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    Jerry Lawler reporting that Kamala has departed for another ring:
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    Kurt Luedtke, who won Best Adapted Screenplay for Out Of Africa, dead at 80: https://eu.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/oakland-county/2020/08/09/kurt-luedtke-author-editor-oscar-winning-screenwriter-dies-80/3331937001/ IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0525104/
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    Martin Birch, a producer for the likes of Iron Maiden, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake and Deep Purple, has died. He was 71. https://www.thathashtagshow.com/2020/08/09/prolific-rock-and-metal-producer-martin-birch-dead-at-71/
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    Ian Anderson MBE is 73 today This taken from his website made me giggle
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    Is this the BBC one from a few years back with Richard Wilson in? Really fun family show.
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    He wrestled as the Mississippi Mauler Jim Harris on ITV's World of Sport - although its a Big Daddy match, so not much evidence of any wrestling in this one:
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    Wilford Brimley and Kamala had diabetes. We are looking for a Mormon with diabetes then....
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    Just saw the name on my Deathrace team checking my teams for the year and thought "he must have died by now, surely?" And he had.
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    Don't be giving him ideas, that would be a new way to try and seed interest in his non-tension eliminations. "The act leaving the X Factor and going straight to the gulag is........................................................................Rak Su!" (I googled the band name...)
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    Obituary for Anthony Lester, Baron Lester of Herne Hill, former human rights lawyer involved in drafting the UK's initial race relations legislation: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/lord-lester-of-herne-hill-obituary-vqdkf0pn0 (Paywall) A special adviser to Roy Jenkins, he moved with him to found the SDP. More recently the target of a high profile sexual harassment allegation.
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    Death Notice for Betty Rowlands, crime/mystery writer famous for the Melissa Craig and Sukey Reynolds series of books: http://announcements.telegraph.co.uk/deaths/243545/rowlands
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    Salome Bey, Canada's First Lady of Blues, has died. She was believed to be around 75. Bey had long been struggling with Alzheimer's. https://www.iheartradio.ca/news/canada-s-first-lady-of-blues-salome-bey-dies-1.13203792 (Trivia: Bey is the first person to have a line - shared or solo - as part of the Northern Lights song 'Tears Are Not Enough', Canada's contribution to Ethiopian relief back in 1985, who has now died. Up until now, only chorus member Oscar Peterson and John Candy had passed. The song included the likes of Gordon Lightfoot, Burton Cummings, Anne Murray, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bryan Adams and many others.)
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    Ben Vereen Jr., son of the Broadway legend, has died. He'd been missing for two weeks. No cause of death has been given. https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Ben-Vereens-Son-Ben-Vereen-Jr-Has-Died-20200809
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    Turns out I was wrong: Franca Valeri got a QO.
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    Sorry. I wrote your name as a scorer but obviously missed it when I added the scores to the forum. All updated.
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    I don't (and haven't for years) watch anything like X Factor BGT, because of the ridicule of less-talented entrants and the blatant manipulation (of emotions) that goes on. Cowell, can fester in hospital til hell freezes over as far as I'm concerned.
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    Started watching Merlin. Three episodes in, and it's not bad, and I'm finding it quite entertaining, if not exactly compulsive. I'd assumed this was a children's show, but it's more for a general audience.
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    I totally agree. This was the worst pick I had ever seen selected by the committee.
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    I hope this fucker is ditched next year. If not we may as well just pick 50 of the oldest parents of famous people.
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    A few years back when I was having a health scare, I mused aloud to Mrs Msc about the concept of dying and no one ever finding out, like we assumed had happened to Magere. Quick as a flash, she replied: "Don't worry, I'd let your fellow loonies know..."
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    I for one had never heard of the bloke, and am none the wiser now. As for misinterpreting the thread, I don't really know what it's supposed to be for. Nothing new, that's for certain.
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    Dame Shirley Williams just turned 90.Wonder what her condition is. She retired from the Lords years ago but was it health related?
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    Searched for both Anthony Lester and Lord Lester before posting, neither one of which showed up aside from what had already been posted. Strange.
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    Thought about hiding this, but there’s a lot of coverage of his diagnosis. NBA Hall of Fame coach Paul Westphal has the deadly glioblastoma
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8608173/Zsa-Zsa-Gabors-bizarre-farewell-tour-Europe-nearly-four-years-death.html Her ashes are going on a tour of Europe before being buried in Hungary escorted by the Prince.
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