFzP9SMDjrVuqcUt3PkK/
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    Her friend isn't looking great...
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    Ah, April. As the weather gets warmer, the DDP hits get fewer. But - not to fret - as the Windy City Deadpool is here to save us all from a summer of deadpooling boredom! Basics: Pick a team of 21 people. The higher their rank, the more points they get when they die and obit. Submit it to me via PM or on this thread, by the end of April. Scoring System: 1st pick: 500 points 2nd pick: 450 points 3rd pick: 400 points 4th pick: 350 points 5th pick: 300 points 6th pick: 275 points 7th pick: 250 points 8th pick: 225 points 9th pick: 200 points 10th pick: 180 points 11th pick: 160 points 12th pick: 140 points 13th pick: 120 points 14th pick: 100 points 15th pick: 85 points 16th pick: 70 points 17th pick: 55 points 18th pick: 50 points 19th pick: 45 points 20th pick: 40 points 21st pick: 21 points As you can see the margin slowly decreases from 50 to 25 to 20 to 15 to 5 until the 21st pick. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by whoever has the most unique hits. Bonus Points The Good Die Young Bonus-The Youngest Celeb Picked who dies is a 100 Point Bonus Lucky 7 Bonus- 77 Points Bonus for anyone who dies in the last 7 days of the game April 24-30 Luck Of The Irish Bonus-Anyone who dies March 17 is worth a bonus 50 points Día de Muertos aka Day Of The Dead Bonus-Anyone who dies btwn Oct 31 and Nov 2 is worth 31 points Belsnickel Bonus-Anyone who dies on Dec 25th/Christmas Day get's a 25 point bonus Festivus Miracle-Anyone who dies on Dec 23 get's a 23 point bonus You're Tearing Me Apart Bonus-Anyone who dies on Dec 8 the birthday of "Juliette Danielle" aka Lisa from The Room,get's an 8 point bonus Auld Lang Syne -Anyone who dies on New Year's day get's a whopping 1 point bonus Acceptable Obits: Anything accepted by the Derby Dead Pool, plus The Independent. Plus the following national American news sources: - New York Times - LA Times - CBS News - Fox News -TMZ -MSN Plus the following International news sources: http://www.cbc.ca/ https://www.theaustralian.com.au/ http://www.heraldscotland.com/ https://www.univision.com/ * Cancer Mum's/Athlete's Wives(IE Tiffany Youngs) and other Famous For Being Ill Types will not be accepted even if they get a qualifying Obit *Some name's may appear like a gray area(ie Roz Patterson).Notable in her Native Country as a reporter and would easily get a QO with a plane crash or auto accident type death.However if none of her QO obits mention her journalistic career and is just an angle about her being a Cancer Mum then no points will be awarded. Duration: The competition lasts from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020. Get your team in before Big Ben welcomes the month of May.
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    New neighbour! I'd never seen a wild hedgehog alive until Sunday. Now it's a nightly routine to leave food out for these 3 wee guys. Tonight the two older ones were angrily snorting at each other for about half an hour. Friggin adorable.
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    Like every summer, I'm going to Poland with my family. This time for about 2 and 1/2 weeks. Right in time for my 18th birthday too, me and my friend over there got big plans. My flight leaves tomorrow - Saturday - from Chicago O'Hare at 17:25 to Warsaw (LO 2), and I have an hour layover there before I land in Rzeszów (LO 3809) at 11:30 local time Sunday. That info of course being for Cat in case he wants to track. I get back on August 1st. Don't think I'll be visiting the forums during my vacation. ABC title defense team already submitted. So this is goodbye for now.
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    I’ve graduated high school this past Friday, and for me I’m glad it’s over as it has largely been a negative experience for me (as such, I went to a nice dinner with my family rather than go to the actual graduation ceremony as it didn’t feel right to celebrate something that was overall bad for me). I’m just ready to move on to the next phase of my life and hope that it’s much better for me overall than my high school experience...
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    Quit posting here there's absolutely nothing to see here till 2020. I'm upping the ante. I'll ship TEN pounds of coffee to each and every one of you who 'like' this post if she passes in 2019. And a bottle opener of my choosing. And 1 actual lead icicle like they used to use on a 1950s Christmas tree. C'mon now that's a pretty good haul. SC
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    A couple of shooters including Tarrant both stated they wanted gun control in the USA as that would lead to civil war. Let's be real here inacting gun control could kill millions of Americans and end America as we know it with a civil war. Are all Americans going to happily give up guns? No Will there be a civil war most probably yes. Will many conservative army soldiers support gun control or rally against it? Will the police support it? America is a long cry from 1861. The American standing military would have no difficulty taking down your average bubba-redneck idiot sitting in his handmade bunker under his Confederate battle flag and “The South Will Rise Again” banner. I live in Texas. I know these people. They can take an AR-15 into a WalMart full of unprotected civilians but they will pale when they are staring down a M109 Howitzer. Mass shooters are cowards. Will people resist giving in their guns? Very few people have suggested that gun owners give up their guns and the most reasonable who have only want the assault weapons off the streets. American gun control legislation is generally very middle of the road – the NRA is the agency of hyperbole here. What happens to people living in rural areas many miles from police how do they defend themselves from armed robbers? They will have their guns. See above. However, this argument is logically fallacious as the reason most people who live rurally in the US do so, at least in part, because there is little to no crime. Any gun control will be seen as unconstitutional anyway and thrown out of the courts. The supreme Court if Ginsburg dies will always vote to keep guns for at least 30 years. Again. You are arguing from an extreme position that is driven by the hyperbole of the NRA. If you look at the legislative history in the US concerning gun control – and there are multiple timelines on the internet – will demonstrate that legislation swings a little left in response to a tragedy, then swings a little right to compensate, then settles back in the middle. And there is precious little effective legislation after the 1930s. It takes 15 years for legislation to wend its way through the US courts and enter the Supreme Court. I find it the height of ridiculousness to make decisions based on the makeup of the court. Another truism is that Supreme Court justices are free agents. They tend to vote their intellect and their understanding of the Constitution even though they played most Senators for fools in their confirmation hearings. See Texas v Johnson. Will police be disarmed? If yes then the only one armed are the law breaking criminals and the army. If no then you will still have cops killing civilians. American police will never be disarmed. It's not even an issue worth considering. See reductio ad absurdum. For every mass shooter there's about 5 of these. Gun control just takes the guns for the weak and law abiding citizens. How many below and many more would of turned into murders? In total those saved by guns and those killed in random mass shootings probably balance each other out. Alot are female as well were the feminists at? Actually, find significant instances of armed Americans, even in Texas, who have intervened and taken down a domestic terrorist. There ain't very many. An FBI study in 2014 showed that while five of 160 active shooter situations between 2000 – 2013 had civilians effectively exchanging gunfire with the shooter, 21 were handled by unarmed bystanders. Since 2014, the trend has been more to the ineffectiveness of civilian gun owners, with the exception of Sutherland Springs – but the damage was done by the time that intervention happened. My father was a five time combat veteran and he told me something very interesting. First, the instinct is to flee in self preservation. Second, if that urge is defeated, simply facing someone you know wants your life can send you back to fleeing. Third, if you can push through that, a significant number of people, no matter their rhetoric at the backyard barbecue, simply can not kill even to save their own lives. This, he said, is what American military training is designed to break down. Civilians generally do not have that training. They have a lot of hubris, though, I’ll grant you. If I had a dollar for every time I heard some Texas redneck wannabe talking about what he'd do if he saw a bad guy I'd be lounging in Aruba. As far as women go, according to the FBI, 7.6% of all firearm homicides in the US are committed by women, and since 2000 nine women have committed mass shootings. In addition, they tend to be armed with handguns, not assault rifles, and their targets tend to be people and places with connections to them. That’s a glass ceiling I’ll keep, thank you. Americans will always have guns, but we have got to find a way to effectively drive down the rate of mass shootings. We sacrifice children on the altar of the Second Amendment. This is unacceptable to sane people. Arming every man, woman, and child is not practical nor is it the answer – it didn’t work on the frontier and it is not helping now. All that this has demonstrated is that Congress is firmly in the pocket of the NRA and that assault weapons exist for one reason and one reason alone. The NRA has effectively replaced the concept of “well regulated militia” with the individual, negating the intent of the second amendment while strengthening it, oddly enough. They have mastered the rhetoric. There is no issue that is so dangerous it can’t be talked about, but it requires people of good faith to talk about it in good faith. That’s where we are lacking in Washington right now. That’s why we will continue to die.
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    Buttigieg, Hickenlooper and Klobuchar are either entries in a dictionary of euphemisms or the new generation of Pokemon
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    OK, so I've been brainstorming this as it did not make sense. Checking stuff with a friendly Admin who was as stumped. But through a series of experiments with Reptile, we have come to the bottom of the problem. On DL forum, and I have never seen this on any other forum... If you delete a PM to make space, then no reply to that PM will come to you. So what I imagine has happened is Dr T sent his team into this original invitation PM, but as there is a 50 PM inbox limit for non-Admins, and there's a fuck lot of you sending in stuff, I basically record info and delete the original to free up space. Having never assumed that would block PMs, because who would? So, two things. First, please welcome the reinstatement of @Dr_T, victim of a forum bug. Second, if you send in a team from now on please make it a new PM and not a reply to anything. Thanks.
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    Masterlist Round One (Its Alphabetical except for the bits that aren't) * denotes Joker 1. George Alagiah – TUM, Wormfarmer 2. Alauddin Ali - Spade 3. Soeur Andre - Clorox 4. John Andretti – Mad Hatter 5. Le Duc Anh – Squonk, old lady, GUB, Phil, JMP 6. Paddy Basset – Banker 7. Barbara Barrie - Banker 8. Bob Barker – Wormfarmer, Time*, Tech 9. Susan Bayh - Skinny 10. Benedict XVI – Squonk, Crumble 11. Kathleen Blanco – TQR, Torva, Squonk, Wormfarmer, Skinny, maryport, FB, Mad Hatter, Bou, Pedro*, Key 12. Wolfgang Bosbach – Nantonian 13. Michael Bowie – JMP 14. Micah Bowie - Banana 14. Kate Bowler – GUB 15. Anne Boyle – Spade, Banana 16. Leah Bracknell – Mark, Biblio, TUM, Crumble, FB, Key*, Tech 17. David Butler – Nantonian* 18. Anne Buydens – Phil, Crem, Key 19. Paul Cain - Spade 20. Eric Caldow - Banker 21. Earl Cameron – Crumble, Phil 22. Edmund Capon – pedro, Banana, Dr T 23. Pearl Carr - JMP 24. Beth Chapman – Wormfarmer, FB, Key 25. Jacques Chirac - Crumble 26. Johnny Clegg – Exu, old lady, Bou 27. John Cocks – Torva 28. Norm Coleman - Skinny 29. Noel Conway – TQR, maryport 30. Tim Conway – Mark, TQR, old lady, Wormfarmer, maryport, Banker, Spade, Dr T 31. Bernard Cribbins - GUB 32. Doris Day - TUM 33. Javier Perez de Cuellar – TUM 34. Olivia de Havilland – Banker, Crem*, Tech 35. Frederick Dent – Nantonan 36. Ricky Dixon - Skinny 37. Bob Dole – Nantonian, Squonk 38. Beverly Cleary – Biblio, Crem, Tech 39. Pau Dones - Clorox 40. Kirk Douglas – Mark, Exu, titme 41. Chris Duncan – AO Guy 42. Freeman Dyson - Biblio 43. Clarissa Eden – Nantonian 44. Paul Flynn – TQR, Crem 45. Stuart Frazer - Bou 46. Alberto Fujimori – old lady 47. Robert Fyfe - Crumble 48. Jean (Grand Duke) – Mark 49. Jill Gascoine – Pedro, Tech 50. Tanya Gendle – Phil 51. Ellen Gibb - JMP 52. Julie Gibson – Mark 53. Jimmy greaves – Exu, Biblio 54. Gustav Gerneth – Trova, maryport, GUB, Dr T 55. Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Mad Hatter, Bou, Tech, Dr T 56. Valerie Harper - TUM 57. Bob Hawke – exu, Torva, Squonk, old lady, wormfarmer, GUB*, Bou, AO Guy 58. Stanley Ho - JMP 59. Mad Mike Hoare – Nantonian 60. Hal Holbrook – Time 61. Mark Howard – AO Guy 62. John Hume – Biblio 63. Clive James – Squonk, Key 64. Katherine Jackson – TQR, Phil*, Pedro, Tech* 65. Leonard Johnson - Pedro 66. WT Johnson - Phil 67. Grace Jones - Maryport 68. Walter Jones – Wormfarmer, Skinny*, Banker*, Bou, Clorox*, Spade, Banana* 69. Jose Jose – Biblio, Crem 70. Wafa Abdul Kadir - Banana 71. Kamala – Nantonian 72. Lee Kerslake – TUM, Skinny, FB*, Mad hatter, Bou*, AO Guy, Clorox, Crem, Pedro, Spade, Key, Dr T 73. Val Kilmer – TUM 74. Dilip Kumar - Key 75. Niki Lauda – exu 76. Rocky Lockridge - Clorox 77. Sydney Lotterby – time 78. Emily Levine – AO Guy 79. Karen Lewis – Skinny 80. John Leyton - TIme 81. Jeanne Little - Crumble 82. Norman Lloyd – Mark 83. Joe Longthorne - time 84. Loretta Lynn – Banker 85. Vera Lynn – Banker, Crem 86. John Manners – Exu 87. John McCririck – exu, old lady, 88. Andrew McGahan – TQR, Torva*, Wormfarmer, Skinny, maryport, Phil, Banker, FB, JMP, AO Guy, Clorox, Pedro, Key, Dr T* 89. Bat McGrath – Spade 90. Heather McLean (historian) - Banana 91. Sheila Mercier - Tiime 92. Stirling Moss – Biblio, Mad Hatter 93. Baron Moyne - time 94. Robert Mugabe – Old lady*, Key 95. Gerd Muller – Exu 96. Michael Murphy - Dr T 96. Walter Mzembi – AO Guy 97. Yasuhuro Nakasone – TUM 98. Thich Nhat Han – FB,Clorox 99. Giorgio Napolitano - TUM 100. Olivia Newton-John – TUM, Mad Hatter 101. Sutopo Nugroho – AO Guy 102. Des O’Connor – time 103. Randell O’Donnell – Bou 104. Philip Leo O’Reilly - Spade 105. Little Richard - JMP 106. Luis Palau – Torva 107. Manohar Parrikar – AO Guy 108. IM Pei - Biblio 109. Prince Philip – Mark ,FB, Crem 110. Leslie Philips - Phil 111. Genesis P-orridge – Biblio, Squonk 112. David Powlison - Banana 113. Marsh Pratley – Maryport, FB, Tech 114. Katie Price -Crem 115. David Prowse – Crumble 116. Bishop Francis Quinn – Key 117. Roberta McCain – Mark, Exu, Squonk, Tech, Dr T 118. Vanessa Redgrave – Crem 119. Sumner Redstone – Squonk 120. Johann Rehbogen – Banana 121. Harry Reid – TQR, Squonk, Crumble, Skinny, GUB, Mad Hatter, Bou 122. Fernando Ricksen – Nantonian, Exu*, TQR, Torva, Squonk*, old lady, Wormfarmer*, Skinny, maryport, Phil, Mad Hatter, JMP*, Bou, Clorox, Pedro, Spade, Banana 123. Fred Rister – Phil, Spade 124. Frank Robinson – Mad Hatter*, AO Guy*, Clorox, Spade*, Banana 125. Maria-Guiseppe Robucci-Nargiso – TQR*, Maryport, Pedr 126. Li Rui – old lady 127. Art Rupe – Crumble* 128. William Russell - Time 129. Samu – FB 130. Amit Shah - Crem 131. Grace Slick - JMP 132. Jimmy Spicer – FB, AO Guy, Dr T 133. Julie Strain - Torva 134. Nobby Stiles – exu, TQR, maryport, FB, Bou, Pedro 135. Kane Tanaka – Torva, Phil, Dr T 136. Peter Tobin - Banana 137. Ruthie Tompson – Mark*, Torva, Crumble, GUB 138. Peter Tork – old lady, GUB 139. Jean Louis Trintignant – TQR, Torva, TUM*, old lady, Wormfarmer, maryport, GUB, Banker, JMP, Pedro, Tech, Dr T 140. Bill Turnbull – Mark, Nantonian, Wormfarmer 141. Marieke Vervoort - Key 142. Johnnie Walker – Clorox 143. James Watson – Biblio*, Clorox 144. Joanne Woodward – Mad Hatter 145. Herman Wouk – Mark, Nantonian, Crumble, GUB, time, Tech 146. Hubert Zafke – Nantonian 147. Arnold Yarrow - Biblio
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    My dad has been discharged today! We know and he knows his time is limited, but we are trying to spend it at best. For now I'm happy we did not lose dad when we had lost all hopes.
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    SEPTEMBER After Marquez, the HPDP really slows down. YoungWillz proved astute with picking the hirsute Burt Reynolds. The Bandit going up in smokey gets 25 sub points for Willz and finally puts him on the board. Sir Creep landed a unique hit with Kulsoom Nawaz on September 11, getting 20 base points and 8 bonus points for 28 in total. Another surprise unique hit comes on September 19 in the form of Denis Norden. Take It From Here, LFN, you get 25 base points and 10 bonus points for 35 in all. OCTOBER DDT finally gets his first hit on October 30 with Buddhist teacher Sangharakshita. Also a sexual creep, so whatever he gets reincarnated as probably won't be all that illustrious. Either way, DDT gets 15 base points and 6 unique bonus points for 21 total thanks to Sangharakshita going down the shitta. NOVEMBER Though Devin Lima's November 21 death was a gamechanger in the DDP, over at the HPDP it just reinforced what was already happening. Only Dead Cow picked him here, and as a sub, so he adds an extra 25 points of padding. (fun fact: LFO appeared on one of the later versions of Hollywood Squares, so Lima's a very rare instance of a DDP Drop 40 hit to be on Hollywood Squares that was only picked on the bonusless subs bench here!) The last biggie to fall in 2018 was none other than George H. W. Bush on November 30. Bit of a tricky one to judge the bonuses for. There is a US President bonus but it says it's for recent or incumbent US Presidents. And Bush were out of office for 25 years when he died, which isn't all that recent at this point. I also don't see him falling under the crimes against humanity blanket (Dubya a different story, but he's not the one I'm totting up bonuses for...). So as it stands, read my lips, no bonuses for Bush. As for his 7 HPDP voters: deadsox gets 40 points. Exu, time, Toast, and Wormfarmer 30. FixedBusiness 20. and msc 15. DECEMBER Though there was only one December hit, it still carried significance to the HPDP in terms of history, that being the second loss of a forumer's "mascot". DDT is one of the few around to have a perfect HPDP attendance record (with Ali inactive, I think it's just him and mpfc?), and from the pool's inception up until her December 26 death, he had persistently picked art nun Sister Wendy Beckett. Like a DL without Dunn, me without Foray, and msc without Lady Wilson, it's not quite the same having DDT enter a HPDP team without her. Spade still does have his Glynis though. Either way, DDT receives 40 basic points and 16 bonus points for 56 total. I'll throw in an extra 1.3 points as well, or one tenth of a point for each year he picked her. Scoreboard for up to the end of the year. As mentioned previously, I will wait another week to allow for any missed bonuses to be sorted out. Then the 13th place (if the scoreboard stays as is, I'm just gonna treat both =12th place teams as 13th...) and interesting team bonus. So if you have any shock evidence Vanessa Marquez was a baseball player, which would drop Cow from the lead to negative points, speak before MIDNIGHT GMT ON AUGUST 25 or forever hold your peace: 1. The Dead Cow 425 2. RadGuy 267.3 3. CaptainChorizo 259 4. Uschi 245 5. deadsox 225 6. time 198.5 7. Death Impends 197.1 8. FixedBusiness 185 9. msc 181 10. Sean 172.4 11. Toast 154 =12. gcreptile 147 =12. Wormfarmer 147 14. Book 145 15. maryportfuncity 136 =16. Pedro67 135 =16. The Unknown Man 135 18. Lord Fellatio Nelson 134 19. Prophet 131.1 20. Sir Creep 112 21. drol 110.1 22. the_engineer 105 23. Exu 95 24. Rotten Ali 87 25. DevonDeathTrip 78.3 26. John Key 70 27. Deathray 45 =28. Bibliogryphon 25 =28. YoungWillz 25 30. Joey Russ 0
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    Rescued this wee chap out the front of the house yesterday, gave him some kitten food and moved him to the bottom of the garden so he's well away from the road.
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    I guess we can confirm the 5th death of this year now: It is the guy that registers the deaths in the Deathlist.
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    Not fit enough to start then.....
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    Round 1 1. JoeMoneyPenny Vs. Pedro 2. Nantonian 2013 Vs. Maryportfuncity 3. Gooseberry Crumble Vs. John Key 4. Spade Cooley Vs. Squonk 5. Markb4 vs Dr T 6. Banana Vs. Great Uncle Bulgaria 7. Yorkshire Banker Vs. Skinny Kiltrunner 8. Alt Obits Guy Vs. Time 9. Clorox Vs. Fixed Business 10. The Mad Hatter Vs. Exu 11. Master Tech Vs. Bibliogryphon 12. The Unknown Man Vs. Boudicca 13. Torva Messor Vs. The Old Crem 14. The Quim Reaper Vs. BuffaloPhil 15. Wormfarmer Vs. The Old Lady JoeMoneyPenny (Ricksen*, Anh, Trintignant, Ho, Tinsulanonda, Slick, Little Richard, McGahan, Carr, Gibb E, Bowie) Vs Pedro (Trintignant, Blanco*, Robucci, L Johnson, Capon, Jackson K, McGahan, Ricksen, Stiles, Kerslake, Gascoine) Nantonian 2013 (D Butler*, Bosbach, Hoare, Ricksen, Dent, Wouk, Dole, Zafke, Eden, Kamala, Turnbull) sub – K Jackson, J Hume Vs Maryportfuncity (Pratley*, Blanco, G Jones, T Conway, N Conway, Stiles, Robucci, Trintignant, Ricksen, McGahan, Gerneth) sub - McCain Gooseberry Crumble (Rupe*, Bracknell, Wouk, Tompson, Fyfe, Cameron, Little, Prowse, H Reid, Chirac, Benedict) sub – V Lynn Vs John Key (Bracknell*, Mugabe, Vervoort, Kerslake, Chapman, McGahan, Kumar, Blanco, Quinn, C James, Buydens) Spade Cooley (F Robinson*, Ricksen, P O’Reilly, McGrath, Conway T, Rister, Cain, W Jones, A Ali, Kerslake, A Boyle) vs Squonk (Ricksen*, Blanco, McCain, C James, Hawke, Anh, H Reid, Redstone, Porridge, Dole, Benedict XVI) Dr T - (McGahan*, Capon, Conway T, Gerneth, Ginsberg, Kerslake, McCain, Murphy, Spicer, Tanaka, Trintignant) Vs Markb4 (T Conway, R Tompson*, K Douglas, McCain, J Gibson, Wouk, GD Jean, Philip, Bracknell, Turnbull, N Lloyd) - sub K jackson Banana (W Jones*, F Robinson, Bowie, McLean, Boyle, Tobin, Ricksen, Capon, Rehbogen, Powlison, Kadir) Vs Great Uncle Bulgaria (Trintignant, Tork, Anh, Hawke*, Reid, Bowler, Wouk, Tompson, Gerneth, Criibbins) sub - Hume Yorkshire Banker (T Conway, McGahan, DeHavilland, Lynn V, Bassett, Trintignant, Barrie, Caldow, Lynn L, W Jones*) sub - Pei Vs Skinny Kiltrunner (W Jones*, Ricksen, H Reid, Kerslake, K Lewis, Coleman, Bayh, Dixon, Blanco McGahan) sub - Capon Alt obits Guy (C Duncan, Hawke, Howard M, Kerslake, Levine, McGahan, Mzembii, Nugroho, Parrikar, Robinson F*, Spicer) sub - Ricksen Vs Time (Barker*, Mercier, Holbrook, Leyton, Russell, Lotterby, O’Connor, Longthorne, Moyne, Wouk, K Douglas) Clorox (Dones, Jones*, Kerslake, Lockridge, McGahan, S Andre, Ricksen, Robinson F, Hanh, Walker J, Watson) sub - Mzembi Vs Fixed Business (Pratley, Nanh, Kerslake*, Chapman, Bracknell, Stiles, Samu, McGahan, Philip, Blanco, Spicer) sub – T Conway The Mad Hatter (F Robinson*, Kerslake, Andretti, McGahan, Blanco, Ginsburg, ONJ, Ricksen, Woodward, Moss, H Reid) Vs Exu (Ricksen*, Manners, Lauda, McCririck, Mccain, Hawke, Clegg, Muller, Stiles, Greaves, K Douglas) sub - Mugabe Master Tech (McCain, Bracknell, Cleary, Pratley, Ginsberg, Gascoine, Barker, De Havilland, Jackson*, Trintignant, Wouk) Vs Bibliogryphon (Watson*, Pei, Porridge, Dyson, Greaves, Hume, Bracknell, Cleary, Jose, Moss, Yarrow) sub - Hawke The Unknown Man (Ricksen*, Cuellar, ONJ, Kerslake, Harper, Day, Napolitano, Nakasone, Kilmer, Alagiah, Bracknell) sub - Turnbull Vs Boudicca (Ginsburg, Clegg, Ricksen, Stiles, Blanco, Hawke, Fraser, Kerslake*, R O’Donnell, Reid H, W Jones) sub - Andrett Torva Messor (McGahan*, Hawke, Cocks, Palau, Gerneth, Trintignant, Ricksen, Strain, Blanco, Tompson, Tanaka) sub - Simonot Vs The old Crem (de Havilland*, Philip, Cleary, Buydens, Kerslake, Jose, Flynn, Shah, Lynn V, Redgrave, Price K) sub - Strain The Quim Reaper (N Conway, H Reid, Robucci-Nargiso*, Trintignant, Flynn, McGahan, Jackson K, Ricksen, Blanco, T Conway, Stiles) Vs BuffaloPhil (Jackson*, McGahan, Anh, Philips, Ricksen, Buydens, WT Johnson, Tanaka, Cameron, Rister, Gendle) sub - Trintignant Wormfarmer (Hawke, Barker, T Conway, Chapman, Blanco, Trintignant, McGahan, Alagiah, Turnbull, W Jones, Ricksen*) sub - Tanaka Vs The Old Lady (Mugabe*, T Conway, Fujimori, Ricksen, Trintignant, Tork, Clegg, Hawke, Li Rui, Anh, McCririck) – sub - Chapman
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