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    Good question but probably a better question to ask on the Herman Wouk thread. This is correct - she was 105 years and 136 days old when she died in 2007. Oscar Niemeyer is listed as 105 when he died according to the Death List front page obit but he was actually 10 days short of his 105th birthday. Luise Rainer was 13 days short of her 105th birthday when she died. Rose Kennedy would be the next oldest at 104 plus about 182 days.
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    Then DL has a perfect opportunity to put Roberta McCain on the list 2019 and defeat that record. And they just may.
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    The calm before the storm I reckon.
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    Things seem really slow at the moment. Not just on the main list but on the other games. I think there must be a massive death coming or a flurry of second tier hits. It is too quiet.
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    Probably not Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, though.
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    This has never been my favorite album from the group, but it has really grown on me during the past few months:
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    And they want to sell booze again, inside the stadiums
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    Maybe a good possibility is operatic singer and actress, Mary Costa, who most famously voiced Princess Aurora in Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty'? She's 88 years old and retired from replying to fan mail personally two years ago.
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    Yeah, I think an 106-year-old who once portrayed Godzilla would have been noticed beyond cut-and-paste happy birthday lists.
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    Iirc, Sir Creep has around 25 deaths or so for his list in 2016, though he did fill it up with a bunch of nobodies...
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    There are no proofs Tezuka is alive. Japanese wiki adfirms last sightings of him were in the 1960s. American newspapers celebrating his birthday take the date from Wiki, but surely did not verify. I think he has been dead for a looong time....
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    I would expect the record to be around 20 or so... By the way, this thread is more about your list for the Derby Dead Pool - the main deadpooling competition here. Each team is 20 people, the record here is 17, but the fame requirements are much lower.
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    Found this digging through the racks of my local 2nd hand record store. Perfect for Bovember
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    Just noticed Mary Midgley died some weeks back, which I'm sad about, but the consolation is that she may have just handed me the lead here.
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    He got religion and healthy living fairly early on - he'll see several nineties drug casualties and 21st century rappers into the grave.
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    You're clearly more familiar with the man and his works than me So - do you know if when he sings Goody Two Shoes these days he still includes the line about writing on a "pound note"?
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    Andrex. Soft, Strong and Unbeatably Long. And you might as well wipe your arse with it.
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    Cheers for taking this on Joey. I will certainly be getting involved again!
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    The police force that reports the highest murder rate in the UK is Renfrewshire and Inverclyde. Although a "WTF is happening in Gourock" thread probably wouldn't get many replies.
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    I am on a retro kick and have been re-reading some old favourites, including Patricia Highsmith. Picked up 'The Two Faces Of January' in a charity shop, and to my great surprise I have NO recollection of it, though I could have sworn I had read it. Such a pleasure to find an unread book by a favourite author, especially after all this time.
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    Also being an American, I too look up names I've never heard of for they may turn out to be good picks as well. As an Anglophile, I tend to know most of the British nominees though, but there are a couple names here and there that I need to research for myself.
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    As someone who isn’t British, I don’t take names that I don’t know about and just immediately call them crap picks. Instead, I look them up and read about their lives before making a final judgement (and truthfully, a lot of them are fascinating). I don’t mind if they are not in your taste, but I absolutely despise people calling a pick bad just because they don’t know about them. And like they said, we don’t have a say in them, only the committee does...
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    No. Doesn't work that way. We don't have a say on the Main List, accept that , play the other pools and abuse the fuckity out of other posters who deserve it. Employ the mantra of "Inform, Entertain and Slaughter".
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