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    That's going to derail his campaign for sure
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    Damn, Recess was brilliant (one of those jokes for the kids and jokes for the adults watching the kids watching it series) and Davis had a big role in it.
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    Oh thats good to know!
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    Hah, looking back its a reply segue - Poseidon Adventure/the Dr Who Christmas special that blatantly ripped it off/Fenric who does the same of The Fog/Hal Holbrook still being alive - rather than him being in the film.
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    The legendary veteran american actor Hal Holbrook reaches the great age of 95 today!!
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    Yes, Gooseberry, I watch The Fog every Hallowe'en and am annually impressed by Hal Holbrook's continued survival. Now hopefully he doesn't follow the lead of Nicholas Parsons who played his role in the Dr Who homage/rip-off of The Fog, The Curse of Fenric!
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    American actor Hal Holbrook turns the grand old age of 95 today! Thanks for the like @msc but I assumed he starred in the Poseidon Adventure because you mentioned him in this thread but just checked and can't see that he did!!Oops a daisy!?
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    It's incredible how many shot for shot bits are nabbed from the film. Bit like The Fog and Curse of Fenric in that regard. Speaking of which, Hal Holbrook is still alive! That surprised me when I looked it up when The Fog was on a few weeks ago.
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    American actor Jason Davis has died aged 35 it has been announced. Best known for voicing the character of Mikey Blumberg in US animated series Recess. He is the grandson of former studio chief Marvin Davis and Beverley Hills socialite and philanthropist Barbara Davis. Cause of death unknown at this point. http://highlighthollywood.com/2020/02/jason-davis-grandson-of-beloved-former-studio-chief-and-oil-tycoon-marvin-and-philanthropist-barbara-davis-dies-at-35/
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