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    Of course I'll attend. I intend to take the train there and back again as often as needed to entertain my esteemed (and thirsty) guests. Sounds good enough to spend a few hours in. Cocktails are not my thing really, but an oude jenever or korenwijn is nothing to be sneezed at. I hope you lot can live with a relaxed approach to touring the city and sight-seeing. I'm already reading up on Amsterdam and what can be done there to keep you interested, but I'm not planning a schedule. How about a Celebrity Death Tour? Several well-known people died there, including Chet Baker (Prins Hendrikkade), Theo van Gogh (Linnaeusstraat) and, inevitably, Rembrandt (Rozengracht). regards, Hein
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    I think we've learned that dictators follow a simple rule: -If they're in power, they will refuse to admit serious illnesses. -If they're on trial, they are dying of every disease known to man.
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