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    You’re a very balanced combination of moron and cunt.
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    Indeed, terrible timing to go so soon after Bill Gates Sr
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    Just for @Deadpool and any one else who is interested
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    This is the updated scoresheet. It includes all the names included in the last post. It also included points which seem to be missing in the last update for Banana (Tom Belso) and John Key (Sam Lloyd), If You think I have missed any names, or miscalculated your score, let me know and I'll change it. Grim Up North has taken a commanding lead with 5 hits since the last update (as he so modestly informed us!). Banana, Radguy, greptile and Etush have all jumped up into contention with 3/4 hits in August/September. At present, it looks like a two horse race between Grim and CaptainChorizo. However a lot can happen in the next few months. Grim Up North (2273 points) 14 hits [Chris Doleman, Dennis Goldberg, Frankie Benali, Genesis P-Orridge, Howard Finkel, John Andretti, Judy Dyble, Kirk Douglas, Lee Kerslake ,Liz Clarke-Saul Pat Smullen, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stirling Moss, Vera Lynn] CaptainChorizo (1893 points) 15 Hits [Bernard Ebbers, Bernhard Pinera, Bob Weighton, Chitetsu Wantabe , Dennis Goldberg, Frankie Benali, Genesis P-Orridge, Hugh Downs, John Lewis, Johnny Harris, Lee Kerslake, Raymond Allen, Roger Scruton, Terry Jones, Tom Belso] The Old Crem (1501 points) 9 hits [Jill Gascoigne, John Hume, John Lewis, Kirk Douglas, Nicholas Parsons, Olivia de Haviland, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stirling Moss, Vera Lynn] An Fear Beag (1435 points) 10 hits [Bob Weighton, Chris Doleman, Daniel Arap Moi, David Hagen, Frankie Benali, Genesis P-Orridge, John Lewis, Kirk Douglas, Pat Smullen, Terry Jones] The Unknown Man (1283 points) 12 hits [Chris Doleman, Daniel Arap Moi, Everton Weekes, Frankie Benali, Genesis P-Orridge, Javier Perez de Cuellar, John Andretti, Kirk Douglas, Lee Kerslake, Olivia de Haviland, Sam Lloyd, Terry Jones] JiromeonKiruma (1240 points) 9 hits [Chitetsu Wantabe, Frankie Benali, Genesis P-Orridge, Joseph Hanneschlager, Judy Dyble, Michael Gauthier, John Lewis, Lone Dybkjaer Steve Blackmore] RadGuy (1236 points) 9 hits [Frankie Benali, John Andretti, Lee Kerslake, Michael Robinson, Nanci Ryder, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sam Lloyd, Terry Jones, Tom Long] Banana (1201 points) 11 hits [Tom Belso Chris Doleman, Frankie Benali, Greg Lewis, Henri Richard, John Lewis, Joseph Hanneschlager, Lee Kerslake Ruth Morrissey, Steve Blackmore, Terry Jones] Etushispushingupdaises (1193 points) 11 hits [Cullan Brown, Daniel Arap Moi, Frankie Benali, Genesis P-Orridge, Jay Allen, John Andretti, Lee Kerslake Kirk Douglas, Pat Smullen, Roger Scruton, Terry Jones] Torva Messor (1181 points) 8 hits [Diana Sera Carey, Frankie Benali, Genesis P-Orridge, Hugh Downs, Olivia de Haviland Kirk Douglas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Vera Lynn] drol (1132 points) 11 hits [Daniel Arap Moi, David Hagen, Dennis Goldberg, Genesis P-Orridge, John Andretti, Majek Fashek, Qaboos of Oman, Pat Smullen, Roger Scruton, Shin-Kyuk-ho, Sumner Redstone] Sean (1115 points) 9 hits [Everton Weekes, Javier Perez de Cuellar, John Hume, John Lewis, Kirk Douglas, Nicholas Parsons, Olivia de Haviland, Terry Jones, Vera Lynn] John Key (1095 points) 10 hits [Chris Doleman, Frankie Benali, Genesis P-Orridge, Henry Gray, John Andretti, Kirk Douglas, Lee Kerslake, Qaboos of Oman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg , Sam Lloyd] msc (1086 points) 8 hits [Earl Cameron, Freeman Dyson, Kirk Douglas, Nicholas Parsons, Olivia de Haviland, Sumner Redstone, Vera Lynn, William Frankland] The Quim Reaper (1076 points) 9 hits [Javier Perez de Cuellar, Kirk Douglas, Lee Kerslake, Little Richard, Nicholas Parsons, Olivia de Haviland Stirling Moss, Terry Jones, Vera Lynn] Prophet (1070 points) 8 hits [Daniel Arap Moi, Frankie Benali, John Andretti, Kirk Douglas, Lee Kerslake, Roger Scruton, Vera Lynn, William Frankland] gcreptile (1056 points) 9 hits [Bob Joers, Danny Oosthuizen, Frankie Benali, John Jhairo Valezquez, Karen Simpson, Lee Kerslake, Pat Smullen, Peter Bonetti, Todd Portune] LizLemon (1054 points) 6 hits [Jerry Stiller, Kirk Douglas, John Lewis, Olivia de Haviland, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sumner Redstone] the_engineer (1045 points) 8 hits [Arnold Spielberg, Chris Doleman, Dennis Goldberg, Jill Gascoigne, John Andretti, Kirk Douglas, Lee Kerslake, Roger Scuton] Sir Creep (1040 points) 11 hits [Balbir Singh Sr, Daniel Arap Moi, Deanne Sutherland, Frankie Benali, Henry Gray, Ignatio Trelles, Jay Allen, John Andretti, Kirk Douglas, Henri Richard, Ruth Bader Ginsburg] Joey Russ (1017 points) 11 hits [Chitetsu Wantabe, Daniel Arap Moi, Genesis P-Orridge, Jill Gascoigne, Kirk Douglas, Lee Kerslake, Little Richard, Roger Scruton, Stirling Moss, Terry Jones, Vera Lynn) Death Impends (1011 points) 9 hits [Diana Sera Carey, Earl Cameron, Javier Perez de Cuellar, John Hume, Mad Mike Hoare, Pearl Carr, Stirling Moss, Sumner Redstone, William Frankland] Nantonian2013 (981 points) 6 hits [Everton Weekes, John Hume, Kamala, Little Richard, Roger Scruton, Sumner Redstone] The Mad Hatter (969 points) 11 hits [Daniel Arap Moi, Genesis P-Orridge, Ian Holm, Jimmy Heath, John Andretti, John Hume, Kirk Douglas, Little Richard, Olivia de Haviland, Roger Scruton, Terry Jones] JoeMoneyPenny (894 points) 6 hits [Everton Weekes, Genesis P-Orridge, Hau Pie-tsen, Manolis Glezos, Stanley Ho, Vera Lynn] Wormfarmer (880 points) 8 hits [Daniel Arap Moi, David Stern, Frankie Benali, Genesis P-Orridge, Kirk Douglas, Lee Kerslake, Majek Fashek, William Frankland] Skinny Kiltrunner (777 points) 7 hits [Bernard Ebbers, Bob Watson, Chris Doleman, Frankie Benali, John Andretti, Nobuhiko Obayashi, Sumner Redstone] Toast (736 points) 6 hits [Ian Holm, Judy Dyble, Michael Medwin, Pearl Carr, Stirling Moss, Vera Lynn] theoldlady (688 points) 7 hits [Daniel Arap Moi, Ennio Morricone, Henry Gray, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Kirk Douglas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stirling Moss] Great Uncle Bulgaria (601 points) 5 hits [Daniel Arap Moi, Kirk Douglas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stirling Moss, Vera Lynn] markb4 (570 points) 6 hits [Christopher Tolkein, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Kirk Douglas, Nicholas Parsons, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Vera Lynn] YorkshireBanker (566 points) 7 hits [Bobby Brown (rangers), Daniel Arap Moi, Freeman Dyson, Henry Gray, Johnny Beattie, Katherine Johnson, Vera Lynn] GraveDanger (559 points) 5 hits [Chris Doleman, Genesis P-Orridge, Lee Kerslake, Jill Gascoigne, John Andretti] Whoaml (512 points) 4 hits [Jean Kennedy Smith, Katherine Johnson, Olivia de Haviland, Kirk Douglas] Predictor (437 points) 4 hits [Ben Cooper, Francisco Jose Cox, Joey Image, Kevin Thompson] Etib80 (410 points) 3 hits [Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Haviland Vera Lynn] Fixed Business (404 points) 4 hits [Daniel Arap Moi, Genesis P-Orridge, Kirk Douglas, Lee Kerslake] YoungWillz (382 points) 3 hits [Earl Cameron, Nicholas Parsons, Philip Latham] Clorox Bleachman (319 points) 5 hits [Chitetsu Wantabe, David Hagen, Irene Sinclair, John Andretti Thuy Thuanh Trong] Book (259 points) 3 hits [Hannelore Minkus, Michel Picolli, Sonja Ziemann] Pedro67 (217 points) 3 hits [Kirk Douglas, Nanci Ryder, Terry Jones] Bibliogryphon 0 points Deathray 0 points
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    She was a "lovely decent" person? Where is your evidence for this? Did you know her personally? People need to get this notion of all Republicans = bad/evil, all Democrats = good/angelic out of their mind. It's spewed all over social media by younger people and it's a bias which seeps into a lot of media both in the States and in Britain. The bottom line is politics is a nasty game in this day and age. There are cranks, morons and reprobates on all ends of the political spectrum. RBG deliberately kept herself in a role which she was unable to perform the duties for because of serious health problems in order to spite the opposition. In interviews she made it absolutely clear that she loathed Trump and that she was staying to antagonise him and his supporters. Those are not the actions of a "lovely decent person". It's an egocentric game, with two opposing sides of nuts all at each other's throats and I don't think any of it is commendable. Rant over.
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    Baseball player Len Koenecke, died 17-9-35; comedian Russ Abbott, born 18-9-47. (thanks DDT for the Koenecke pic)
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    Kenneth McAlpine, former racing driver, founder of Connaught Engineering, former High Sherrif of Kent, vintner, a WW2 fighter pilot, former chairman of McAlpine Helicopters and a director of the McAlpine construction company, as well as being a former Governor of Eastbourne College is 100 today.
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    Came up with Diet Pepsi, told Nixon to bomb Chile. Difficult to work out which of these is the bigger evil, tbh.
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    Now the Sultan of Zanzibar leaves the UK to spend his "last days" in the country of his ancestors: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/20/so-long-southsea-last-sultan-of-zanzibar-quits-uk-after-56-years-in-exile
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    QO from the Daily Mail.
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    OK, there has been no objections in the past 8 hours, I'll do the totting up for the rest of this years event. The last update was on 26th July. The deaths that I can find that are not in that update are as follows: 19th July: Ruth Morrissey 20th July: Liz Clarke-Saul 3rd August: John Hume 4th August: Cullan Brown 9th August: Kamala 10th August: Raymond Allen 11th August: Sumner Redstone 12th August: Francisco Jose Cox 20th August: Frankie Banali 25th August: Arnold Spielberg 15th September: Pat Smullen 18th September: Ruth Bader Ginsberg 19th September: Lee Kerslake If I've missed one of your picks from the list, then its probably your own fucking fault for picking ridiculously obscure names. I mean even Google couldn't manage to find some of these guys. I will post an updated scoresheet shortly
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    Toss Lee Kerslake into the Heep. Only seven teams selected him, who now won't find it Easy Livin' in the terrain of the Inverse. Newly-minted frontrunner Quim Reaper remains unaffected. 1. The Quim Reaper 17 2. gcreptile 24 3. Grim Up North 31 =4. An Fear Bag 32 =4. drol 32 =4. Newjack 32 =7. Great Uncle Bulgaria 33 =7. Toast 33 9. Joey Russ 34 10. machotrouts 35 11. The Old Crem 36 12. Book 37 =13. Death Impends 38 =13. paddyfool 38 =15. Bibliogryphon 39 =15. Pedro67 39 17. deadsox 42 18. Sir Creep 44 =19. LizLemon 46 =19. Spade_Cooley 46 21. Torva Messor 48 22. CaptainChorizo 49 =23. BuffaloPhil 51 =23. The Dead Cow 51 =25. Mercarte 53 =25. YoungWillz 53 27. Clorox Bleachman 54 =28. Philip 55 =28. Skinny kiltrunner 55 30. theoldlady 67 31. Annami 68 32. grobler 72 33. Etushispushingupdaisies 94 34. Neobrakeon 96 35. The Unknown Man 120 36. msc 147
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    I am happy to take over the totting up of scores for the rest of the year, unless anyone has any objections. It probably won't be done quickly, it possibly won't be done entirely accurately, but it will be done. This does not, I repeat does not, indicate a willingness to run it next year. I've no idea how to start a pool, I don't have the time, and I don't have enough bilious hatred of the world to give it that authentic Deathers feel.
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    Worth remembering that Ginsburg's first pancreatic cancer diagnosis happened while Obama was president and had control of the Senate. Pretty much a perfect opportunity to retire then and there. This complete clusterfuck could've been avoided entirely.
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    BeretBleu was the only Ginsburg selectee. Well done. Thread closed.
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    Yep. No consideration that both parts might be necessary. Morons. I'll tell you what else makes me laugh is how many dickheads you see wearing the face mask over just their mouth, leaving their nose completely out. How fucking useless is that? That's a bit like putting a condom over just your bollocks.
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    I would have thought he was more of a wafer-thin mint man.
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    I find "FUCK OFF" is usually helpful in these matters tbh...
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    So, let's have an update... Pat Smullen, Lee Kerslake, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg and John Turner, a unique for Gooseberry Crumble. Pat Smullen scores joker points for Joey, Banana and Sean. Rank Team Score 1 Death Impends 1164 2 Joey Russ 1102 3 msc 1045 4 Banana 1007 5 gcreptile 990 6 Cpt. Chorizo 925 7 Book 867 8 Clorox Bleachman 839 9 Deadsox 830 10 JiroemonKimura 824 11 DevonDeathTrip 819 12 RadGuy 757 13 The Unknown Man 715 14 The Quim Reaper 703 15 drol 683 16 Sean 677 17 Skinny Kiltrunner 663 18 Torva Messor 641 19 John Key 622 20 The Mad Hatter 566 21 theoldlady 536 22 Toast 535 23 Grave Danger 516 24 Kenny 481 25 The Old Crem 451 26 Etushispushingupdaisies 416 27 Sir Creep 342 28 YoungWillz 334 29 Chilean Way 328 30 Gooseberry Crumble 266 31 Great Uncle Bulgaria 247 32 markb4 241 33 ThePrematureBurial 203 34 Bibliogryphon 192 35 Pedro67 139
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    Sorry for your losses on a personal level. But yes 2020 is a heck of a year with regards to celebrity /iconic deaths and will be until the end is my sense. I do believe a new record will be set by the official deathlist.
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    Do it! Your second line there is already approaching authentic Deathers indifference.
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    Though that new thread is unnecessary, I do like the idea of discussing whether the record will be broken or not. We are now ahead of 2017 by about 10 days, who’s 15th hit is about a month ahead 3 years ago. However, I’m not 100% sure that it’ll be breaking the record. I’d call it a coin flip at this point. The thing about 2017 is that when the 14th hit came around, there was still many obvious dead certs still alive at that point (thinking about Downie and King Michael in particular). This year? Probably the closest to a dead cert is Leon Spinks at this point, and he’s not a guaranteed death either. Trebek’s treatment is working right now, while Tom Smith has his tumors shrunken. I think at this point those two will more likely see the year out than not (though a sudden downturn for either would not shock). Outside of that, there’s certainly potential for some of the rest (like Delors losing his wife, or Joanne Woodward feeling such a has to be this year name), but none of them are guarantees. In fact, a big reason why we’re at 14 hits today is because the old’s people lottery has been successful on this years list. I’d actually consider 10 of the 14 hits part of that old people’s lottery (even folk like Stirling Moss is part of that cause he could’ve died at any point). The four who weren’t old people’s lottery names? RBG, who people could deduce that she couldn’t really fight off her pancreatic cancer last year; Terry Jones, who while he had dementia there were some end of the year warning signs that he was likely on his way out; Genesis P-Orridge, who was really ill with leukemia; and Daniel Arap Moi, who, unlike the others over 90, had a ton of life threatening ailments at the end of last year that made him a sooner rather than later name. I’m not saying the record is impossible, it is an enema year after all, but I just wouldn’t be surprised either way with what happens.
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    Update on this, three months on - Books read/completed still none. Books previously started and progressed, one. New books started, one. Additional books bought, eight. I need to get off the internet.
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