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    Ah, April. As the weather gets warmer, the DDP hits get fewer. But - not to fret - as the Windy City Deadpool is here to save us all from a summer of deadpooling boredom! Basics: Pick a team of 21 people. The higher their rank, the more points they get when they die and obit. Submit it to me via PM or on this thread, by the end of April. Scoring System: 1st pick: 500 points 2nd pick: 450 points 3rd pick: 400 points 4th pick: 350 points 5th pick: 300 points 6th pick: 275 points 7th pick: 250 points 8th pick: 225 points 9th pick: 200 points 10th pick: 180 points 11th pick: 160 points 12th pick: 140 points 13th pick: 120 points 14th pick: 100 points 15th pick: 85 points 16th pick: 70 points 17th pick: 55 points 18th pick: 50 points 19th pick: 45 points 20th pick: 40 points 21st pick: 21 points As you can see the margin slowly decreases from 50 to 25 to 20 to 15 to 5 until the 21st pick. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by whoever has the most unique hits. Bonus Points The Good Die Young Bonus-The Youngest Celeb Picked who dies is a 100 Point Bonus Lucky 7 Bonus- 77 Points Bonus for anyone who dies in the last 7 days of the game April 24-30 Luck Of The Irish Bonus-Anyone who dies March 17 is worth a bonus 50 points Día de Muertos aka Day Of The Dead Bonus-Anyone who dies btwn Oct 31 and Nov 2 is worth 31 points Belsnickel Bonus-Anyone who dies on Dec 25th/Christmas Day get's a 25 point bonus Festivus Miracle-Anyone who dies on Dec 23 get's a 23 point bonus You're Tearing Me Apart Bonus-Anyone who dies on Dec 8 the birthday of "Juliette Danielle" aka Lisa from The Room,get's an 8 point bonus Auld Lang Syne -Anyone who dies on New Year's day get's a whopping 1 point bonus Acceptable Obits: Anything accepted by the Derby Dead Pool, plus The Independent. Plus the following national American news sources: - New York Times - LA Times - CBS News - Fox News -TMZ -MSN Plus the following International news sources: http://www.cbc.ca/ https://www.theaustralian.com.au/ http://www.heraldscotland.com/ https://www.univision.com/ * Cancer Mum's/Athlete's Wives(IE Tiffany Youngs) and other Famous For Being Ill Types will not be accepted even if they get a qualifying Obit *Some name's may appear like a gray area(ie Roz Patterson).Notable in her Native Country as a reporter and would easily get a QO with a plane crash or auto accident type death.However if none of her QO obits mention her journalistic career and is just an angle about her being a Cancer Mum then no points will be awarded. Duration: The competition lasts from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020. Get your team in before Big Ben welcomes the month of May.
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    May hits John Bain Bessie Camm Ted Dabney Cornelia Frances Dean Francis Delphine Gibson David Goodall Tessa Jowell Jerry Maren David Shutts June Hits Lady Mary Wilson Matt Cappotelli Joe Jackson July Lindy Remingo Chiyo Miyako Bruce Lietzke August Charlotte Rae Karunanidhi Mary Carlisle John McCain Stefan Karl Stefansson Neil Simon Aretha Franklin Azreen Manan* Dead but no qualifying orbits as of now September Dennis Norden Kulsoom Nawaz David ChChiera October Doug Ellis November Kevin Austin Baroness Barker Stan Lee Devin Lima Ted Mack December George HW Bush June Whitfleld Richard Overton Georges Loinger Simon Ricketts Hector Timmerman Don Lusk January Diana Athill Sri Sri Feb Rosamunde Pilcher Li Riu April Le Duc Anh Bill Heine Jean 1 of Luxembourg In this update Li Riu-Drol Le Duc Anh-DeathImpends,drol,fuji,gun,Pan,YoungWilz Bill Heine-DeadCow,Pan,Prophet Jean 1-Book,Prophet Final Standings 1st place -Death Impends -2981 2nd-JoeyRuss-2771 3rd-gcreptile -2625 4th-Prophet-2585 5th- PanBreed- 2541 6th- DeadCow- 2516 7th-drol-2460 8th-captain chorizo-2340 9th-Gun Bust-2291 10th-Phantom- 2285 11th-Book-2180 12th-Clorox Bleachman-2090 13th -Fujimorey No Morey-2070 14th-YorkshireBanker-1775 15th-Fixed Business-1770 16th -The Unknown Man-1626 17th-theoldlady-1510 18th-Wormfarmer-1490 19th -Quim's Windy Witherers-1335 20th markb4-1245 21st -QTips-1,095 22nd -Bou1-1005 23rd-coffee_ and_ candles-950 24th YoungWilz-771 25th-Bibliogryphon-400 26th Gooseberry Crumble-21 Not much place movement from the final update besides Le Duc Anh pushing Gun to a top 10 finish. Congrats Death Impends,on yet another Deadpool Game win Well played everyone else too,as 1 or 2 names here and there could have been the difference for a lot of players.
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    Tim Conway has gone 'way. 13 teams unwisely thought the Oldest Man would survive the year, and are now seeing themselves barnacled by Ensign's parking. In just two days we've gone from 41 clean sheets to a mere 2! =1. markb4 0 =1. Phantom of the Midway 0 3. drol 1 =4. gcreptile 3 =4. JoeMoneypenny 3 =6. Bibliogryphon 4 =6. CaptainChorizo 4 =6. Mercarte 4 9. The Unknown Man 6 10. Great Uncle Bulgaria 7 =11. Newjack 8 =11. paddyfool 8 =11. The Mad Hatter 8 =14. Dr_T 9 =14. manuel 9 =16. BuffaloPhil 10 =16. machotrouts 10 18. The Old Crem 11 =19. Death Impends 12 =19. QTips 12 =19. Sir Creep 12 22. GraveDanger 13 23. Banana 14 =24. An Fear Beag 15 =24. FixedBusiness 15 =24. Grim Up North 15 =27. Clorox Bleachman 16 =27. Joey Russ 16 =27. Torva Messor 16 30. Spade_Cooley 17 31. theoldlady 18 32. The Quim Reaper 19 33. Toast 20 =34. Pedro67 21 =34. Wormfarmer 21 36. charon 23 =37. Book 24 =37. deadsox 24 =39. Philip 25 =39. Skinny kiltrunner 25 41. Master Tech 26 =42. En Passant 32 =42. YoungWillz 32 44. Bentrovato 33 45. Neobrakeon 37 =46. msc 41 =46. nantonian2013 41 48. Team Wean 42
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    Just wanted to say I'll officially be attending my local community college, Harper, for the next two years. I got accepted to some universities but it's all much too expensive. Plus, this buys me extra time to think about a career choice. After Harper, hopefully I'm off to study and live in Florida.
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    FOR AULD ANH'S SYNE 1/50 22nd April 2019 Many have wondered if the Crowdsource list was heading to a grand total of 0 for the year. Indeed, many people seem to think that we are in a massive drought for celebrities this year. However, the Grim Reaper has finally answered that question with the death of former Vietnamese president Le Duc Anh, who finally brings a score to the Crowdsource list. He began his career by joining the military in 1945, where he sided with the forces in the communist North Vietnam. Slowly but surely he began to rise higher up the ranks in the military, and he eventually led the Vietnam forces in the People's Republic of Kampuchea throughout the 1980s. He later entered politics, first holding the position of Minister of Defense and then becoming Vietnam's 4th president in 1992. Though the position was mostly symbolic, that position did become more important during his tenure. He was considered the most conservative of the three leaders during his tenure. After a major stroke in 1996 (which he surprisingly lasted), he stepped down the following year. In recent years, he became a favorite of drol, who is largely responsible for his high debut appearance on the crowdsource list. And despite gaining the title of immortal, Duc ended up beating out the Duke by dying at the ripe old age of 98, once again proving that immortals don't exist in the post Clive Dunn world. Many will wonder if we'll have to wait another four months for the next hit, however, news on a few picks suggest that we won't have to wait that long...
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    At least the deer found the fucking net.
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    In The Land Of Make Beleive
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    Still in ICU, but according to the doctors he is improving and his life is not in immediate danger.
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    The Rosters Banana 1.Kathleen Blanco 2.Alex Trebek 3.Tommy Donbavand 4.Beth Chapman 5.Scott Dureau 6.Mark Howard 7.Tom Long 8.Lee Kerslake 9.Sam Lloyd 10.Leah Bracknell 11.Lee Noble 12.Fernando Ricksen 13.Sprent Dabwido 14.Bill Freehan 15.Jean-Louis Trintignant 16.Doug Supernaw 17.Tim Conway 18.Genesis P-Orridge 19.Mark Gastineau 20.John Andretti 21.Alcee Hastings Bibliogryphon 1.Abdelaziz Bouteflika 2.Earl Cameron 3.I M Pei 4.Ennio Morricone 5.Willie Nelson 6.Kirk Douglas 7.Vera Lynn 8.Christopher Booker 9.Sheila Mercier 10.Freeman Dyson 11.Franco Zeffirelli 12.Bob Dole 13.James Ivory 14.Glynis Johns 15.Boris Pahor 16.Lee Kerslake 17.Peter Ackroyd 18.Larry Niven 19.Sheila Steafel 20.Barbara Knox 21.Ralph Bakshi Book 01 (500) Kathleen Blanco 02 (450) Sprent Dabwido 03 (400) Alex Trebek 04 (350) John Starling 05 (300) Beth Chapman 06 (275) Bob Hawke 07 (250) Jean-Louis Trintignant 08 (225) Anne Buydens Douglas 09 (200) Kirk Douglas 10 (180) Benedict XVI 11 (160) Renee Simonot 12 (140) Ed Genson 13 (120) Sam Lloyd 14 (100) Fernando Ricksen 15 (85) Greg Gilbert 16 (70) John McCririck 17 (55) Genesis P-Orridge 18 (50) Lee Kerslake 19 (45) Tommy Donbavand 20 (40) Johnny Clegg 21 (21) Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh  Bou1 1 Kirk Douglas 2 Robert Mugabe 3 Prince Phil 4 Vera Lynn 5 Pope Benedict XVI 6 Abdelaziz Bouteflika 7 Lucia Hiriart 8 Roberta McCain 9 Loretta Lynn 10 Angela Lansbury 11 Herman Wouk 12 Lee Karslake 13 Clint Eastwood 14 Jackie Stallone 15 Mijail Gorvachev 16 Javier Pérez de Cuéllar 17 Tun Tin 18 IM Pei 19 Yoko Ono 20 Larry King 21 Glynis Johns Captain Chorizo 1st Leah Bracknell 2nd Alex Trebek 3rd Fernando Ricksen 4th Katlheen Blanco 5th Johnny Clegg 6th Denis Goldberg 7th Genesis P-orridge 8th Bruce Reid 9th Tom Long 10th Greg Gilbert 11th Sam Lloyd 12th Lee Kerslake 13th Jean-Louis Trintignant 14th Roz Patterson 15th Sprent Dabwido 16th Jimmy Spicer 17th Herman Wouk 18th John Starling 19th Alf Smith 20th Rosita Quintana 21stLuis Echeverría Álvarez Clorox Bleachman 01 (500) Leah Bracknell 02 (450) Kathleen Blanco 03 (400) Sprent Dabwido 04 (350) Genesis P-Orridge 05 (300) Tommy Donbavand 06 (275) Sam Lloyd 07 (250) Lee Kerslake 08 (225) Alex Trebek 09 (200) Clive James 10 (180) Jean-Louis Trintignant 11 (160) Tom Long 12 (140) Denis Goldberg 13 (120) Susan Bayh 14 (100) Fernando Ricksen 15 (085) Ady Barkan 16 (070) L. Brooks Patterson 17 (055) Maria-Giuseppa Robucci 18 (050) Alf Smith 19 (045) Lucile Randon 20 (040) Gustav Gerneth 21 (021) Ellen Gibb Death Impends 1.Kathleen Blanco 2.Sprent Dabwido 3.Jean Vanier 4.Chris Doleman 5.Ed Genson 6.Alex Trebek 7.Tommy Donbavand 8.Tom Long 9.Rachel Zoll 10.Lee Noble 11.Helen Legh 12.Fernando Ricksen 13.Denis Goldberg 14.Jean-Louis Trintignant 15.Johnny Clegg 16.Susan Bayh 17.Leah Bracknell 18.Genesis P-Orridge 19.Lee Kerslake 20.Stanley Crouch 21.Sam Lloyd drol 1)Kathleen Blanco 2)Sam Lloyd 3)Greg Gilbert 4)Lee Kerslake 5)Rembert Weakland 6)Tom Long 7)Barry Du Bois 8)Jean-Louis Trintignant 9)Michael Robinson 10)Sprent Dabwido 11)Samu (wrestler) 12)Fernando Ricksen 13)Beth Chapman 14)Harry Reid 15)Stirling Moss 16)Harley Race 17)Tommy Donbavand 18)Jean Vanier 19)Genesis P-Orridge 20)Johnny Clegg 21)Nobby Stiles ebless 1) Hernan Wouk 2) Sheila Mercier 3) Julie Goodyear 4) Doddie Weir 5) David McCallum 6) Jerry Stiller 7) Honor Blackman 8) Harley Race 9) Stan Bowles 10) Peter Oosterhuis 11) John Leslie (TV host) 12) Gene Hackman 13) Mel Brooks 14) Desmond Morris 15) Keith Richards 16) John Hume 17) Alex Trebek 18) Kenneth Cope 19) I.M Pei 20) Vera Lynn 21) Tony Bennett  Fixed Business 1. Alex Trebek 2. Leah Bracknell 3. Sam Lloyd 4. Johnny Clegg 5. Lee Kerslake 6. Greg Gilbert 7. Kathleen Blanco 8. Stuart Fraser 9. Sprent Dabwido 10. Kirk Douglas 11. Fernando Ricksen 12. Bob Hawke 13. Genesis P-orridge 14. John Mcririck 15. Bob Dole 16. Abdelaziz Bouteflika 17. Tim Conway 18. I.M. Pei 19. Clive James 20. Nobby Stiles 21.Jimmy Spicer Gcreptile 1. Kathleen Blanco 2. Tom Long 3. Lee Noble 4. Tony Mills 5. Christopher Booker 6. Stanley Crouch 7. Tommy Raudonikis 8. Jean-Louis Trintignant 9. Sprent Dabwido 10. Lee Kerslake 11. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho 12. Genesis P-Orridge 13. Alex Trebek 14. Johnny Harris 15. Doug Supernaw 16. Greg Gilbert 17. Ed Genson 18. Kerri Parker 19. Joe Kadenge 20. Johnny Clegg 21. Chris Doleman Great Uncle Bulgaria 1. J-l Trintignant 2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 3. Kathleen Blanco 4. Herman Wouk 5.Nobby Stiles 6. Leslie phillips 7. Stirling Moss 8.Bernard Cribbins 9. Jackie stallone 12.Michael Schumacher 13. Jimmy Greaves 14.Frank Williams (Vicar) 15. Kirk Douglas 16. Rosalind Carter 17. Jimmy Tarbuck 18Tommy Banner 19.Mike Batt 20. Roberta McCain 21. Des O'Connor GrimUpNorth 1st Sprent Dabwido 2nd Tommy Donbavand 3rd Lee Kerslake 4th Ed Genson 5th Kathleen Blanco 6th Genesis P-Orridge 7th Lee Noble 8th Chris Duncan (baseball) 9th Sam Lloyd 10th Tom Long 11th Fernando Ricksen 12th Johnny Clegg 13th Leah Bracknell 14th John Andretti 15th Greg Gilbert 16th Beth Chapman 17th Denis Goldberg 18th Brian Travers 19th Fred Rister 20th Herman Wouk 21st Jean Louis Trintignant GooseberryCrumble 1.Ruthie Tompson 2.Jeanne Little 3.Terry Jones 4.Herman Wouk 5.Loretta Lynn 6.Alex Trebek 7.Alanna Knight 8.Joyce Fairbairn 9.John Starling 10.Peregrine Worsthorne 11.Barbara Walters 12.Imelda Marcos 13.Jacques Chirac 14.Sam Lloyd 15.Belinda Gilfoyle 16.Kerri Parker 17.Johnny Briggs 18.Stella Stevens 19.Sandra Day O'Connor 20.Phyllis McGuire 21.Monica Vitti Jiroemon Kimura 1. Sam Lloyd 2. Alex Trebek 3. Kathleen Blanco 4. Doug Supernaw 5. Sprent Dabwido 6. Lee Kerslake 7. Fernando Ricksen 8. Tom Long (Aussie actor) 9. Lee Noble (boxer) 10. Alcee Hastings 11. Genesis P-Orridge 12. Denis Goldberg 13. John Starling 14. Tamara O’Brien (trampolinist) 15. Leah Bracknell 16. Michael Robinson (Liverpool)  17. Mark Warawa 18. Greg Gilbert 19. Anibal Pachano 20. Clyde Bellecourt 21. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho  JoeyRuss 1.Kathleen Blanco 2.Lee Noble 3.Tommy Donbavand 4.Leah Bracknell 5.Genesis P-orridge 6.Tom Long 7.Alex Trebek 8.Bruce Reid 9.Sam Lloyd 10.Chris Doleman 11.Chris Duncan 12.Denis Goldberg 13.Alcee Hastings 14.Susan Bayh 15.Ed Genson 16.Christopher Booker 17.Jean Vanier 18.Tommy Raudonikis 19.Greg Gilbert 20.Sheldon Adelson 21.Tim Conway markb4 1) Alex Trebek 2) Kirk Douglas 3) Herman Wouk 4) Ruthie Tompson 5) Roberta McCain 6) Sam Lloyd 7) Katherine Jackson 8) Katherine Johnson 9) Fernando Ricksen 10) Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 11) Leah Bracknell 12) Julie Gibson 13) Norman Lear 14) Norman Lloyd 15) Tim Conway 16) Pope Benedict XVI 17) Jimmy Carter 18) Barbara Windsor 19) Irene Papas 20) Ruth Bader Ginsburg 21) Bill Turnbull Msc 1. Kathleen Blanco 2.Breene Harimoto 3.Lee Noble 4.Tom Long 5.Jean Vanier 6.Alex Trebek 7. L Brooks Patterson 8. Sprent Dabwido 9.Steve Blackmore 10.Karen Lewis 11.Sam Lloyd 12. Tommy Donbavand 13. Chris Doleman 14.Christopher Booker 15. Susan Bayh 16.Bruce Reid 17. Chris Duncan 18. Jean Louis Trintignant 19.Ed Genson 20.Sunny Garcia 21.Theresa May RadGuy 1. Kathleen Blanco 2. Tom Long 3. Jean Louis Trintignant 4. Lee Noble 5. Sam Lloyd 6. Johnny Clegg 7. Fernando Ricksen 8. Alex Trebek 9. Greg Gilbert 10. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho 11. Sprent Dabwido 12. Lee Kerslake 13. Chris Doleman 14. Tim Conway 15. John Andretti 16. Barry du Bois 17. Bill Freehan 18. Leah Bracknell 19. Dilip Kumar 20. Beth Chapman 21. Herman Wouk TheOldCrem 1. Bob Hawke 2. Kathleen Blanco 3. Leah Bracknell 4. Shelia Mercer 5. Olivia Newton John 6. Olivia De Haviland 7. Vera Lynn 8. Loretta Lynn 9. Glynis Johns 10. John Hume 11. Sandra Day O’Connor 12. Gerd Muller 13. Barbara Windsor 14. Bill Treacher 15. Diana Serra Cary 16. Rosalynn Carter 17. Clarissa Eden 18. Larry King 19. Pope Benedict 20. Roberta McCain 21. Roberta Flack theoldlady 1st. Fernando Ricksen 2nd. Tim Conway 3rd. Beth Chapman 4th Kathleen Blanco 5th Lee Kerslake 6th Sam Lloyd 7th Bob Dole 8th Abdelaziz Bouteflika 9th Bob Hawke 10th Stirling Moss 11th Alex Trebek 12th Johnny Clegg 13th Jose Jose 14th Nobby Stiles 15th David Prowse 16th Clive James 17th June Brown 18th Kirk Douglas 19th Jean Louis Trintignant 20th Robert Mugabe 21st Greg Gilbert The Quim Reaper 1.Lee Kerslake 2.Leah Bracknell 3.Greg Gilbert 4.Sam Lloyd 5.Fernando Ricksen 6.Sprent Dabwido 7.Bob Hawke 8.Tim Conway 9.Kathleen Blanco 10.Alex Trebek 11.Terry Jones 12.George Alagiah 13.John McCririck 14.Pope Benedict XVI 15.Jean-Louis Trintignant 16.Herman Wouk 17.Kirk Douglas 18.Javier Perez de Cuéllar 19.Bill Turnbull 20.Danniella Westbrook 21.Lindsay Sandiford The UnknownMan 1. Alex Trebek 2. Javier Perez de Cuellar 3. Fernando Ricksen 4. Tom Seaver 5. Lee Kerslake 6. Valerie Harper 7. Leah Bracknell 8. Olivia de Havilland 9. Glynis Johns 10. Loretta Lynn 11. Herman Wouk 12. Kathleen Blanco 13. George Alagiah 14. Giorgio Napolitano 15. Sam Lloyd 16. Prince Philip 17. Doddie Weir 18. Tim Conway 19. Jean-Louis Trintignant 20. Bill Turnbull 21. Kirk Douglas Torva Messor 1.Kathleen Blanco 2.Lee Kerslake 3.Fernando Ricksen 4.Leah Bracknell 5.Bob Hawke 6.Sprent Dabwido 7.John Starling 8.Alex Trebek 9.Herman Wouk 10.Sam Lloyd 11.Beth Chapman 12.Harry Reid 13.Jean-Louis Trintignant 14.Roberta McCain 15.Robert Mugabe 16.Olivia Newton-John 17.Genesis P-Orridge 18.Chris Duncan 19.Renee Simonot 20.Tim Conway 21.Gershon Kingsley Wormfarmer 1 Sam Lloyd 2 Kathleen Blanco 3 Sprent Dabwido 4 Fernando Ricksen 5 John Starling 6 Tim Conway 7 Alex Trebek 8 Chris Duncan 9 Micah Bowie 10 Kane Tanaka 11 Leah Bracknell 12 Sheldon Adelson 13 Beth Chapman 14 Elieen Whelan(Ash) 15 Renee Simonot 16 Ruthie Tompson 17 Jimmy Greaves 18 Kirk Douglas 19 Genesis P-orridge 20 Charlie Trippi 21 James Randi The YoungWillz "State Street That Late Street" Team 01. Fernando Ricksen 02. Leah Bracknell 03. Alex Trebek 04. Lee Kerslake 05. Linda Nolan 06. Valerie Harper 07. Harry Reid 08. Clive James 09. Terry Jones 10. John McCririck 11. John Hume 12. Ennio Morricone 13. Ozzy Osbourne 14. Michael Lonsdale 15. Pete Murray 16. Sidney Poitier 17. Stirling Moss 18. Herman Wouk 19. Dilip Kumar 20. Sumner Redstone 21. Ric Flair
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    I'm working on this. There will be another OoO megalist later this year. I'm compiling the list at the moment and am doing it by alphabetical order by club. At the moment, I'm on Charlton so there's some way to go yet but I'm already on 150 names. Once the list is done I'll check the names and delete those gone and then we should have a complete list.
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    Everybody loves a leaver. Doris Day's a leaver, but not everyone loves her. Those who thought she'd see another year are in fact quite frustrated with her, and no amount of Pillow Talk can placate them. Whatever will be, will be, and this will be the scoreboard: =1. gcreptile 0 =1. markb4 0 =1. Newjack 0 =1. Phantom of the Midway 0 =1. Skinny kiltrunner 0 6. drol 1 7. JoeMoneypenny 3 =8. Bibliogryphon 4 =8. CaptainChorizo 4 =8. GraveDanger 4 =8. Mercarte 4 =12. The Old Crem 6 =12. The Unknown Man 6 14. Great Uncle Bulgaria 7 =15. paddyfool 8 =15. The Mad Hatter 8 =17. Dr_T 9 =17. manuel 9 =19. BuffaloPhil 10 =19. machotrouts 10 =21. Death Impends 12 =21. QTips 12 =21. Sir Creep 12 =24. Banana 14 =24. Book 14 =26. An Fear Beag 15 =26. En Passant 15 =26. FixedBusiness 15 =26. Grim Up North 15 =30. Clorox Bleachman 16 =30. Joey Russ 16 =30. Torva Messor 16 =33. Master Tech 17 =33. Spade_Cooley 17 =33. YoungWillz 17 =36. deadsox 18 =36. theoldlady 18 38. The Quim Reaper 19 39. Toast 20 =40. Pedro67 21 =40. Wormfarmer 21 42. charon 23 =43. nantonian2013 24 =43. Team Wean 24 =45. Neobrakeon 25 =45. Philip 25 47. Bentrovato 33 48. msc 41
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    END OF A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY 3/50 13th May 2019 One of Hollywood's most iconic figures Doris Day has sadly died at the age of 97 to give the Crowdsource list another success. She began her career as a big band singer in 1939, and her popularity increased after recording "Sentimental Journey" with Les Brown & His Band of Renown. She later embarked on a solo career, recording over 650 songs from 1947 to 1967, and later became one of the most popular and acclaimed singers of the 20th century. Her career in film was arguably bigger than her singing career. She played the titular role in Calamity Jane, and she starred in Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much alongside Jimmy Stewart. She worked with many other leading men in her film career including Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, and James Garner, and as such she became the biggest female star of the early 1960's. She reluctantly starred in The Doris Day Show from 1968 to 1973 after her late husband Martin Melcher committed her to a television series without telling her beforehand. Her career slowed down after that, but her impact on the entertainment industry is undeniable. She survived a nasty accident in 1937, but somehow she was able to live on another 81 years after the accident (and very healthily too) until pneumonia finally caught up to her this year. This was her first appearance on the list, taking her up to the 36th spot.
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    The National Alcoholic Mad Bastards Lunatic Asylum?
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    I'm hopeful the renovations will be complete come 1st July. Will know better come early June.
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    Cuts to manager interview "It is really disappointing to go out in this way but it was clear to see we were outplayed. I don't know what the lads could have done differently. Now we have to look towards next season when we have a real shot at the title" Everyone else laughs uncontrollably.
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    Anne Buydens 100 today! Is that the first noteworthy centenarian couple where both were concurrently living past 100? IE Dolores Hope didn't turn 100 until after Bob's death.
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    Sri Sri and Le Duc Anh gone in the same year? That's drol losing every right to complain about droughts from now on - the Reaper had to use up so much energy to take them both down!
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    Hearing they've renamed that ward The Trolling Drol wing...
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    hi everyone. long time lurker of the page but brand new to the forum. hope to be active since i haven't been in a forum since 2003 maybe and miss the experience very much lolz. im from peru and i can't believe only one person from the list has died so far!
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    Vonda McIntyre, SF author, has died aged 70. Wrote some of the first authorised Star Trek books, you know, and gave Sulu his first name. Now she is Su-long, DI gets joker points. That's two DDP heavyweights with 8 point leads already, are we due a Clash of the Titans in the Quarterfinals? At least, that was my speil until it came out that Mahendran, one of the most acclaimed directors in Indian film (and believe me, that's quite an accolade), has died. So Spade actually has 11 points. Somewhere someone's handed a poisoned chalice to Biblio, and Joey is breathing a sigh of relief I didn't go for Best Losing Score! Death Impends also had Mahendran, so do we have a Quarterfinal set already on April 2nd? The directors death gives more usual score leads to Banana and Clorox. Round 3 1. The Mad Hatter vs Boudicca 0-0 2. Rad vs Banana 0-3 3. John Key vs Death Impends 0-11 4. The Quim Reaper vs Book 0-0 5. Gcreptile vs Pedro 0-0 6. Chorizo vs Torva Messor 0-0 7. Bibliogryphon vs Spade Cooley 0-11 8. Deadsox vs Clorox 0-3
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    I will have a thread for 2019-2020 season probably Thurs or Friday,rules will be about 99% the same
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    New look, abridged Theme Team League now live. All that needs doing now is some updating of the archives and that's the back-end sorted.
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