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    As promised a movie survivors deadpool. RULES Pick a film with at least three (or four) remaining cast members and submit the name of the film and the three selected cast members on this forum The first player to have all three of their cast members die wins the round. No two players can pick the same film but are allowed to duplicate cast members If two players end up with their single remaining pick being the same performer then they are obliged to add a tie breaker to their team this can be any member of their film's cast or crew. At the end of the round entries are wiped and everyone picks again. All films in the previous rounds are out of bounds (though could be reintroduced in the subsequent round). Winning films will go into the Hall of Fame and are out of bounds for the whole game. Entries start from Monday 20th August but late entries will be permitted. However late entries may not duplicate actors.
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    Was anybody saying otherwise? The clarification is welcome, as in the UK we do not tend to use the phrase "hospice care" when the patient is at home. Most of us would understand it to mean that the patient is IN a hospice.
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    Player Film Names Mad Hatter 2 A Hatful of Rain Don Murray Eve Marie Saint Henry Silva Sir Creep Flipper's New Adventure Luke Halpin Ricou Browning Dan Chandler Huth Spade Cooley* The Doors Val Kilmer Jack McGee Will Jordan Bibliogryphon* Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150AD Bernard Cribbins Sheila Steafel David Graham Toast** A Night to Remember Gerald Harper George A. Cooper Glyn Houston Book* Gunfight at the O K Corral Kirk Douglas Rhonda Fleming Earl Holliman Joey Russ* Easy Rider Jack Nicholson Peter Fonda Phil Spector msc* Carve Her Name With Pride Virginia McKenna Andre Maranne George Mikell drol Silence of the Hams John Astin Larry Storch Mel Brooks Grim Up North* The Longest Day Leslie Phillips Stuart Whitman Michael Medwin GCReptile* Time Bandits Ian Holm Sean Connery Katherine Helmond markB4 Mary Poppins Glynis Johns Dick Van Dyke Julie Andrews The Quim Reaper* Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Dick Van Dyke Sally Ann Howes Anna Quayle En Passant* Paths of Glory Kirk Douglas Joe Turkel Christiane Kubrick Torva Messor A Global Affair Hugh Downs Nehemiah Persoff Miiko Taka Captain Chorizo Kwaidan Misako Watanabe Tatsyo Nakada Keiko Kishi Clorox Bleachman** Is Paris Burning? Kirk Douglas Michel Piccoli Jean-Louis Trintignant Paddyfool* The Seventh Seal Max von Sydow Bibi Andersson Gunnel Lindbloom Skinny Kiltrunner Women’s Club (1956) Jean-Louis Trintignant Dany Carrel Giorgia Moll time The Great Escape John Leyton David McCallum William Russell Doulton West Side Story George Chakiris Richard Beymer Russ Tamblyn YoungWillz Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Maggie Smith Leslie Phillips Julian Glover The Unknown Man The Godfather Robert Duvall James Caan Al Pacino Wormfarmer A Bridge Too Far Sean Connery Gene Hackman Ryan O’ Neal Cat O’Falk* Crooks Anonymous Leslie Phillips Stanley Baxter Michael Medwin Prophet^ The Wizard of Oz Priscilla Montgomery Betty Ann Bruno Ambrose Schindler Thatcher Nanny McPhee Angela Lansbury Phyllida Law Derek Jacobi ajlPosh** Cannonball Run II Arte Johnson Tim Conway Jamie Farr Gooseberry Crumble A Kiss Before Dying Robert Wagner Joanne Woodward Virginia Leith Lord Fellatio Nelson Carry on Henry Barbara Windsor David Prowse Leon Greene Handrejka* Frenzy Jean Marsh Clive Swift Barbara Leigh-Hunt Charon* The Old Lady The Wicker Man Wolf Britt Eklund Lindsay Kemp Tony Roper Christopher Plummer Prunella Scales Eileen Atkins
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    Movie: Easy Rider (1969) Actors: Jack Nicholson (1937), Peter Fonda (1940), Phil Spector (1939)
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    Movie: The Doors (1991) Actors: Val Kilmer (b. 31 Dec, 1959), Jack McGee (b. 2 Feb, 1949), Will Jordan (b 27 Jul, 1927).
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    Sorry, I'm so out of touch - what does a micro-Dunn represent?
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    Well that’s your Tinder profile sorted.
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    Carve Her Name With Pride (1958) stars Virginia McKenna (b. 1931) Andre Maranne (b. 1926) George Mikell (b. 1929) Yep, even here I can sneak in a Dr Who alumnus!
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    A Night To Remember (1958) Gerald Harper George A. Cooper Glyn Houston
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    They are not dead according to the game and thereby you cannot win the round.
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    ^ Can you blame him? Got images of Spade in this years DDP like an injured footballer kicking every ball on the touchline frustrated.
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    Now in hospice care. https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/13/entertainment/aretha-franklin-ill/index.html
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    Dave Williams let his body hit the floor on this day 16 years ago, aged 30.
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    Mary Jo Catlett who voices Mrs. Puff on Spongebob Squarepants and was a cast member on the tv series Diffrent Strokes turns 80 next month
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    If they'd like to spoil the results of my 2019 shortlist on December 31st, that'll do me.
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    TMZ, did you really have to spoil the fun of the sweepstakes by telling us when she’s going to die?
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    Have a pre-Aretha update.
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    Huh? You have to pick three people. Hardly onerous.
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    13 in total. Unlucky for some, well, those 13.
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