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    He said he would die before the election, and he did. Staggering example of a statesman keeping a promise in an election year.
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    Jimmy Carter has now become the oldest ever living former U.S. President, surpassing George H.W. Bush. https://www.ajc.com/news/jimmy-carter-gets-new-title-oldest-living-former-president/68TFzP9SMDjrVuqcUt3PkK/
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    Ah, April. As the weather gets warmer, the DDP hits get fewer. But - not to fret - as the Windy City Deadpool is here to save us all from a summer of deadpooling boredom! Basics: Pick a team of 21 people. The higher their rank, the more points they get when they die and obit. Submit it to me via PM or on this thread, by the end of April. Scoring System: 1st pick: 500 points 2nd pick: 450 points 3rd pick: 400 points 4th pick: 350 points 5th pick: 300 points 6th pick: 275 points 7th pick: 250 points 8th pick: 225 points 9th pick: 200 points 10th pick: 180 points 11th pick: 160 points 12th pick: 140 points 13th pick: 120 points 14th pick: 100 points 15th pick: 85 points 16th pick: 70 points 17th pick: 55 points 18th pick: 50 points 19th pick: 45 points 20th pick: 40 points 21st pick: 21 points As you can see the margin slowly decreases from 50 to 25 to 20 to 15 to 5 until the 21st pick. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by whoever has the most unique hits. Bonus Points The Good Die Young Bonus-The Youngest Celeb Picked who dies is a 100 Point Bonus Lucky 7 Bonus- 77 Points Bonus for anyone who dies in the last 7 days of the game April 24-30 Luck Of The Irish Bonus-Anyone who dies March 17 is worth a bonus 50 points Día de Muertos aka Day Of The Dead Bonus-Anyone who dies btwn Oct 31 and Nov 2 is worth 31 points Belsnickel Bonus-Anyone who dies on Dec 25th/Christmas Day get's a 25 point bonus Festivus Miracle-Anyone who dies on Dec 23 get's a 23 point bonus You're Tearing Me Apart Bonus-Anyone who dies on Dec 8 the birthday of "Juliette Danielle" aka Lisa from The Room,get's an 8 point bonus Auld Lang Syne -Anyone who dies on New Year's day get's a whopping 1 point bonus Acceptable Obits: Anything accepted by the Derby Dead Pool, plus The Independent. Plus the following national American news sources: - New York Times - LA Times - CBS News - Fox News -TMZ -MSN Plus the following International news sources: http://www.cbc.ca/ https://www.theaustralian.com.au/ http://www.heraldscotland.com/ https://www.univision.com/ * Cancer Mum's/Athlete's Wives(IE Tiffany Youngs) and other Famous For Being Ill Types will not be accepted even if they get a qualifying Obit *Some name's may appear like a gray area(ie Roz Patterson).Notable in her Native Country as a reporter and would easily get a QO with a plane crash or auto accident type death.However if none of her QO obits mention her journalistic career and is just an angle about her being a Cancer Mum then no points will be awarded. Duration: The competition lasts from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020. Get your team in before Big Ben welcomes the month of May.
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    I’ve graduated high school this past Friday, and for me I’m glad it’s over as it has largely been a negative experience for me (as such, I went to a nice dinner with my family rather than go to the actual graduation ceremony as it didn’t feel right to celebrate something that was overall bad for me). I’m just ready to move on to the next phase of my life and hope that it’s much better for me overall than my high school experience...
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    I guess we can confirm the 5th death of this year now: It is the guy that registers the deaths in the Deathlist.
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    May hits John Bain Bessie Camm Ted Dabney Cornelia Frances Dean Francis Delphine Gibson David Goodall Tessa Jowell Jerry Maren David Shutts June Hits Lady Mary Wilson Matt Cappotelli Joe Jackson July Lindy Remingo Chiyo Miyako Bruce Lietzke August Charlotte Rae Karunanidhi Mary Carlisle John McCain Stefan Karl Stefansson Neil Simon Aretha Franklin Azreen Manan* Dead but no qualifying orbits as of now September Dennis Norden Kulsoom Nawaz David ChChiera October Doug Ellis November Kevin Austin Baroness Barker Stan Lee Devin Lima Ted Mack December George HW Bush June Whitfleld Richard Overton Georges Loinger Simon Ricketts Hector Timmerman Don Lusk January Diana Athill Sri Sri Feb Rosamunde Pilcher Li Riu April Le Duc Anh Bill Heine Jean 1 of Luxembourg In this update Li Riu-Drol Le Duc Anh-DeathImpends,drol,fuji,gun,Pan,YoungWilz Bill Heine-DeadCow,Pan,Prophet Jean 1-Book,Prophet Final Standings 1st place -Death Impends -2981 2nd-JoeyRuss-2771 3rd-gcreptile -2625 4th-Prophet-2585 5th- PanBreed- 2541 6th- DeadCow- 2516 7th-drol-2460 8th-captain chorizo-2340 9th-Gun Bust-2291 10th-Phantom- 2285 11th-Book-2180 12th-Clorox Bleachman-2090 13th -Fujimorey No Morey-2070 14th-YorkshireBanker-1775 15th-Fixed Business-1770 16th -The Unknown Man-1626 17th-theoldlady-1510 18th-Wormfarmer-1490 19th -Quim's Windy Witherers-1335 20th markb4-1245 21st -QTips-1,095 22nd -Bou1-1005 23rd-coffee_ and_ candles-950 24th YoungWilz-771 25th-Bibliogryphon-400 26th Gooseberry Crumble-21 Not much place movement from the final update besides Le Duc Anh pushing Gun to a top 10 finish. Congrats Death Impends,on yet another Deadpool Game win Well played everyone else too,as 1 or 2 names here and there could have been the difference for a lot of players.
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    I do agree that we all need a New PM
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    God, you really are a creep. We don’t take any pride in babies dying. Maybe you do.
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    A film career spanning 2761 years? And to think we thought Fay McKenzie's was a record.
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    Tim Conway has gone 'way. 13 teams unwisely thought the Oldest Man would survive the year, and are now seeing themselves barnacled by Ensign's parking. In just two days we've gone from 41 clean sheets to a mere 2! =1. markb4 0 =1. Phantom of the Midway 0 3. drol 1 =4. gcreptile 3 =4. JoeMoneypenny 3 =6. Bibliogryphon 4 =6. CaptainChorizo 4 =6. Mercarte 4 9. The Unknown Man 6 10. Great Uncle Bulgaria 7 =11. Newjack 8 =11. paddyfool 8 =11. The Mad Hatter 8 =14. Dr_T 9 =14. manuel 9 =16. BuffaloPhil 10 =16. machotrouts 10 18. The Old Crem 11 =19. Death Impends 12 =19. QTips 12 =19. Sir Creep 12 22. GraveDanger 13 23. Banana 14 =24. An Fear Beag 15 =24. FixedBusiness 15 =24. Grim Up North 15 =27. Clorox Bleachman 16 =27. Joey Russ 16 =27. Torva Messor 16 30. Spade_Cooley 17 31. theoldlady 18 32. The Quim Reaper 19 33. Toast 20 =34. Pedro67 21 =34. Wormfarmer 21 36. charon 23 =37. Book 24 =37. deadsox 24 =39. Philip 25 =39. Skinny kiltrunner 25 41. Master Tech 26 =42. En Passant 32 =42. YoungWillz 32 44. Bentrovato 33 45. Neobrakeon 37 =46. msc 41 =46. nantonian2013 41 48. Team Wean 42
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    Those waiting for Tommy Donbavand QOs, your patience is rewarded: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2019/05/20/tommy-donbavand-childrens-writer-entertainer-gift-making-people/
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    The pig flew above the London skyline, the unicorn dragged the cart along Times square and the Hares Death Pool scoreboard was update. Team by Team (Use above link to check accuracy) theoldlady 719 Joey Russ QTips 605 574 Wormfarmer 546 the_engineer 512 Drol 489 CaptainChorizo 445 Prophet 436 gcreptile 421 The Mad Hatter 400 Grim Up North 391 John Key 346 Clorox Bleachman 325 Great Uncle Bulgaria 323 FixedBusiness 287 Whoaml 285 Doulton 282 Banana 277 markb4 269 Sir Creep 268 Torva Messor 266 charon 238 An Fear Beag 204 Toast 187 The Old Crem 179 YorkshireBanker 173 Widows Peak 154 nantonian2013 152 Pedro67 141 Deathray 136 Th Unknown Man 136 GraveDanger 135 JoeMoneyPenny 135 Death Impends 131 msc 123 Phantom of The Midway 110 ebless 36 Bibliogryphon 34 YoungWillz 0 Book 0 Skinny Kiltrunner 0 Predictor 0 mysteriousmummu 0 Now back to Hide and Seek. Think I still have the entire book in my chapters balance.
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    Just wanted to say I'll officially be attending my local community college, Harper, for the next two years. I got accepted to some universities but it's all much too expensive. Plus, this buys me extra time to think about a career choice. After Harper, hopefully I'm off to study and live in Florida.
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    FOR AULD ANH'S SYNE 1/50 22nd April 2019 Many have wondered if the Crowdsource list was heading to a grand total of 0 for the year. Indeed, many people seem to think that we are in a massive drought for celebrities this year. However, the Grim Reaper has finally answered that question with the death of former Vietnamese president Le Duc Anh, who finally brings a score to the Crowdsource list. He began his career by joining the military in 1945, where he sided with the forces in the communist North Vietnam. Slowly but surely he began to rise higher up the ranks in the military, and he eventually led the Vietnam forces in the People's Republic of Kampuchea throughout the 1980s. He later entered politics, first holding the position of Minister of Defense and then becoming Vietnam's 4th president in 1992. Though the position was mostly symbolic, that position did become more important during his tenure. He was considered the most conservative of the three leaders during his tenure. After a major stroke in 1996 (which he surprisingly lasted), he stepped down the following year. In recent years, he became a favorite of drol, who is largely responsible for his high debut appearance on the crowdsource list. And despite gaining the title of immortal, Duc ended up beating out the Duke by dying at the ripe old age of 98, once again proving that immortals don't exist in the post Clive Dunn world. Many will wonder if we'll have to wait another four months for the next hit, however, news on a few picks suggest that we won't have to wait that long...
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    At least the deer found the fucking net.
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    In The Land Of Make Beleive
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    Right, so Round 2 has finally kicked into gear. (Drol mode) Why can’t any of those “day to live at Christmas” wankers help me out? [/drol mode] So, yeah, Reptile goes 10 points clear. This is my lulling him into a false sense of security, honest, all going to plan. Nah, he’s a fine deadpooler and deserves his success, damn him. Torva goes 12 points up on 2018 DDP winner Dr T and on this form, I pity da foolz who wins between Chorizo and Grim! Clorox has fallen foul of the Curse of the Commentator (or Allen celebrates it) as AO Guy takes a 6 point lead in a tie I thought was swinging the other way early in the month. Engineer asks if its still level? No, charon is now 3-0 up. Have to presume Parrikar played for Rangers during the Paul le Guen error. Joey’s conceded, and it ain’t looking good, as Banana goes 10 points up. Was this tie a bit of a... banana skin for 'im? Finally, in the Admin Derby, 2018 Cup winner DDT has taken the lead against Death Impends. Only two draws left now – The Old Lady/Boudicca and Willz/Pedro. Both Willz and Pedro have played out 0-0s before, Pedro being a coin toss away from significantly changing the 2017 Cup (he lost to deadsox). Meanwhile, Cup players may note the declining health of top pick Billy Clayton. He may yet be crucial for Quim and DI… Round 2 1. Rad Vs. Yorkshire Banker 3-0 2. Chorizo Vs. Grim Up North 6-3 3. Clorox Vs. Alt Obits Guy 0-6 4. Maryportfuncity Vs. The Quim Reaper 3-0 5. DDT Vs. Death Impends 12-9 6. The Dead Cow Vs. Deadsox 0-3 7. Charon Vs. Engineer 3-0 8. Deathray Vs. The Mad Hatter 3-6 9. Gcreptile Vs. msc 13-3 10. Joey Russ Vs. Banana 9-19 11. Sir Creep Vs. Spade Cooley 4-11 12. Torva Messor Vs Dr T 12-0 13. Bibliogryphon Vs. Book 0-6 14. John Key Vs. Heef 0-3 15. Young Willz Vs. Pedro 0-0 16. The Old Lady Vs. Boudicca. 0-0
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    I've gathered a list of potential new picks for next year based solely off appearance (tried to find recent pictures) Nuon Chea, 93/94 Prime Minister of Cambodia and Khmer Rouge chief member (pic from 2019) Freeman Dyson, 96/97 Theoretical Physicist, Dyson sphere Kenneth Kaunda, 95/96 President of Zambia (pic from 2019) Masatoshi Koshiba, 93/94 Physicist, Nobel Laureate (pic from <=2010) Norman Lloyd, 104/105 Actor (pic from 2017) Sumner Redstone, 96/97 Media Magnate, CBS & Viacom (pic from 2013) Mort Sahl, 92/93 Comedian (pic from 2018/2019) Poul Schluter, 90/91 Prime Minister of Denmark (pic from 2019?) Larry Storch, 96/97 Comedian & Actor (on right, pic from 2019) Abdoulaye Wade, 93/94 President of Senegal (pic from 2019)
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    Still in ICU, but according to the doctors he is improving and his life is not in immediate danger.
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