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    Political leaders, television stars and the like I can handle but...not WILKO!! Met the man myself, top bloke, great musician, brilliant performer.
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    unconfirmed reports on twitter saying he may be 'brain stem dead' whatever that means? Means any comeback he makes might be on reality tv - perhaps in the next series of The Undateables.
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    Indeed he has: the news site of Dutch broadcaster NOS has the story, in Dutch. Interestingly, some anonymous editor already mentioned his death last Monday just after midnight, in a list of centenarians in the Dutch Wikipedia. I reverted his edit, [snip] regards, Hein Does anyone still bother with Wikipedia after this? No, it fell from being the fourth most-used website in the world to having no users within a week.
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    Have found that site since posting, but thanks. And the tree is very impressive. I still think Wiki does more harm than good. I personally love reading the talk pages and the reasons why people have been banned. And, as ever, it seems to be one rule for one lot and another for others. Oh, and the page on "model" Katie "Jordan" Price has been vandalized and nobody has realised: Although she was already a well-established model, with frequent appearances on Page 3 and in men's lifestyle magazines such as Horse And Hound and Wizzards Sleeve to her credit... Wasn't me - and it has been there for weeks. Schoolboy humour can be fun...
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    Thank you Dr Hackenslash, your interesting and informative letter has been accepted by Church Times, a £5 cheque and complementary copy of the paper should be with you next week.
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    It's that kind of exchange that makes Wiki so great, You'd never get that on the Encyclopaedia Britannica.
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    Of course it's accurate on science. There are few people out there who are polarized enough on the subject of chemical bonding to be bothered to vandalize a wiki page. If I ever snap and they lock me up in a little room with a computer, I'll take out my wrath on the science articles of the Wikipedia community, just to be an ass.
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    the thing about wiki is... (oh no, not again) it'd be fine if it wasn't purporting to be a bloody encyclopaedia! of course people are going to mes about with it if they have the chance. and of course no-one should take it as gospel. but people DO, which is why it has to be careful about what it purports to be. i do like the idea of diki, though - except it's already been done, hasn't it, as that's how most history is written anyway. always the winners, etc. but of course it's accurate about history and science, and only crap on the not serious stuff. yeah, but how do you KNOW...
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    there are a lot of inaccurate details on wikipedia. I guess it explains a lot when my brother-in-law recently admitted to me to posting information on there
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    Dikipedia - not that you'd get away with calling it that - would be a completely spoof encyclopedia editable by all, which re-writes the history of the universe. That would be a very popular site. Just imagine... Hitler's armies were marching through Europe in 1940, and England surrendered after Churchill was bought off with a crate of scotch. However, Captain Kirk, travelling back in time, infiltrated Switzerland and armed the Swiss Guard with phasers. Big Daddy then challenged Hitler to a Hell-in-a-Cell submission match, wherein Adolf tapped out while in a Boston Crab, thus surrending Europe.
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    I agree with you to a large extent, but the problem with, for example, the history articles is that they end up showing what is widely considered to be correct - which might not be the same as what is actually correct. For example, basic information about and MP was almost removed because it wasn't believed that an MP could possibly have once a pirate dj on Radio Caroline.
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    The following is an entry from old Dunny's history. 14:53, 7 February 2006 SqueakBox (the pound bottle of wine was removed as entirely inappropriate encyclopedia content not its lack of truth this is not a cheap newspaper) Wikipedia should be destroyed - it's making countless kids, and - more worryingly, adults believe in things that are not true. Removing the Death List entry was the last straw. We should take a stand.
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    Well I'm guessing Paris 1997.
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