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    I'm still hopeful that Hunt will snatch it in the last ballot. Historically, the front-runner stumbles in the final ballot and Boris is very stumble-able. Crikey. For Jeremy Hunt to be the hopeful option for our next PM is a desperately sorry indictment for this country, isn't it?
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    fyi, frontpage updates are gonna be a few days behind for the next few days as I've got some pretty big stuff going on elsewhere.
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    Alex Trebek looking and sounding pretty good as the final presenter at the NHL Awards, aired live on Wednesday night. Was also seated in the front row when James Holzhauer helped present an award earlier in the evening, so a reunion of sorts.
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    That era's animators had very impressive endurance. At this time three years ago, Willis Pyle just died, and Ruthie Tompson, Milton Quon, Don Lusk, Tyrus Wong, and X Atencio were all still alive, plus Bob Givens for Warner Bros. All but the last two lived to be centenarians, and now just Tompson is left despite being the oldest of that lot. And that's not counting some of the early voice actors still left, thanks to Disney using child actors to voice child characters, or Marge Champion (used as a reference model for Snow White).
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    These 5 are fairly big names. Felton is the father of operating system GEORGE and a computer science pioneer who worked fo Ferranti. Wyrsch is one of the most revered living Swiss painters. Gruber was the first American archaeologist to lead an excavation in a Communist country (Czechoslovakia, 1966) I know Roothaan for useful Roothaan equations. Milton Quon, along with Ruthie Thompson, is the last pre-WWII Disney animator. I hope they all get their obits, they deserve them.
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    Indeed. Ruthie Tompson still alive and kicking. 109 this year!
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    Another 2 names to add: Clemens C. J. Roothaan, Dutch physicist dead at 100. Milton Quon, American animator for Walt Disney Studios dead at 105. Both awaiting reliable sources though it looks like Quon's son posted a tribute on Instagram.
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    Eddie Garcia dies aged 90. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/breaking-eddie-garcia-dead-veteran-16546995
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    House isn't my area of expertise but Cassius were big, remember "1999" being all over the radio back in... well, 1999. He also produced what, imho, is one of the 100 greatest songs ever:
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    Jeopardy legend James Holzhauer donates his money to pancreatic cancer walk in honor of Trebek
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