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    Ahem, first American woman to go into space, she was.. regards, Hein
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    Thank you Toast, he is getting there. He's on steroids and painkillers at the moment but bounding about like the mad wee thing he is, His appetite for food and life has not subsided, he especially enjoyed his walks today - he got to roll in mud and horse shit. I took this photo of him on Friday, I went into my bedroom and there he was, nesting behind the pillows giving it 'I am the sweetest dog on the planet look', I well know he is not!
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    Fair and balanced trial then so. I wonder will they construct the gallows before or after they find him guilty?
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    I'd take it as a good sign (for him anyhow). Unless the person is above and beyond obviously healthy, newspapers tend to refer to all people over 85 as "frail" I've found. Sensationalism and all that. Point of order, many people continue to vote long after dying. They also have a shocking tendency to vote Republican.
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