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    Rapper Christopher Wallace AKA The Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down 20 years ago today, aged 24.
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    For convenience's sake, if I like a post in this thread listing subtitles, take that as a sign the appropriate subtitles have returned.
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    Betty White is immortal, let's just face this fact.
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    Bet Rolf wishes he had thought of this ruse: "Justin Bieber impersonator charged with 900 child sex offences A Queensland man posing as pop singer Justin Bieber online in order to solicit explicit images from young children is charged with multiple child sex offences including rape and indecent treatment of a child." Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-09/justin-bieber-queensland-man-impersonate-singer-child-sex-charge/8338730
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    Hmm, the ones I remember opening: Grange Hill Death Is Uniform Silvio Berlusconi Trials and Defibrillations Dead Architects Living In A Box...Leaving In A Pinewood Box
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    They were there the day before too, but perhaps you were part of the USA group practising arriving really late for World War III. Around the time of practising testing WMD on civilian targets and allocating reparations. This was the most popular option amongst the US groups. The practising starting your own war against teeny weeny countries and not doing so well, had a certain 'retro' feel that appealed to some, and would provide great material for some historically accurate films. The least popular choice however was the, practising having your hands in the air, pointing up to the sky at low flying aircraft. Rehearsing indignation and surprise in front of TV cameras, that what you do in a foreign land can actually have consequences in the USA, is particularly important. Getting off topic for a moment, whilst there will be some giving thanks that JH's tour is cancelled others may not. For those here is the man himself pretending to be a war hero.
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    Times QO for Drever - http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/scottish-gravitation-waves-pioneer-ronald-drever-dies-cwlsb888w
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    French rocker Johnny Hallyday has cancer https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/mar/08/french-rock-star-johnny-hallyday-being-treated-for-cancer
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    @ImissMontpellier Another one you may like is this thread: https://forums.deathlist.net/topic/8334-charles-aznavour/?page=2 It started off being about Charles Aznavour (he made the main list one year!) but it is now about French singers in general.
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    Hello @Davey Jones' Locker, The Troadec case is one of the most dreadful, revolting cases of this decade. The brother-in-law confessed he had killed and dismembered the whole family because the father is said to hide golden coins. Only for money. Mankind can be a piece of crap.
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    Yes even if his music has NOTHING TO DO with Elvis Presley's Johnny Hallyday is one of most famous singers of France. He is nicknamed "La Taulier" which means "The Boss" in French. Some of my fellow French consider him as an idol. He is worshipped by many fans. 7 years ago, he was in a Los Angeles hospital and French news channels were breaking news because of his health.
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    See, all my posts on the impending "World War Three" thread are finally starting to get to you! I knew they would.
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    DDT is the Steve Davis to Spade Cooley's Stephen Hendry.
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    Is that true? Wow. Well, she just won me over then. She understands the common man like me. God bless "er Majesty! Long may she reign!
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    I didn't "not let him in the cup for his own bad behaviour". His own behavior was down to him and the mods. By the timing of his ban, I was left with two choices: either remove him from the Deathlist Cup, or put everyone else on hold until he got back on the SEVENTH of the next month. The choice was fairly obvious and done with no malicious intent. However, after his kind words yesterday, he is now officially banned in perpetuity from the Cup or any "games" I host in the future. He'll know the exact post which brought this about. Yeah, I know, not very rage filled, but fuck it, I'm getting too old.
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    There's an entire television mini-series on a plate here. Whaddya reckon - including songs or not?
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    Hey, the police have just had a confession. It wasn't the mentally ill son or the daughter - it was Dad's brother in law who battered them to death "in a row about the inheritance of gold bars." http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39177217
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    "Military intelligence" is another.
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    Expected to be released on 19th July 2017 as things stand at the moment. At last - the real deal; a musician where you can say "lock up your daughters" and mean it.
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    Greco's 90 today: http://www.dw.com/en/legend-of-chanson-juliette-gréco-turns-90/a-37441665 Didn't know she was a bisexual (what celeb isn't these days, I guess) or that she was one of Sartre's pals. Turns out she had a stroke last year so one to watch.
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    I wonder if these (non Aznavour) Chanson stars chances at a Qualifying Obit are closer to Michel Delpech or Leo Marjane? With Greco she would get an obit because of her associations with Miles Davis and Jean Cocteau,the rest I wouldn't know one way or the other if they peak the Obit writers interest in the UK.
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    Wow! Not just pretending to be a war hero, he's pretending to be war hero who can read and write. What's next, pretending to be an Uebermensch[1]? [1] i.e. someone who, according to Nietzsche, can eat using knife and fork. regards, Hein
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