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    Aye, but not before Irene Jones. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/manic-street-preachers-stars-mum-14735142 I make this my first dead pool win.
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    Eleventh Leaderboard 2018: (*=Joker) [Last Year = Points; Hits; Position on Leaderboard. DNE=Did Not Enter] 1st: gcreptile: 740 Points [8/25] (LY: 378 Points; 7 Hits; Third) (Manikan; Olivera; J Cooper; Elvy; Tajima; Camm; Yancik; Francis) 2nd: Grim Up North - 714 Points [9/25] (LY: 259 Points; 5 Hits; Sixth Equal) (Elias; Cryne; Alcock; Miller; Goodwin; Jowell; Bain; Francis; Anzaki) 3rd: msc - 592 Points [10/25] (LY: 349 Points; 8 Hits; Fourth) (*Elias; Cryne; Alcock; Stokes; Miller; Nevin; Lafaye; DeKoven; Jowell; Francis) 4th: Prophet - 578 Points [6/25] (LY: DNE) (Graham; Groening; Hawking; Tajima; R Wilson; Francis) 5th: Captain Chorizo - 552 Points [9/25] (LY: 156 Points; 3 Hits; Eighteenth) (Monson; Elias; Alcock; Kit; L. Gilbert; Goodwin; Shore; Jowell; Francis) 6th: drol - 470 Points [9/25] (LY: 204 Points; 4 Hits; Thirteenth) (Elias; Zarin; Cryne; Alcock; Miller; Tsvangirai; Nevin; Jowell; Francis) 7th: The Dead Cow - 460 Points [5/25] (LY: 225 Points; 5 Hits; Ninth) (Sawyer; Lafaye; B. Bush; Jowell; Francis) 8th: NiceGuyEddie - 427 Points [6/25] (LY: DNE) (Cryne; Olivera; Miller; Shore; Tajima; Camm) 9th: Death Impends - 406 Points [6/25] (LY: 251 Points; 7 Hits; Eighth) (Killen; Kit; Graham; Dorfles; Tajima; Francis) 10th: the_engineer - 402 Points [6/25] (LY: DNE) (Falkholt; Sawyer; Miller; Graham; Jowell; Francis) 11th: Toast - 353 Points [5/25] (LY: 213 Points; 5 Hits; Twelfth) (Elias; Miller; Bannister; B. Bush; Francis) 12th: Sir Creep - 318 Points [5/25] (LY: 443 Points; 7 Hits; Second) (Elias; Falkholt; Miller; Podermanski; Jowell) 13th: The Unknown Man - 288 Points [6/25] (LY: 177 Points; 2 Hits; Sixteenth) (Elias; Cryne; Miller; Tsvangirai; Graham; Jowell) 14th: FujimoriNoMorey - 265 Points [4/25] (LY: DNE) (Cryne; Miller; Shore; B. Bush) 15th: Book - 254 Points [3/25] (LY: 31 Points; 2 Hits; Twenty third) (Le Guin; B. Bush; Coates) 16th: Phantom of the Midway - 250 Points [4/25] (LY: 178 Points; 4 Hits; Fifteenth) (Smith; Tsvangirai; Fabray; Jowell) 17th: Grigori: 233 Points [3/25] (LY: DNE) (Kit; Hawking; Camm) =18th: Joey Russ - 212 Points [4/25] (LY: 705 Points; 8 Hits; First) (Smith; Olivera; Graham; Tajima) =18th: Whoaml - 212 Points [4/25] (LY: 222 Points; 5 Hits; Eleventh) (Malone; Graham; Bannister; Lucas) 20th: Pedro67 - 206 Points [2/25] (LY: 122 Points; 2 Hits; Twenty first) (Hawking; R Wilson) 21st: Sean - 182 Points [2/25] (LY: 259 Points; 4 Hits; Sixth Equal) (Graham; Jowell) =22nd: John Key - 157 Points [2/25] (LY: DNE) (Graham; B. Bush) =22nd: mr whit - 157 Points [2/25] (LY: DNE) (Graham; B. Bush) 24th: Torva Messor - 134 Points [2/25] (LY: DNE) (Elias; Jowell) 25th: Widows Peak - 123 Points [2/25] (LY: 0 Points; 0 Hits; Twenty fourth) (Graham; Hawking) 26th: Bibliogryphon - 119 Points [2/25] (LY: 195 Points; 3 Hits; Fourteenth) (*Hauxwell; Bannister) 27th: Fixed Business - 113 Points [3/25] (LY: DNE) (Monson; Graham; Goodwin) 28th: Deathray - 106 Points [1/25] (LY: 272 Points; 4 Hits; Fifth) (B. Bush) 29th: Wormfarmer - 70 Points [2/25] (LY: DNE) (Sawyer; Nevin) 30th: YoungWillz - 0 Points [0/25] (LY: 157 Points; 2 Hits; Seventeenth)
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    Eddy collaborated with good buddies of mine, Los Straitjackets and released the Grammy nominated album "Rock 'N' Roll City". I was fortunate enough to get Eddy to sign my copy of Reservation Blues
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    I too will send my team in next week hopefully. Thanks for doing this. Edit: I have now entered my team via PM - which might have been sent twice to you. Sorry, I am an old lady.
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    If she's knocking on the wood then it is premature burial.
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    Just catching up with posts today. Lafaucheuse I’m so sorry to hear your news. We don’t want anyone here to have anything in common with those we post about. But here we are. I pray whatever medical steps are being taken work for you and put C to bed. We actually post plenty of success stories for our celebs and let’s put yours in that category. SC
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    Well, that's her epitaph sorted.
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    Off for a week. So currently we've gone a dozen miles down the road to a beach I know with no cunto on it If you just make effort, you can avoid tourists.
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    Well done. Sorry she didn't qualify for the Cup, but you knew she was a good pick for this.
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    Well...we're all thinking that. If the entire field survived the month would we leave the Deathlist, get religion or just shrug and get on with it?
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    I don't have a clue who half of them are.
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    This is the most competitive deadpool I have ever been in and the most interesting due to the high quality of picks.
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    Yeah, I figured on a race So I picked a racing driver! Seriously, it'll be interesting to see how many picks make it to midsummer's day
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    To cut a longish story short, I cannot be arsed to explain, today I picked up a Technics HiFi system, in a glass cabinet, 80s style, for a whole £85 from a charidee shop. The assistant even demonstrated the record deck by playing a Simon and Garfunkel album on it, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Scarborough Fair and Patterns sounded fucking awesome, vinyl is the nuts.
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    Yes, good luck from me, too. Keep eating, keep strong, listen to your doctors. It will be ok.
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  17. 1 point
    What a cougar,her boyfriend looks about 7 decades younger
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    Can we all come to a consensus on the fact that we ALL know exactly who wrote this?
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    Dean Francis's demise deals a blow to six teams, among them CastAway, whose loss reduces us to just three hit-free teams. Though most of Francis's selectors had him in a lightweight position, this likely leaves Bentrovato and paddyfool down for the count. =1. John Key 0 =1. theoldlady 0 =1. YoungWillz 0 4. CastAway 2 5. Mercarte 4 6. drol 5 7. machotrouts 6 =8. Grim Up North 7 =8. CharonsCrew 7 10. Torva Messor 8 =11. deadsox 9 =11. Dr_T 9 =11. Wormfarmer 9 14. gcreptile 10 15. Death Impends 11 16. Deathray 13 =17. Pedro67 14 =17. Spade_Cooley 14 =19. Bibliogryphon 15 =19. Garn2 15 =21. msc 19 =21. The Dead Cow 19 =23. CaptainChorizo 20 =23. FixedBusiness 20 =23. Joey Russ 20 26. Toast 22 27. Bentrovato 26 28. Book 30 29. time 31 30. Phantom of the Midway 34 =31. Sir Creep 35 =31. The Unknown Man 35 33. Dead Wait 37 34. GraveDanger 38 35. Sean 40 36. paddyfool 45
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    First ‘vacation’ in three years. It’ll last 4-5 days lol. Sir and Daughter Creep are in San Antonio about to tackle whatever SeaWorld and Aquatica can throw at us for two days. Then a day downtown hopefully dining at top of space needle (does one need reservations?), as well as fun at Guinness Records Museum and Alamo and Riverwalk. Not sure last day, maybe stop at Houston Aquarium or go swim in Gulf at Galveston. Leaving that one open for ideas. SirC
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    If no one younger goes, he would get the end of the year bonus for the youngest pick that year... EDIT: Congrats on going back into the lead as well.
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    In looking over the lists posted here, I can see that deadsox / Deceased Hose had John Bain aka TotalBiscuit. As luck would have it, so did I. He was also on my 2017 list, so not a last minute substitution for a rejected player or anything. I've sent links to the cnet.com and the sun.co.uk obituaries. Both are a little thin on information but the Sun obit indicates more is coming. I don't foresee an issue (said with hopeful confidence).
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    So far we are on a hit a month so I have tried to extrapolate this for the rest of the year. Jun: John McCain Jul: Herman Wouk Aug: Leah Bracknell Sep: George H W. Bush Oct: Leslie Phillips Nov: Clive James Dec: Vera Lynn
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    Sad news I loved his Kickboxing Movies
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    Ugh... sorry, already turning into a DeathList MUST for 2019...
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