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    Magere Hein is alive and well. Worry not.
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    and with the full capacity of the web at your disposal, you decided to advertise your ignorance and racism rather than do some minimal research. Fuck off.
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    Don't know if this was posted before but made chuckle.
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    Nephew's wife has produced their first baby. I am a great uncle for the 3rd time.
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    You now have your answer with Dame Olivia de Havilland. Is this the first year every month as far as July has had at least one deathlist hit? The enema is not fu****g around folks! Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland , Stirling Moss and Vera Lynn all in the same year! Respect the power of the enema!
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    SCAVENGER HUNT BINGO DEADPOOL RULES Each player picks five selections in each of five categories (for categories see below). There are three ways to win 1. You get at least one hit in each of the five categories 2. You get all five hits in one category 3. You get three unique hits across the whole game. There is no fixed duration you play until there is a winner. In the event of a tie number of uniques will be the next determiner followed by total number of hits across all categories. Obits will not be stringent (more akin to Deathrace requirements). However the Game Controller will be checking that picks meet the category criteria at the start of the game. A unique pick is considered unique in category. For example if two categories were Conservative MPs and Contestants on Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing with the Stars and three players picked Edwina Curry in the first category and the fourth player picked her in the second category. If she eggspired then Player 4 would get a unique bonus. When a winner is declared the selection of the next categories passes to the victor and they get to select the new categories. The winner may opt to pass or play on the organisation of the game. If they pass I will run the game based on their selections or they can take the whole thing. The Categories for the third game are: 1. Any actor (gender neutral term) who has appeared in an official EON James Bond film between Dr No & No Time To Die ( 2. Any player who was part of a FIFA Men's World Cup Finals squad (don't have to have played in the tournament) 3. Anyone who has won a Nobel Prize in any category 4. Any human deemed to have achieved spaceflight (according to this wiki list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_astronauts_by_first_flight ) 5. Any on-stage performer for a country in a Eurovision Grand Final. Teams must be PM’d to avoid revealing those unique picks. There will be a two week period at the beginning of September after the lists are published for disputes to be settled people whose picks are removed at this point will be allowed replacements but will not be allowed to pick another person's unique pick. Starting Date is 01 September 2020
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    And I love Wikipedia!
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    A) I’m 46 2) I don’t own a ball sack (unless you count the one I’m married to) C) I was making the point that it made me feel old, so wind your fucking neck in.
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    News just in ...https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/15/supreme-court-justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-discharged-from-hospital.html She's done it again ! She's just winding Trump and his supporters up isn't she !
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    Ground control to Captain Tom, you've really made the grave!
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    They'll release a family video back from 1978 and he'll be found to have referred to the neighbours as coloured. There will be riots in the streets and the NHS will be told to return their £35m. Th episode of Blankety Blank he appeared on will be removed from the BBC archives before he is burnt at the stake on 19th June (Juneteenth) the Queen will light the pyre.
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    Surprised to see this posted here in this thread. She was an actress in her own right, after all. Anyway, this is very sad. I was definitely a fan of her work. RIP.
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    Guessing you have plans to throw some Banana Barrels at Trump?
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    Mercedes Gland and her vacant partner Vince Feecees are delighted to announce the safe arrival of baby Psoriasis, a welcome sister for Toejam and Peanut.
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    But a very strong one for Dignitas.
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    In the family of the famous, Dennis Rodman's dad Philander has died aged 79. He admitted to being the father of 29 kids with 16 women. Nominative determinism.
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    Whether people think someone is a good pick and whether people want folk to survive are two completely different things. Don’t equate the two together.
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    Perhaps the last great "are you sure they didn't die 20 years ago?" celeb, Zizi Jeanmaire has taken her curtain call aged 95.
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    Two JFK conspiracy theorists die and go to heaven. They finally ask God to once and for all settle for them who it was that killed JFK. God sighs and patiently and lovingly admonishes them, "You've spent so much of your lives chasing after this conspiracy. You've sacrificed time with your families, allowed yourselves to be overcome by paranoia. You've wasted so much of the time and energy that I gave you. Oswald killed Kennedy. He was acting on his own and all of the evidence you needed to satisfy yourselves of that was there the whole time, if only you had looked with open hearts and minds." The one conspiracy theorist turns to the other and whispers, "This goes higher than we thought."
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    They don't do that in every episode though.
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    Yes, but it's even more boring than this thread.
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    I'm still kicking too and I turned 20 today.
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    The 27 Club requires more qualifications than merely dying at 27.
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    Best way to find out is a roll call. I'll start. Im here and alive.
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