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    Sad but inevitable.Heart goes out to his wife and daughter.He had an incredible attitude and determination.R.I.P
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    And I pull level. YW - 8; DL - 8
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    Ah in September. Spade Cooley is denied his headline "The Hun Is Dead, October".
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    "Thanks" to Fernando Ricksen, I'm one step ahead: 9 : 8
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    Always sad when a person dies at that age. RIP.
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    BBC obit - pretty quick for them https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49740638
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    Regardless of my thoughts of him as a player or person pre-illness, no one deserves the fate of MND/ALS. RIP.
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    Ric Ocasek would have been 32 and Andy Summers 35 when they joined their most famous groups Similarly Leonard Cohen released his first album in 1967 aged 34 A more extreme example was the drummer Ed Cassidy, who was born in 1923 and was a founding member of the psychedelic rock band Spirit in 1967, so would have been 43-44 But the best example of an older rock musician finding success for the first time is Seasick Steve, not a shadow of a doubt about it
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    Yeah I tune into Jeopardy every night since I love the fast barrage of trivia and that sense of both testing how much you already know and further expanding your knowledge boundaries. The "figure out 5-6 phrases an episode" of Wheel not quite my style. I'll still watch regularly once it's post-Trebek but Jeopardy def won't be the same by then, he's had such an endurant, steady presence that helps define the show.
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    My god she's 37? Looks closer to 45/47. Think you're right can't see her living into her 60s/ 70s. Drug overdose or suicide.
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    About the same as Ian Watkins & Gary Glitter nabbing it with Little Drummer Boy
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    Looks like the indomitable William Frankland is starting to run out of steam. The 107 finally moved into a care home a few months ago due to frail health, though he still writes. This piece by the Church Times confirms Frankland is now lives at The Charterhouse Infirmary, residency of which is for end of life patients.
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    One fascinating musical fact - the drummer from The Stranglers was born before the drummer from Buddy Holly & The Crickets.
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