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    Her friend isn't looking great...
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    A couple of shooters including Tarrant both stated they wanted gun control in the USA as that would lead to civil war. Let's be real here inacting gun control could kill millions of Americans and end America as we know it with a civil war. Are all Americans going to happily give up guns? No Will there be a civil war most probably yes. Will many conservative army soldiers support gun control or rally against it? Will the police support it? America is a long cry from 1861. The American standing military would have no difficulty taking down your average bubba-redneck idiot sitting in his handmade bunker under his Confederate battle flag and “The South Will Rise Again” banner. I live in Texas. I know these people. They can take an AR-15 into a WalMart full of unprotected civilians but they will pale when they are staring down a M109 Howitzer. Mass shooters are cowards. Will people resist giving in their guns? Very few people have suggested that gun owners give up their guns and the most reasonable who have only want the assault weapons off the streets. American gun control legislation is generally very middle of the road – the NRA is the agency of hyperbole here. What happens to people living in rural areas many miles from police how do they defend themselves from armed robbers? They will have their guns. See above. However, this argument is logically fallacious as the reason most people who live rurally in the US do so, at least in part, because there is little to no crime. Any gun control will be seen as unconstitutional anyway and thrown out of the courts. The supreme Court if Ginsburg dies will always vote to keep guns for at least 30 years. Again. You are arguing from an extreme position that is driven by the hyperbole of the NRA. If you look at the legislative history in the US concerning gun control – and there are multiple timelines on the internet – will demonstrate that legislation swings a little left in response to a tragedy, then swings a little right to compensate, then settles back in the middle. And there is precious little effective legislation after the 1930s. It takes 15 years for legislation to wend its way through the US courts and enter the Supreme Court. I find it the height of ridiculousness to make decisions based on the makeup of the court. Another truism is that Supreme Court justices are free agents. They tend to vote their intellect and their understanding of the Constitution even though they played most Senators for fools in their confirmation hearings. See Texas v Johnson. Will police be disarmed? If yes then the only one armed are the law breaking criminals and the army. If no then you will still have cops killing civilians. American police will never be disarmed. It's not even an issue worth considering. See reductio ad absurdum. For every mass shooter there's about 5 of these. Gun control just takes the guns for the weak and law abiding citizens. How many below and many more would of turned into murders? In total those saved by guns and those killed in random mass shootings probably balance each other out. Alot are female as well were the feminists at? Actually, find significant instances of armed Americans, even in Texas, who have intervened and taken down a domestic terrorist. There ain't very many. An FBI study in 2014 showed that while five of 160 active shooter situations between 2000 – 2013 had civilians effectively exchanging gunfire with the shooter, 21 were handled by unarmed bystanders. Since 2014, the trend has been more to the ineffectiveness of civilian gun owners, with the exception of Sutherland Springs – but the damage was done by the time that intervention happened. My father was a five time combat veteran and he told me something very interesting. First, the instinct is to flee in self preservation. Second, if that urge is defeated, simply facing someone you know wants your life can send you back to fleeing. Third, if you can push through that, a significant number of people, no matter their rhetoric at the backyard barbecue, simply can not kill even to save their own lives. This, he said, is what American military training is designed to break down. Civilians generally do not have that training. They have a lot of hubris, though, I’ll grant you. If I had a dollar for every time I heard some Texas redneck wannabe talking about what he'd do if he saw a bad guy I'd be lounging in Aruba. As far as women go, according to the FBI, 7.6% of all firearm homicides in the US are committed by women, and since 2000 nine women have committed mass shootings. In addition, they tend to be armed with handguns, not assault rifles, and their targets tend to be people and places with connections to them. That’s a glass ceiling I’ll keep, thank you. Americans will always have guns, but we have got to find a way to effectively drive down the rate of mass shootings. We sacrifice children on the altar of the Second Amendment. This is unacceptable to sane people. Arming every man, woman, and child is not practical nor is it the answer – it didn’t work on the frontier and it is not helping now. All that this has demonstrated is that Congress is firmly in the pocket of the NRA and that assault weapons exist for one reason and one reason alone. The NRA has effectively replaced the concept of “well regulated militia” with the individual, negating the intent of the second amendment while strengthening it, oddly enough. They have mastered the rhetoric. There is no issue that is so dangerous it can’t be talked about, but it requires people of good faith to talk about it in good faith. That’s where we are lacking in Washington right now. That’s why we will continue to die.
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    I'm almost as proud of my 82 (?) day run of no hits as I am of being in the final without a crushing defeat, although there's no shame in that v @Spade_Cooley Congratulations to the winner and many thanks to @msc for all his hard work, to @Sir Creep for advice and encouragement, and to everyone else who took part. It was fun!
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    And so the biggest Cup to date ends! We've had surprises, we had thrillers, we have giant killing runs (kudos Bou!) but in the end, the 2019 Deathlist Cup goes to SPADE COOLEY! You may all congratulate him. And that's us done! Thanks for enjoying/enduring...
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    1. This desert hare was hopping around the oil rig the past couple days. A somewhat common occurrence. Saw a jackrabbit too, hoping to get a pic. (Bonus: that’s the CreepMobile in pic). 2. Millipedes everywhere too about 6 weeks ago. About 7” long in that photo. I got lots of strange critters pics from the deserts of West Texas. “That’s not your back yard, Sir Creep”. Aye, ‘tis seeing as I’m on the rigs 75% of the time. SC
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    Do we really need a thread for an absolute nobody who got the jail in January 2018?
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    Lots of different birds, especially wood pigeons, unfortunately. Noisy clumsy great oafs. Rabbits - thankfully rarely in the garden these days since better fencing installed. Hedgehogs. Current dog is a wuss, doesn't know what they are and just barks at them. Previous dog (JRT) used to bring them into the house, blood all over him (his own). His sidekick (greyhound) preferred to try and open them with her paws, which led to her gouging huge pits in the lawn. Hedgehogs invariably win all these encounters. Mice - they get on the bird feeders. Recently tried to set up home indoors, but we think they have been successfully ousted. Rats, obviously, but rarely seen. Moles, ditto. Occasional grey squirrel. Went out with dog the other day on to path accessed from garden. I noticed a roe deer in the adjacent hayfield. I passed the field and turned into the lane at the bottom. In the distance was a dude on a bike coming towards me. My dog chases bikes, so I was rooting around in my bag for the lead when the deer leapt over the fence just to my left, clocked the dude on the bike, turned in my direction, clocked me, and leapt over the fence on the other side of the path into a barley field. That doesn't happen often!
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    That is the biggest pile of horse shit I have ever read on here.
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    We do have a bit of a drolean wipe-out this year. Maybe it's all building up to a Mugabe death at Christmas.
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    Congrats to Bou on a great Cinderella run throughout the tourney, congrats to those who got Squonked, I'd like to thank Google News and my girlfriend writing a thesis leaving me with a lot of spare time at weekends to research. And fuck me, I have the taste of blood ready for DDP 2k20 now.
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    Well, bejebus, Liz Truss Trade Secretary! Indignation about foreign cheese leads to the person who will negotiate our trade deals around the world. Scotland moves closer to independence....
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    MARCH EU: “We won’t negotiate.” Theresa: “They won’t negotiate.” JULY Boris: “They will negotiate with me as leader!” EU: “To reiterate, we won’t negotiate.” AUGUST Boris: “We DEMAND you negotiate.” EU: “We won’t negotiate.” Gove: “We can’t BELIEVE they won’t negotiate?!”
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    Just wait, me and my mate have penned a song called Muddle Headed Mumbler from Mormonsville - we'll get him back out there yet!
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    I once acted for a guy who was setting up a company to import cheap goods and sell them on internet. He'd been out to Fukuoka and met them and everything and happily had sent over his GBP50k payment in advance. I made a joke that if the k had been a v I'd have been a bit worried because he would have sent £50k to Fukuova. He duly was fucked over and the joke became less funny.
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    Oh god have I walked into reddit. NPC - get a new record for fuck sake. Rational caring people can see an argument for some level of gun restriction. it works okay here. This is primarily a UK based forum so the majority of people are going to be pro-gun control, we've grown up with it it's our normal; the idea of open-carry is scary to us. There's plenty of amero-centric websites where you can probably find people who agree with you. That doesn't make everyone on here a Corbynista lefty. Even our right-wing government are pro-gun control, it's an argument that was won decades ago here. Good luck with that. Waste the money if they'll take it. You're taking this place a bit seriously aren't you? I never had you down as a republican to be honest, and taking away guns is not the solution. People find ways to kill people regardless. Getting rid of open carry and similar nonsense is the middle ground that's apparent to anyone but rabid nationalists.
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    @the_engineer Sorry I took you away from your Fox News broadcast to read this message, but this is something you need to hear. You are the problem. Not 'dem illegals. Not 'dem libtards. You. You are so corrupted by conservative propaganda that you will just eat up anything these lying pricks tell you, won't you? 1. Gun control =/= taking away every. single. fucking. gun. I cannot comprehend how ANYBODY could be against implementing SOME form of gun control. You DO NOT need an M16 or AK-47 for "muh protection". You don't need bump stocks for "muh protection". You don't need 100-round magazines for "muh protection". Do you get the point? That's what gun control means. Nobody gives a shit that you have a Beretta. 2. These mass murderers you seemingly agree with were motivated by prejudice, not the possibility of a civil war Both the Christchurch shooter and El Paso shooter were motivated by far right conservative ideas of prejudice against Muslims and Hispanics. Both of these types of racially-motivated attacks have increased in magnitude since Trump was elected. I had to stop here. It was difficult. There's so much more of your bullshit you spewed that is so fucking wrong and straight up racist and moronic. I can't do this. I really hope this civil war you preach of happens. They'd call it the Darwinism War.
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    Fair play! To your friend, of course.
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    Imagine you went out on Friday night, and pull someone you used to teach, who is now nearly thirty , there's nothing dodgy about that is there? Asking for a friend.
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    I'm baaack! What do you mean ''don't forget"? That's the only reason I went to Poland in the first place! Even brought my American driver's license as a form of ID - didn't want to lose my passport in a night of drunken misadventure. Thanks for tracking my flights.
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    Rad Force One (SP-LSA) is airborne; outbound from Warsaw, Frederic Chopin and inbound to Chicago, O'Hare: https://www.flightradar24.com/LOT1/218548fd EDIT: Landed 1950 hrs GMT
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    North Africa in general has lot to offer in matter of old politicians. Tunisia: *Rachid Sfar (1933), former PM. *Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (1936), president and PM, now exiled, but in good health despite rumours. *Hédi Baccouche (1930), former PM who is now a writer. *Hamed Karoui (1927), rumoured to be dead last year, he actually lost his brother a month later circa. His nephew will run for president. *Fouad Mebazaa (1933), President before Essebsi, he condoled his death today. *Habib Ben Yahia (1938) Foreign Minister, now jailed for power abuse. *Abdelbaki Hermassi (1937) Foreign Minister *Ahmed Ben Salah (1926): he was born to bring socialism and revolution in Tunisia, but failed. Now president of his own party. Algeria: *Abdelaziz Bouteflika (1937), Ali Bou. Well, you all know the Living Dead and all hope for a state funeral to be held really soon. *Liamine Zeroual (1941), young, but has great health problems and was reported dead different times. *Abdelhamid Brahimi (1936), PM, who is now a writer. *Sid Ahmed Ghozali (1937) Famous for his papillon, was bound to be a presidential candidate last year. *Belaid Abdessalam (1928): a PM who has fought Islamists like no one. *Ali Haroun (1927): member of the High Council of State. Morocco: *Ahmed Laraki (1931), from Laraki family, one-time PM and multiple times Foreign Minister. *Ahmed Osman (1930), PM, brother in law of King Hassan II. *Abderrahmane Youssoufi (1924), the real Moroccan star. Goes in and out of hospital for pneumonia, still made it to 95. Human rights activist. *Abdelouahed Belkeziz (1939), Foreign Minister. *Mohamed Benaissa (1937), quite a celebrity in the Country. Libya: *Mustafa Ben Halim (1921): Last PM of the KIngdom of Lybia and one of those who plotted against Gheddafi. Who tried to have him killed many times, of course. *Abdul Ati al-Obeidi (1939), Foreign Minister, arrested and released in 2011. Egypt: *Hosni Mubarak (1928), the ethernal fucker *Mohamed Hussein Tantawi (1935), deposed Mubarak. *Kamal Ganzouri (1933), former PM. *Hazem El Beblawi (1936) ousted Morsi. *Ahmad Fathi Sorour (1932), Mubarak associate, who was ousted in 2011 as well. *Amr Moussa (1936) Foreign Minister
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    Happy 96th birthday
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