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    Here's a couple, can't work out how to upload video on my phone though, it says it's the wrong type of attachment. I didn't take loads, too busy having fun!
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    Just got in. It was alright. IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING! We were right at the front! And I was on the news before it! I can't even cope with my life right now. And I genuinely have gone deaf.
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    He's been given a week's warning/suspension in accordance with the fact that he should know by now that such "jokes" aren't acceptable here.
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    Yes. http://postimg.org/image/3k3se4j4l/#
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    MK you're totally out of order 5674 other men skin the jews alive and drink their blood. FFS!
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    Reet, as suggested in the Drunk Bored Psychopath thread, a list of the fixes and changes that the admin staff have applied to the forum since the upgrade. Future changes will be added to the list as they come: Return of signatures Character limit on Location, now that it's displayed in the user sidebar 2017 forum once again postable by regular members Avatars are once again square, and preexisting rectangular avatars will again look as such (however the cropping feature, which looks too difficult to work past, means that any future avatars will always be square - so if you have a rectangular avvy, consider it being a perk of veteran status or summat) Likes are once again public Forum width adjusted to a fluid width of 90% Widgets such as Who's Online, Who's Chatting, Recent Posts returned New smileys: Added a "DL Retro" theme for those who miss the old color scheme - to use, go to "Theme" at the bottom of the page Likes no longer display under one's Activity Feed DeathList tab which links to the main site added to the top bar, along with a link to the Members page under "Browse" and a link to all-time highest-ranked members/posts under "Leaderboard" Embedded YouTube videos set to a maximum width of 640px - before then the browser display was the limit which meant YT vids appeared as huge to members with large browsers. However this does not retroactively apply to videos that were already posted Pressing enter key now starts a new line, rather than paragraph (ie no longer makes two lines) and quotes have been given extra space so they don't appear overly condensed And for "how do I do this" questions that were answered in the thread: Signatures are now modified via clicking "Signatures" on this page Previewing posts is now done by clicking the paper+magnifying glass icon in the post toolbar If you want to see the exact time a post was made, hover your cursor over the date of the post and it should show in a couple of seconds Nested quoting is now doable by highlighting the post you want to quote and a little "Quote this" button will pop up. Clicking on it will quote the entire post highlighted and not just the most recent quote. If you use the quote button at the bottom of the post only the most recent will be quoted - unfortunately allowing the quote button to do nested quotes seems too complicated.
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    Don't know how long this will stay up, but it's the whole gig
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    105 years since William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, wasn't feeling so grand, dying aged 59, after a little over 6 years reign. He was the last ruler to die 'in office', subsequent Grand Dukes/Duchesses have all abdicated.
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    60 years since Bugs Moran went swimming with the fishes, aged 65.
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    The last boycott for E. D. Nixon on this day 30 years ago, aged 87.
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    To paraphrase Tina Turner, "We Don't Need Another Wilko!"
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    Bollox. I saw your Facebook photos. Sooooo close, eh?
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    MK you're totally out of order 5674 other men skin the jews alive and drink their blood. FFS! No, no, no. 5675 other men skin the Jews alive and drink their blood. Maths was never my strong point, but 5678 minus 3 is 5675.
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    You really are a dick on so many fronts.
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    This is the part of the year when dead certs don't seem so certs anymore. There will be a part of the year in which they fall like flies.
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    Is this a Tory plot to convince people to believe in Shamanism over medicine, thereby reducing the burden on the NHS?
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    Have a heart Rockhopper - even I don't deserve Michael Fallon.
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    He's not the only one, it seems.
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    Genuine Lol there Mary, post of the month!
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    They were They'll struggle to afford that anymore since that last judgement against them in Portugal. They might be forced to leave another kid alone in search of funds!
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    ... Or a list of famous celebs living in Moscow/Beijing (take your pick) at that time.
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    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/17/world-war-three-now-serious-threat-prominent-historian-warns/ On that cheerful note, have a nice day!
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