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    Problem solved. He won't be on next years list.
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    Well thank feck, that's one way to guarantee he'll only be on one DL
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    She was a "lovely decent" person? Where is your evidence for this? Did you know her personally? People need to get this notion of all Republicans = bad/evil, all Democrats = good/angelic out of their mind. It's spewed all over social media by younger people and it's a bias which seeps into a lot of media both in the States and in Britain. The bottom line is politics is a nasty game in this day and age. There are cranks, morons and reprobates on all ends of the political spectrum. RBG deliberately kept herself in a role which she was unable to perform the duties for because of serious health problems in order to spite the opposition. In interviews she made it absolutely clear that she loathed Trump and that she was staying to antagonise him and his supporters. Those are not the actions of a "lovely decent person". It's an egocentric game, with two opposing sides of nuts all at each other's throats and I don't think any of it is commendable. Rant over.
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    Baseball player Len Koenecke, died 17-9-35; comedian Russ Abbott, born 18-9-47. (thanks DDT for the Koenecke pic)
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    Eurovision performers are up - Boom Bang A Bang I will allow challenges on veracity until 8th October (because I will be away for a week between now and then) Once we get to that date the teams are fixed Now wait
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    OK, there has been no objections in the past 8 hours, I'll do the totting up for the rest of this years event. The last update was on 26th July. The deaths that I can find that are not in that update are as follows: 19th July: Ruth Morrissey 20th July: Liz Clarke-Saul 3rd August: John Hume 4th August: Cullan Brown 9th August: Kamala 10th August: Raymond Allen 11th August: Sumner Redstone 12th August: Francisco Jose Cox 20th August: Frankie Banali 25th August: Arnold Spielberg 15th September: Pat Smullen 18th September: Ruth Bader Ginsberg 19th September: Lee Kerslake If I've missed one of your picks from the list, then its probably your own fucking fault for picking ridiculously obscure names. I mean even Google couldn't manage to find some of these guys. I will post an updated scoresheet shortly
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    Toss Lee Kerslake into the Heep. Only seven teams selected him, who now won't find it Easy Livin' in the terrain of the Inverse. Newly-minted frontrunner Quim Reaper remains unaffected. 1. The Quim Reaper 17 2. gcreptile 24 3. Grim Up North 31 =4. An Fear Bag 32 =4. drol 32 =4. Newjack 32 =7. Great Uncle Bulgaria 33 =7. Toast 33 9. Joey Russ 34 10. machotrouts 35 11. The Old Crem 36 12. Book 37 =13. Death Impends 38 =13. paddyfool 38 =15. Bibliogryphon 39 =15. Pedro67 39 17. deadsox 42 18. Sir Creep 44 =19. LizLemon 46 =19. Spade_Cooley 46 21. Torva Messor 48 22. CaptainChorizo 49 =23. BuffaloPhil 51 =23. The Dead Cow 51 =25. Mercarte 53 =25. YoungWillz 53 27. Clorox Bleachman 54 =28. Philip 55 =28. Skinny kiltrunner 55 30. theoldlady 67 31. Annami 68 32. grobler 72 33. Etushispushingupdaisies 94 34. Neobrakeon 96 35. The Unknown Man 120 36. msc 147
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    I am happy to take over the totting up of scores for the rest of the year, unless anyone has any objections. It probably won't be done quickly, it possibly won't be done entirely accurately, but it will be done. This does not, I repeat does not, indicate a willingness to run it next year. I've no idea how to start a pool, I don't have the time, and I don't have enough bilious hatred of the world to give it that authentic Deathers feel.
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    Worth remembering that Ginsburg's first pancreatic cancer diagnosis happened while Obama was president and had control of the Senate. Pretty much a perfect opportunity to retire then and there. This complete clusterfuck could've been avoided entirely.
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    BeretBleu was the only Ginsburg selectee. Well done. Thread closed.
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    Yep. No consideration that both parts might be necessary. Morons. I'll tell you what else makes me laugh is how many dickheads you see wearing the face mask over just their mouth, leaving their nose completely out. How fucking useless is that? That's a bit like putting a condom over just your bollocks.
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    I would have thought he was more of a wafer-thin mint man.
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    Why don't you pass on over, Vaaaleryyyy? Vaaaleryyy.
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    New video of old Kane Tanaka. Her health has not declined at all since the beginning of 2020. 118 is extremely likely.
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    That only makes it worse!
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    I've done a great job of finding unique picks (1,4,3,3,3) thereby ensuring they go on to live long and happy lives.
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    Based on my current shadow list, I also didn't know 22 people when I came across this forum in 2013 (minus 6ix9ine, as he was not yet public). But over time, I also took the obvious candidates into my teams so that I could get points. And that is the goal: to get more points than the biggest competitor, maybe better than the committee, better than your own team from last year. Also, I have never heard of Tom Smith or Genesis P-Orridge before, but they were much discussed people here in the forum from the art/music or sports area, it was obvious to include them. With Bill Gates Sr., that wasn't so clear, which is why he's considered one of the most controversial DL picks this year. Genesis P-Orridge certainly too, but as I said: They were a major topic and discussed. For most people, Gates Senior was simply the "father of", which for many users is not enough to get on the list. And while the DL had a hit with one of the most controversial picks of 2020 (Gates), my shadow list also had a hit with Pat Smullen (whom, of course, I didn't know before) - an Irish jockey with incurable cancer. He could have been a very good and fitting pick on the DL ... Regarding the remaining candidates on my shadow list: I think that everyone is a well-known personality in their own right, famous or known through music, drama, politics, media, etc. Certainly it always depends on the personal point of view, e.g. Jackie Stallone (also a mother of ...) is a celebrity for me, Gates Senior is not like that. And about the Germans: More of them could be represented at the DL! Three French in 2020 but not a single German? - A scandal!! But no matter: With their tactics, the DL has 13 hits so far, with my tactics I have 17 hits. All is well.
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    I am waiting for somebody to reply 'Oh no you didn't!' I am fucked if I am going to.
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    As an European I'd say Kirk Douglas. Kobe wasn't that known atleast where I live.
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    Update on this, three months on - Books read/completed still none. Books previously started and progressed, one. New books started, one. Additional books bought, eight. I need to get off the internet.
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    Winston Groom, american writer of the famous novel-turned-film, Forrest Gump, died at 76 years. He is also known for such nonfiction historical works as Kearny's March: The Epic Creation of the American West, 1846-1847.
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    Valéry Giscard s’éteint
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    That is 140 years for all of you who only deal in Celsius.
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