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    Next update: The new hits, as far as I am aware: Mike Willesee, Manohar Parrikar, Edmund Capon, Samantha McConnell Hmm, that's actually less than I thought. If I see it correctly, nobody picked Dick Dale, nor Angus Sinclair, nor Jan-Michael Vincent, etc... However, Bernice McCabe got her belated obit. As such, the result is this: Rank Team name Points 1 GCReptile 628 2 Phantom of the Midway 624 3 Cpt Chorizo 574 4 Devon Death Trip 573 5 Joey Russ 558 6 Clorox Bleachman 548 7 Sir Creep 478 8 drol 477 9 msc 464 10 Death Impends 461 11 Banana 446 12 Skinny Kiltrunner 412 13 Grim Up North 289 14 YoungWillz 268 15 Book 129 16 Yorkshire Banker 124 17 Fixed Business 84 18 Prophet 83 19 markb4 81 20 Deathray 73 20 Gooseberry Crumble 73 20 John Key 73 23 Grave Danger 56 24 theoldlady 49 24 The mad hatter 49 26 The old crem 35 27 Bibliogryphon 0 27 The Unknown Man 0 27 The Quim Reaper 0 27 Pedro 67 0 Ahem, yes I am leading after three hits in this update. However, I previously said that I will not use the replacement period. So I am not going to lead after July. Feel free to point out any mistakes or omissions! Especially those UK-centric celebrities I tend to miss. Edit: Baroness Warnock for the next update
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    The answer may well be that he was not fucking interested in the sodding christening of his great granddaughter. Come to think of it, nor was I.
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    I heard Peter Falk was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s again
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    MC Ren and Pete Sampras?
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    Have no fear Willz. You will hit, 'cos its not the end of a month unless i'm having a toss up :-)
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    I take it the Trophy Cabinet wasn't bothered with?
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    Yeah, I mean, the more I oppose your participation on this forum, the more you are going to stick around like a faecal crust on the arse of a tabby cat. I actually feel for those remainers, life is SO UNFAIR!
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    He is just doing an Ernest Saunders bullshitting exercise. He just hopes that they will release him back into the care of his family.....
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    March......+ 6 months = not 2020...... So even if true, wrong fucking place
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    Most likely fake news: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/avant-6-months-to-live/
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    Thinking about a team for next year called something like "Close But No Cigar....", consisting solely of men celebheights.com says are 5ft 11 3/4.
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    So... anyone else here going to the anti-Brexit protest on Saturday? I am, although perversely I fear that the more we oppose the will of Theresa May, the more she digs in her heels.
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    Man beheads female neighbour with an axe https://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1258704/beheads-neighbour
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    To be fair, at least you've actually had hits. @theoldlady and @Boudicca seemed to have been held up in the tunnel by an act of God. Or at the wrong stadium...
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    Well, 4 particularly good years for deadpooling I can recall were 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2017. The Deathlist did pretty good in all, but started very slowly, with 3rd hits not happening till May, even. Just copying and pasting my response from 2015 and 2017 even 2017's 3rd hit was actually in March. Look, we all know the score. Death isn't regular, its random, especially with the oldies. The DL can have a random death per month (as last year mostly went) or snooze for ages then suddenly have 6 successes in 5 weeks. They all equal out in the end. Patience, eh? Mugabe, Mubarak and Bryan Adams will die one day, but then, so will Bernard Cribbins, Tom Baker and Ozzy Osbourne.
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    Aye, my feelings entirely - there's a lot of talent reluctant to perform on both our teams.
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    Today wasn't a hit for Charlie Lau 35 years ago (50).
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    I hope they didn't have problems closing his coffin....
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    A trip with a tragic end for Natasha Richardson on this day 10 years ago, aged 45.
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    Eileen Derbyshire aka Corries Emily Bishop.
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    I'm only posting to say IT'S FUCKING CUP SEASON -- I Don't care if you are OUT (I will likely be) YOU DO NOT RUIN IT FOR THOSE PLAYING!! I say that cuz there is CERTAIN news out today on two people. DO NOT BE A CUNT. Do not post people with months to live at most. OH....I'm sure it'll happen cuz you cunt's can't control your cunty selves. But you know who I am talking about -- you saw the headlines. Don't you fucking dare.... SirC
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    That's 3 kilometers from where i live. I use to take that tram when i lived closer to there. So i have been following it all day, also heard helicopters fly over most of the day. My girlfriend was even 200 meters from where he and his car where found. Still quite shocked that this happened so close to me (i recognised all the locations shown on tv).
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