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    I have never heard of this bloke but if he couldn't even get a gig on the Bill, he must have been a terrible actor! He wasn't that bad. His last screen role was in The Bill, in 2002. He did earlier try out for the role of James Bond, as noted in the BBC report of his death (I believe there's a link somewhere).
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    I have never heard of this bloke but if he couldn't even get a gig on the Bill, he must have been a terrible actor!
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    Officially.. a dead bodie. It is true Bloody hell didn't see this one coming. Not very professional of us.
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    Ian H Watkins a celeb singer from wales is apparently being harassed online by people mistaking him for well... .. ian watkins a celeb singer from wales. E! online also put his pic up instead of the black haired prophets one. http://www.itv.com/news/2013-11-27/steps-singer-ian-h-watkins-gets-abuse-as-internet-users-confuse-him-for-convicted-lostprophets-singer/ It must be terrible for Ian, to have to share you name with someone who used to be in steps.
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    Spoilsport. I suppose it would be entertaining . But i think brucie is one of the good guys ( saying that and he gets arrested by yewtree detectives next week) and I can think of a few above bruce that deserve it more. Then again with bruce refusing to retire maybe its probably how he would like to die. Bruce Forsyth is one of those people who splits the opinions of the nation but I must admit that he is the King of Light Entertainment, you may not like the product but he is one of the best proponents of the form. Ask yourself the question who would you rather watch Bruce, Jim Davidson, Michael Barrymore, Jonathon Ross or Lionel Blair. I rest my case. Lionel Blair, every time! Bob Monkhouse. Sadly so lacking on TV these days, you'd think he died a decade ago or something.
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    Neither did Clive Dunn.
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    Nope: It's 20 years.
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    Well, thanks for the pic. Sorry I asked really. Makes you wonder what the chavs round here would look like if we hadn't sent a chunk of the gene pool to the other side of the world...
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    well, even with all the pics that come up on Google with the correct spelling of her name, she looks no better than a grown up version of Stacey off Eastenders http://www.bbc.co.uk/eastenders/backstage/...t_lacey_t.shtml I know the Aussies keep all the good-looking women back home and send the munters to London, and clearly this policy also applies to their drug mules.
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    Josco, you have to bear in mind that although Daimler-Chrysler is a large corporation with which people associate the Mercedes Brand, the original Mercedes was named after the daughter of Emil Jellinek. I think that was a large enough helping of pedantism for today.....
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    Her sister's called Mercedes. Why do parents inflict bizarre names on their offspring? Regards Josco (Not my real name!)
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    According to the CNN report Maybe the Oz Government should be sending Russ on the diplomatic mission to free her...with 4kgs of shiny telephones in his luggage...
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    Normally stupidity creates its own punishment, which varies quite a bit in severity. See the Darwin Awards for one extreme. regards, Hein
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    For those wishing to google for pictures of her to see if she is hot or not, the problem seems to be that this thread has the wrong spelling of her name. Try Schapelle Corby. Plenty more results are then available. HTH DWB
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    below is a link with a pic. I'd hardly call her hot, or even kind of hot, from this photo, but anyway. Her story about 4+ pounds of weed being planted in her luggage by an airport worker in Brisbane for retrieval by a different airport worker in Bali sounds dubious at best (especially given she connected in Sydney), although 20 years/death penalty does seem a little harsh. She should have watched Midnight Express first...... http://www.usp.com.au/fpss/news-indonesia37.html
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    Identical? I think not. The Australian legal system is based on the British system. Indonesia's is not. Nothing like almost identical as far as I'm concerned. And anyway, are you saying that innocent people haven't been imprisoned for 20 years+ and/or executed under the Australian/British system before? I rather think they have, much to our shame. On your other points, I hope you are right. I don't think Shapelle is anywhere near as innocent as Kerry Packer's media interests and money-men would have "us" believe.
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    It is pronounced with a hard 'G' as in jail. Only the Flintstones have a "gay-ol' time" in their opening song. The "g" as in "jail" is, of course, a soft "g", not a hard "g"; however, you're quite right that it is pronounced as in "jail", i.e.: with a soft "g". Not a hard "g". If you wanted it to have a hard "g", you'd probably have to put a "u" after it, as in "guarding" or "guerilla". However, on doing a bit more digging it appears that both "gaol" and "jail" derive from the Old North French "gaiole" (perhaps pronounced "jay-ol" or "zhay-ol"), BUT this comes from the vulgar Latin "gaviola" and the classical Latin "caveola", a diminutive of "cavea", meaning cage or hollow. Now all those of us blessed with an English classical education of a certain vintage would naturally pronounce "gaveola" with a hard "g" as a logical extension of the hard "c" in "caveola". On this basis the "gay-ol" (time) version may superficially appear correct. The problem, as you will find if you listen to someone French reading Latin - and let's face it, what day goes by without your listening to some Frog reading Latin? - the problem is that they pronounce Latin under some system dreamt up by Erasmus in the 15th Century and which sounds a lot more like modern Italian or French. Consequently lots of "c"s become "ch"s (eg "Caesar" becomes "Chay-zar") and "g"s become "zh"s. Unless, as noted above, they had "u"s after them, and we could complicate this a bit further by going into the concept that the "gu" format also turned into "w" (eg "warder", "William" etc), but, since I'm losing the will to live, let's not. Anyway the interesting thing about all this is that the Old French pronunciation gives us an important clue to the origin of a recent and popular neologism. If we consider the original interpretation of "caveola" or "Chav-ay-o-la", it is clearly intended to describe a small dark hole where you ought to lock up Chavs.
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