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    People come and go on the Internet. Godot had an announcement a long while back that he'd not be posting again here, yet he did. I took an absence for whatever reason or reasons and didn't say anything about it. It always gives me a chuckle to see people say that they won't be posting again. Usually they return as the same person. Some who think they are witty and able to conceal their identity reappear as Stevie Nicks or at least as someone else but with a little effort they can be spotted. (just ask Bennett Cerf if you have doubts) Then there are those who can pull it together and fool people ........at least for a time. At some point they put up a post that gives them away.....or at least people think it does. If the person doesn't reveal that it is them then how are we to ever really know? In the end, I come for the posts. I stay for the entertainment and if an entertaining poster departs, I am just glad I got to see their posts before they moved on to their next gig.
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