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    Whilst puttering about offshore early this morning, I'm 99% sure I saw an albatross gliding overhead. I thought my eyes had deceived me, but according to Twitter a black-browed albatross was seen in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago, so I guess this was the same one. Amazing to see such a magnificent bird so close to home, it's really made my day. (Photo for illustrative purposes only, by the time I'd got my phone set up to camera, my albatross was long gone)
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    You were only supposed to blow the bloody candles out!
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    It won't. I no longer give a fuck.
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    There is the 3rd option of course. Have the Commons vote in favour of revoking Article 50. imo once the EU says fuck off to a delay, as they will, there'll be a Commons majority for that over no deal. More so than for Meaningful Votes III, IV and V.... I speak in fact, not necessarily opinion, but we all know this route will trigger a long LFN post before day's end...
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    Stephen Hawking confronted the mind of God on this day 1 year ago, aged 76.
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    It seems he's already back at work this week.
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    "All 27 other states have to agree to a delay" That is not happening half at best
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    I say it's a drought.... drought.... DROOOOOUUUUGHHTTTT!!!
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    Too late for Cup consideration, but Kodak Black is having to move venue over security concerns in Lil Wayne hometown, after saying Lil Wayne would've been better dying when a wean. http://m.tmz.com/#!2019/03/09/kodak-black-concert-new-orleans-security-miami-high-alert-beef-lil-wayne/ Concert next week, maybe find it on Periscope for the lolz.
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    Just a normal day in a normal North Norfolk seaside town. Normal for Norfolk.
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    The Bends by Radiohead was released on this day 24 years ago. Their best album in my opinion, and this is one of the many excellent songs on it.
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    I can do that easily now I don't smoke.
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    A while ago I was tempted to make a father-in-law vs. daughter-in-law "who will die first?" poll between Birch Bayh and Susan Bayh. Guess we know who 'won' now... But I feel bad for Evan... just lost his father, and will probably lose his wife soon too to cancer.
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    Actually, today's amendments point the way forward. May's deal will be killed off in Chris "DDP 2020?" Bryant's "kill off May's deal forever and ever" amendment almost certainly. Given its already suffered the 1st and 2nd worst parliamentary government defeats in recorded history. The 2nd Ref amendment isn't being supported by Labour as they think it will fail today regardless, but might pass next week if the Tories block every Brexit idea with Jeremy Corbyn's name on it. As if! Which, given Parli voted against No Deal, means they'll surely vote in favour of exploring deals that aren't May's deal (Benn's amendment). So in the next week, non-Mays put together Brexit plans to vote on, they likely all get shot down, and since the Commons don't want No Deal, that leaves 2 options: 1. Revoke Article 50. I think they''ve already shown they'd rather buck that responsibility. 2. Some sort of Referendum with 3 choices: Leave on no deal, Leave on whatever deal there is, Remain in the EU. At which point everyone bickers, but I think 2 could get an Article 50 extension as it would lead to a solution to the deadlock, and it would piss off Nigel Farage - presumably 2 big vote getters in the EU. And before anyone moans, no idea how a second Ref would go. Maybe the Brexit mood has hardened, maybe people are fucked off hearing about it and just want a quiet life for a bit, dunno. Two other possibilities 1. EU are fucked off and block any route other than Mays deal or no deal. Crash out on 29th. Could happen, but it'd be economically devastating to the other EU countries right before elections as much as the UK, so... very very unwise. 70% chance given lateness of the hour. 2. Labour somehow come up with a deal next week everyone loves, and Jeremy Corbyn sells it to the EU, takes us out, and becomes a national hero to the 52%. Aye, and I could win the lottery and sleep with Mila Kunis while pigs fly and dinosaurs show up in the Congo. Negative percentage chance of happening. Right, don't worry, back to being apolitical now!
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    For those on the QO hunt, The Times is clearly cleaning out a backlog. Of the four obituaries published today, three (transgender drone pioneer Bobbi Swan, archaeologist Roger Mercer and Wrecking Crew member Joe Osborn) died in 2018.
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    Won, and concluded!! Yeah, just a bit.
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    Yesterday after the film I was harassed at a urinal by George Little's double and his 11-year-old pals going "wheeeyyyy" as he was giving it the usual - "Fuck off! Fucking cunt! Yer maw's a fucking cunt! You're a fucking cunt! Fucking square go! I'll fucking chib ye! Fucking fuck off!" Anyway, there are several videos circulating on social media of the same group of weans. They've gone to at least 3 supermarkets, threatening to sodomise and kill each manager. Each time, they end with a quip about the managers not being able to do anything, before zipping away on their Razor Scooters. The sad truth is that they're right, and the managers would end up in jail if they were to dare lay their hands on them. They'll doubtless keep doing it until they come face-to-face with that person. Wish I'd pissed on them when I had the chance.
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    A London woman was rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke during an orgasm, according to a medical case report. Scans revealed the 44-year-old, from west London, had a stroke while receiving oral sex, a British Medical Journal report detailed.At first the woman had “normal neurology and only [a] moderate headache” after she came round from unconsciousness, before she was taken to A&E in an ambulance. The medical journal read: “The patient reported nearing orgasm while receiving oral sex from her partner before losing consciousness.” The woman reported to doctors she had a headache at the front of her head, which she would rate six out of 10 on the pain scale. Well fuck. Can that be topped? Challenge accepted! SC
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