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    I don’t post on here very often but I have already submitted my regular squad and theme team for 2019. I am currently tied for 58th place in 2018 which would be my best ever showing.
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    I'm considering submitting a theme team called "People That Normal People Have Actually Heard Of".
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    Anne seems to have lost the ability to hold her head up, which is a bad omen at that age. Can see her going first.
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    Lyndon LaRouche is 96, but both his parents lived well into old age, and family members lived past 100, last I knew his health was still good., Norman Lloyd is 104 but still acted in a TV series as recently as this year. Not sure either are the best of choices just for age reasons. Hosni Mubarak was supposedly on his deathbead years ago, he has to be an obvious choice. John Rigas of the Adelphia Cable scandal is 94 and supposedly had terminal bladder cancer a few years ago. LaRouche would probably generate the most news mentions given the 8 presidential runs and similarities to Trump, probably followed closely by Norman Lloyd. Rigas has kind of been buried by various financial scandals like Madoff. Tony Bennett is still actively performing, in fact he’s on some show tomorrow, he’s like 92 but doesn’t seem like the best choice at the moment. Here is one I haven’t seen... children’s author Beverly Cleary who is 102
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    Is officially open for business. Emails appear to be very slow sending out, if you haven't received one by, idk, tomorrow, let me know.
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    He played with The Strangers, not the Stranglers
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    Why did Theresa May cancel the vote? Because she's a coward who's more concerned with keeping her job than the future of the nation.
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6476903/Catherine-Zeta-Jones-Cameron-Douglas-lead-tributes-Kirk-Douglas-102nd-birthday.html Is Kirk Douglas the most photographed centenarian alive?
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    Correct. Easy innit!
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    97.5 today Will he be still alive for 2.5 years more to be 100?
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    Team was PM'd at 10am UK time 30th when Bush Sr was alive. If sub allowed, I'll swap in McCririck now into that spot?
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    Dec - Rd 3 theoldlady wormfarmer skinny kiltrunner clorox bleachman joey russ paddyfool captain chorizo harper de Havilland vervoort mercier ricksen QE2 flair channing QE2 mcririck lear james carter nolan QE2 channing nolan Lloyd mccririck mugabe gilbert kissinger redstone jaffee mugabe douglas dole vervoort pei vervoort mercier prince p de Havilland nakasone rogers deHavilland stevens mugabe gilbert lynn escheverria stevens carter cleary stevens stevens Mccain pope ben scales pope ben cardin overton 3 rogers bracknell mccain lloyd bracknell mugabe gascoine frates lloyd stevens jose jose downs pope ben stiles greaves pei redstone tanaka quim reaper bibliogryphon msc grim up north sir creep en passant qtips bracknell prince p QE2 QE2 gilbert QE2 carter cardin cardin mugabe prince p nolan rogers QE2 jaffee gascoine prince p gilbert cardin nolan prince p barker shultz douglas nolan rogers gascoine dole scales mugabe lynn shultz QE2 james gilbert tanaka dole mccririck gascoine day mccririck cardin jose jose de cuellar day dole downs ricksen mccririck mugabe nakasone nolan de cuellar dole cardin ricksen cleary cleary vervoort carter kissinger dole de Havilland flair reiner greaves channing jaffee bracknell rogers
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    Piccoli is older than Trintignant and I didn't know that the latter planned to be on stage @msc Sometimes journos ask stupid questions like this.
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    Tony Blair went for the pissed of at the cameraman look for this years Christmas card, and Cherie is holding him back Looks like he is saying "I'm going to bang your puss"
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    There's talk you could be Prime Minister within days. Best of luck ! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/brexit/corbyn-could-be-pm-in-days-if-brexit-deal-rejected/ar-BBQHvBd?ocid=spartanntp
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    Robert Bergland who served in Jimmy Carters cabinet as Agriculture Secretary has died at 90 https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/09/obituaries/bob-bergland-dies.html
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    Eighth round masterlist: Bibliogryphon: Josip Manolic Clorox Bleachman: Daniel arap Moi The Quim Reaper: Le Duc Anh Prophet: Babiker Awadalla CastAway: Yasuhiro Nakasone Ulitzer95: Hyun Soong-jong CoffinLodger: Javier Perez de Cuellar theoldlady: Jean of Luxembourg Newjack: Abdelmalek Benhabyles Sir Creep: Dawda Jawara paddyfool: Milos Jakes drol: Janez Stanovnik time: Hau Pei-tsun Lafaucheuse: Tun Tin
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    Paul McCartney and this old dear from an Age Cymru advert:
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    I've only done Windy City and Advent Avalanche. Lost AA and only have 3 hits in WC, but that's more than I thought I would have, lol! I'm intending for 2019 to be the first calendar year when I have my official personal Shadowlist of 50.
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    I don't do that many pools, but when I do, it's largely a painful experience. Still, no pain(sley), no gain(sley). Deathrace 2018: Fucking shit. Of my 20 picks, 16 are still alive. Scored shit all whilst the competition was going on. Even now, my running total is 684. My dog could've done better with a series of barks as a fucking entry. F Windy City: Fucking shit. Last standings update, I was in 17th place, though I got 140 points with GHWB since then. I know. Only 140. I put a big name that low. So far, so bad. D Shadow List: Fucking shit. Loads of dry patches during the year, and names that, by rights, should be long gone by now. And two names I dropped from last year's list have died. But it's not all bad; I've equalled last year's total of 13, and beaten the DL by a grand total of 1. B Deaths Of The Silver Screen: Fucking shit. No one has died so far. But then, it's a long game, not many people's picks have bore fruit so far, and I've still a shred of confidence. Nothing much to report on. C Oldest Living State Leaders: Fucking shit. That being said, I've only participated in three rounds so far. My picks are still breathing. I have Le Duc Anh at the moment. As drol will testify, that fucker isn't gonna die. The choice of a moron. D Advent Avalanche: Fucking shit. I set aside a name, and missed the start, like a first class tool. Wouldn't have won it anyway; the competition only lasted about 30 seconds, owing to a blinding shout by Banana. U Five4Three2One: Fucking shit for a lot of the year in this, my personal favourite pool. Luckily, I got a blinding start, and a couple of dribs & drabs of luck. Mediocre position in the standings. B- Inverse Survivor Pool: Fucking shit...would be an unfair summary. I'm still hit-free. And, looking at my record of picking who's gonna die, I'm clearly good at picking people who'll live a while, so I'm confident to a degree. A-
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    Ok, with Spade's announcement that the DDP is about to open, I thought I'd better get my butt in gear (not the assless underwear type of gear, I'm beyond that) and have a look at my lists. 12 Lords A-Leaving: I'm taking the view that if you can't beat them, at least have a go at beating them. So I have a team, 20 names easy. And yes, there will be a FFBI type or two on there. Gawd forgive me. Comedy Cremations: Fairly steady scoring for the last couple of years. This is not going to be straightforward, so I'm leaving this until last. Hits of 36 Years Ago: Just started this. I thought I was struggling but just started on this today and I have 7 locks on a quick scan of the list. Now I just have to go through around 300 names to get another 13.
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    NFL must be one of the few sports that you can leave in the middle of a game to go and have a bath, have a shit, eat a three course meal and come back and not missed fuck all.
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    There's a clear defined pattern 0-25 - great, kids gavung fun 25-68ish - how sad. Grow up 68+ well the old shits got to do something to fill their time.
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    Roger the 'ripped' kangaroo has died of natural causes at the age of 12. He was known for being over 2m (6'7") in height. For scale, that's the size of exactly one Richard Osman. https://abc.net.au/news/2018-12-10/roger-the-ripped-kangaroo-dies/10599312?pfmredir=sm
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