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    My prediction was based on Colombia not getting a red card in the first 2 mins! Another game that wont be goalless though, must be coming close to the record for a modern-ish World Cup there.
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    Not so sure if Alagiah Turnbull Palau Goldberg Stiles Peters Dj Casper Stan Bowles Big Van Vader Adamle Kamala Chris Rea Blanco Tapie Starr Loiter Jose Jose Hume plus a few of the old guard are still going I.e de Havilland Wouk Douglas Lynn Clive James Valerie Harper Kissinger Parsons Walker Cardin Prince Philip GHWBush Carter Barker Aznavour Ellis Mugabe Lee Norden Phillips then the record will be smashed next year
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    Something definitely isn't right.
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    If I'm correct, this does make XXX the first XXL Freshman to die. I won't bother with a list of the remaining 108 rappers from it, although I will say that Wifisfuneral is the worst name for a musician ever.
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    Someone missed my sarcasm. Then again, you did support a narcissist to be our current president, so why should I be surprised?
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    I wouldn't have quoted that tweet if I thought there was any doubt she had died. Isn't a granddaughter's report official enough for you, if not for pools?
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    I see the Polish football fans went on the rampage in Moscow. Police say over 300 cars have been washed, waxed and hovered.
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    I feel your pain. Our well considered, thoughtful and thoroughly researched predictions are being soundly thrashed by a US based observer using a random number generator or 0-1 for everything when he can't even be asked to push the button on the rng and Deathers whose guesses include 12-7.... Where's the justice? ps, that lawro is useless I gave up on him after the first set.
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    Not an MP, but Euan Howard, 4th Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal, who was appointed a Minister of State at the Ministry of Defence by Thatch in 1979, has died aged 94. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/lord-strathcona-and-mount-royal-obituary-9wlc0w5sc
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    If it makes you feel any better xxxtentacion died a Virgin.
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    This thread and the HW Bush thread have had more teases than a Vegas stripclub.
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    Ahhh, I'd forgotten how racist biased English Commentators are...ha! Calling a bunch of workshy thickos "intelligent" and "clever"... Not only that but the supporters bash out "Rule Britannia" like it's a solely English number. Nevertheless, it is a storming performance by England against Tunisia so far, have to applaud them for their ability....not only in playing football but living up to their "Englishman abroad" tag by elbowing a foreigner in the face....
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    The way you put it made it sound like her mom was still living
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    Since she has worked in the industry nonstop since the 40's I doubt her slowdown is voluntary,and I doubt it's due to lack of offers. At the very least, most interview/game show's in the Usa would give anything to have her as a guest.
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    What about Argentinian players' hands, have they got any of those?
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    You clearly need to reread that article. The law preventing workers from banding together has been there since 1925, all the US supreme court is doing following the law. The thing is with the supreme court they can't suddenly declare something unconsitiutional becuase they disagree with it they have to uphold the law. Besides the article you linked clearly has a political agenda and is likely using hyperbole to describe the effect this will have on workers.
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    My mum, who had breast cancer, pondered the following. 'Why the fuck did people not contact their GP/ Hospital to enquire as to why they had not received an appointment to be screened? She had to call the hospital on three occassions to remind them that she was due a breast screening and she had not been sent a letter confirming an appointment. Eventually the fuckwitts sent her the required letter. At some point people have to stop the metaphorical ' having their arses wiped for them' and accept that they and they alone are the people best placed to ensure that screening is done in a timely manner. Did none of them, FOR A MOMENT, think 'fuck, i should be due a screening by now, best i get onto them to find put whats going on...' Had my mum had just sat there like a lemon she would now be my late mum. As shit as the NHS is ( and i have a sister whos done over 25 years as a nurse and missus who is an administrator on a ward ) it is true to say that not ALL issues are down to lack of funding, although paying £40 per hr for bank nurses is a tad expensive, people have to take more responsibility for their own fate and stop using the NHS for every fucking sniffle going because its FOC to use. So there.
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    Might be a better idea to join another forum and ask that question. No member of this fine upstanding community touches the demon drink.
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    Puan, the world's oldest Sumatran orangutan, has died at the age of 62. https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/perth-zoo-keepers-heartfelt-tribute-after-death-of-worlds-oldest-sumatran-orangutan-ng-b88869397z
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