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    Could have gone in Theatre, Screenwriters, Journalists, etc, so I've gone generic. Death Notice for what appears to be Stanley Price, writer: http://announcements.telegraph.co.uk/deaths/231755/price. I remember Moving with Penelope Keith and Ronald Pickup on ITV adapted from his play, others may know more of his work. IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0697157/
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    DDP pick. Here's the QO.
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    Download shitloads of freeeeeeeee books, plays and shit. https://nothingintherulebook.com/2017/01/10/55-places-you-can-download-tens-of-thousands-books-plays-and-other-literary-texts-completely-legally-for-free/?fbclid=IwAR3dZJRothWeY0LrVk5mxja508asFmj3fH7gyfkySFPR3Wb18KinHR9iKK4
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    Times QO: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/doug-sandom-obituary-gnxjdqh7p
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    Oh for heaven's sake, disappointed again
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    Spammer banned and told to take his shit elsewhere.
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    Is it Isaac Hayes? Chocolate Salty Balls? Edit - Earlier hit being Shaft?
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    Really shocked and saddened. Prayers to the man.
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    Damn, that's one of the worst cancers you could get. Hope he doesn't suffer and some sort of miracle can happen
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    I’ll take Death for $1000, Alex.
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    In a world where you hear and read an overwhelming amount of bilge that makes you want to tear off your ears and fashion them into an eye mask , reading ‘How To Be Right’ by LBC’s James O’Brien is therapy. Many nails hit on heads. It’s nectar for the mind. I loved it.
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    Behind a paywall, but... the cancer of Taylor Swift's mom has returned.
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    Writer Moris Farhi, VP of PEN, has died aged 84. Wrote some early, unbroadcast, episodes of Dr. Who and also appeared in a couple of Bond films.
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    The doctors looked down at his dead body. One of them whispered "What a dick."
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    Just when Sir Creep thought it was safe... People asked Is This Scarborough Fair*, but the points are in... *Surely worth it for Worst Pun Ever? Round 2 1. Rad Vs. Yorkshire Banker 0-0 2. Chorizo Vs. Grim Up North 0-0 3. Clorox Vs. Alt Obits Guy 0-0 4. Maryportfuncity Vs. The Quim Reaper 3-0 5. DDT Vs. Death Impends 3-6 6. The Dead Cow Vs. Deadsox 0-3 7. Charon Vs. Engineer 0-0 8. Deathray Vs. The Mad Hatter 0-6 9. Gcreptile Vs. msc 3-3 10. Joey Russ Vs. Banana 6-13 11. Sir Creep Vs. Spade Cooley 0-8 12. Torva Messor Vs Dr T 3-0 13. Bibliogryphon Vs. Book 0-0 14. John Key Vs. Heef 0-0 15. Young Willz Vs. Pedro 0-0 16. The Old Lady Vs. Boudicca. 0-0 Already, Sir Creep and Joey Russ (2 hot tips at the bookies for the Cup, so I hear) are in trouble. iirc the biggest comeback to date is The Old Lady from 0-6, but then, early days and both have lots of tottering picks yet.
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    Guess that leaves Sir Creep as that age bracket’s biggest heartthrob now.
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    Izzy Young? No, he's 90. I'll get me coat.
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    Ah history! October 1849? One Edgar Allan Poe and one Chopin after all... A year later, Robert Peel (British PM) and Zachary Taylor (US President) died in the same week. Of course there was much less celebrities in the 19th Century, which therefore brings notice to 3 dying in April 1882: Darwin, Emerson and Jesse James! Did Verdi hear of Queen Victoria's death, or William McKinley mourn Toulouse-Lautrec - the former died 5 days after the latter in 1901. Leo Tolstoy and Dr Crippen within the same three days in 1910 - there's two folk who surely never heard of each other! But yeah, not many before WW2, unless you count April 1912 - a bit of a cheat, given the Titanic, but Bram Stoker died 5 days later, so that is a number of famous folk in one week, even if 6 of them were on the same boat. Oh well, a modern one then: July 2007 Boots Randolph Bill Pinkney George Melly Jack Sowards (Wrath of Khan writer) Peter Tuddenham Charles Lane Lady Bird Johnson Nigel Dempster Kelly Johnson (Girlschool) Kronus Ivor Emmanuel Kai Seigbahn Doon Arden Jesus de Polanco Tammy Faye Messner Danny Bergara John Normington Tom Snyder Mike Reid Phil Drabble Bill Walsh Tam McGraw (gangster) Ingmar Bergman Michelangelo Antonioni Bar the stock wrestler, all of them got BBC/Guardian obits, and the last 8 were all announced on the same day practically.
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    Kim "Hatchet face" McGuire dead at 60. \ Was actually good looking. See what make-up can do to your career.
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    Shocked and gutted by this news. One to consider for the 2020 DeathList if he survives.
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    An absolute legend of television, very sad news to hear. Hoping for the best for Trebek, despite the bleak prognosis.
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    What is 'the saddest news I've heard all day'?
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    A female elephant known as the “saddest in the world” has died after living alone in a zoo for 43 years. The Asian elephant, named Flavia, died at Cordoba Zoo in southern Spain last week, where she had lived since she was three years old. Her physical health was said to have deteriorated during the last six months before her death. She was also reported to suffer from depression. Goddamn saddest story in the world. Now saddest on DL SC
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