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    This might cheer MPFC up (or not, they still lost)
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    “Throughout his career, Girard was an eccentric, speaking often of himself in the third person....” Sir Creep thinks that’s awesome! Creep also lived at one time about 5 miles from the auto dealership where this guy sold cars. SC
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    Good question. So Rita Moreno is still in sterling health as the One Day at a Time reboot shows (best fixed-camera sitcom since the genre's golden days?) and Mel Brooks could make 100, so we could be looking at the health-issued ALW or Whoopi going first. As for the one-off-an-EGOTters.... Cher is one off, needing a Tony to complete the quartet, and a jukebox musical based on her songs will be eligible for the 2019 Tonys....
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    There is so little happening so I present to you a short list of the nine surviving competitive EGOTs Mel Brooks (1926) Rita Moreno (1931) Jonathon Tunick (1938) Tim Rice (1944) Andrew Lloyd-Webber (1948) Whoopi Goldberg (1955) Scott Rudin (1958) Robert Lopez (1975) John Legend (1978) Will this list get any more members before it loses one?
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    The Prime Minister has asked me to word the motion for tonight's vote. The government motion for debate is: That this House declines to approve leaving the European Union without a Withdrawal Agreement and a Framework for the Future Relationship on 29 March 2019; and notes that leaving without a deal remains the default in UK and EU law unless this House and the EU ratify an agreement.
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    Yehudi Menuhin bowed out 20 years ago today, aged 88.
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    Caroline Isachsen a unique hit for Reptile here - https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Local-iconic-singer-open-mic-host-dies-13677343.php
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    Jack Lyon, last survivor of great escape plot, died Friday 8-3-19, aged 101.
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    I've always liked that team name. Well done.
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    She had a career herself and could be posted in "Boxing clever",
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    Point proven. Entranced. This might be a good time to discuss DL Cup picks
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    First time I've seen Sankha Guha's name anywhere for about 20 years.
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    I've passed the 1690 (quality not quantity apart from that Chirac business) mark by mistake but I'm planning a YW stylee flounce when I get to 1745.
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    He is gorgeous! How old? Should we derail Deathray's Weather thread (which was originally a derail of the Patrick Moore thread iirc) with "show us yer dugs" posts? Here's a pose mines can hold for hours.
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    My GBF#1 had a Jack Russell who would go on a mental dash at the theme from Coronation Street. They're great. Whit yours name?
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    Could be filming the Icelandic scenes in Vikings by the house atm but Himself is wearing a lightweight jaiket to work and I'm cutting about outside with the axe in one layer quite happily. Acclimatisation is an actual thing and if your hands get really cold you don't feel them anyway. Loads warmer at sea level down the road. ** You'd need that gun with you to post a letter where LFN and I grew up.
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    It's hotting up before it has even begun
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    "Interesting" journey to Inverness yesterday but Narniaesque to look at. Frozen mist, frozen lochs, rakes of deer and forests of evergreens covered in snow. Wasn't too cold though. I even had to buy a t shirt for the return trip because charon keeps the chariot at the same temperature as the hell he is surely bound for
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    Oh have at it, I'm in a better mood.
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    Whit with the Denny's work crowd all dead and now this, I'm imagining you're a bit of a Jonah (or serial killer) tbh. Rethinking that Louisiana Mardi Gras DL Con now ...
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