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    No It won't. Kirk Douglas was, is and always will be, 100% likely to die 'at any time'. Just like you, me and anyone else. I will concede, though, that the death of anyone makes it much more likely that some knobhead will come on this forum and post some stupid crap about someone else.
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    Well that couldn't have been more misleading if you tried... Lance Armstrong has died. Lance Armstrong, 74 | SILive.com but not to worry his legal team is planning to help any way they can Lance Armstrong’s legal team to try again - BostonHerald.com
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    Lol my thinking exactly yet end of the worlders are stockpiling supplies and it seems that fallout shelters are selling like hot-cakes. Time for all good capitalists to start flogging the gullible "shelters" and parting the fools from their cash. Although admittedly it does seem to be mostly Americans in the documentaries about the end of world survivalists.
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    Think really really hard about Margaret Thatcher! On an empty stomach you want me to think of her?? That's downright cruel. What next, Madeline Albright? "Yes" (In Creepy Voice) "Together"
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    I can imagine doing that, just in case she wakes up. regards, Hein
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