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    The Kansas City Zoo names its three baby otters after well-known "Star Wars" characters. The Asian small-clawed otter triplets born last October have been dubbed Han, Luke and Leia. The otters were introduced to zoo-goers for the first time on Friday. SC
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    Hello I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this in but my grandfather will be 95 in June and I was wondering if you all agree with me that he looks good for his age? He has given me his permission to post his photo as he has a great sense of humour, the photo is of him last week. Sadly my grandmother died last February, they had been married for 73 years and he is not the same since then but still goes out walking without having to use a stick and is very independent. He went swimming 4 times a week and played golf until he was 91 and still drives now to do his shopping twice a week. I was wondering what your opinion is on whether or not he will make 100 as we all hope he will? Thanks
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    I have a wheen of them too lol, I then moved on to the 8yo Lagavulin!
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    What. The. Hell. I’ve begun to read this thread I thought was about the Chiracs. Actually it ends to become a what Terry Found (WTF) talk. I don’t get it.
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    Well doesn't look like Lloyd Klein will be going anywhere soon... I seriously cannot comprehend why anyone would ask that ugly hag for advice on plastic surgery
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    Faiva Tagatauli, 27, died on Thursday, four days after sustaining the injury while playing for the Vaimoso Rugby Club against Vailele at Tuana’imato near the Samoa capital Apia on Saturday. Tagatauli was replaced after feeling unwell about 10 minutes from the end of the match. He collapsed on the sideline and was taken to the Samoa National Hospital where he died on Thursday morning. Samoa Rugby Union chief executive Faleomavaega Vincent Fepulea’i said this was a “wakeup call” to all involved in rugby in Samoa. All except Tagatauli. SC
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    Hi Stephen! Your granddad looks great. Hope he gets his ton and stays in good health.
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    Dead next week then?
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    Welcome! And Grandfather of Stephen123 is clearly doing extremely well, I wish him all the best! I’m sure he’ll be knocking about for years yet; maybe get him to join the site for himself?
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    Sorry, for some reason that exchange made me think of
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    Just got to this part in resident evil 2 remake and this music kicked in. Mr X in terrifying and this music makes him 10x more scary.
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    A bit of fun*. A snow depth chart from this mornings 12z GFS(P) weather model. 10-15cm widely in the South of England, a bit less further north but another event will have already landed there Tuesday so overall depths of around 15cm-20cm. *These charts are the least useful of all weather chart permutations you can find, whilst an indicator of a decent snow event nothing more. They're just fun to look at.
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    European Championships in Figure skating
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    Excellent dinner and banging gig. Much to my astonishment the drummer came over at the end and presented me with the drumsticks. I didn't though.
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    It seems these deathlist 50 are having their own version of “dry January”. I hope this post is the nudge in the arm that fate needs to prove me wrong. Here’s to fatal February.
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    She's ticking along nicely from what I've heard. Maybe one for 2020
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    I mean you keep hearing the same sad story over and over and over and over and OVER again, you'll do ANYTHING to shut them the fuck up!
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    Asian Ronaldinho doppelganger and media sensation of the 2002 World Cup Sodikin dead at 49: https://www.foxsportsasia.com/football/asian-football/1025506/ronaldinhos-indonesia-doppelganger-sodikin-passes-away-aged-49/
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    Twitter reporting the death of Diana Athill.
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    Phil Masinga, South African striker, is dead. He played during France 98 world cup.
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