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    Pat McFadden has been ill apparently, comes back to ask May to regret her choice of words last week. Meantime, DUP and Conservative backbenchers ripping into PM at despatch box. Crispin Blunt calls her request for an extension "the most shameful surrender by a British leader since Singapore in 1942". Andrea Leadsom still looking like a slapped Afghan hound. Joyous.
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    BA Flight to Dusseldorf Lands in Edinburgh by Mistake Lucky you weren't going today!
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    Good for you, similarly I understand why people voted to leave. That doesn't make those who voted to leave not idiots.
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    Ironically, she won't see May - 29 April
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    Yeah, I think these are the death rattles. Depends whether they let her go with some vague grace, have her pass some vague form of Brexit and step down in a few months, or they just go full-blown season finale and slit her neck by the week's end.
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    Is it in the Sun newspaper yet?
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    Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
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    Gutted!!!! Absolutely gutted! One of the richest discographies, and one of the most interesting careers of pop music. Why??? He was active until quite recently, and actually, more active in this decade than any time since the early 70s.
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    Here's an interesting article about Olivia de Havilland that I saw today- still going strong- what an amazing lady! https://life.shared.com/olivia-de-havilland-last-surviving-cast-member-gone-with-the-wind?fbclid=IwAR1K1VmPAJCPtaxt7ITLfnN-sKo74zpVk6eiYN6R0D67nxAztIb8CFirGD0
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    Nobody appears to have noted that nearly half the goals (5) that Keith scored were scored...by Keith.
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    Fuck sake, sorry - just saw it on someone's FB feed and relayed it here in the ten minutes or so I was logged on this morning.
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    Oirish porn shoot then...
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    What a load of bollocks.... The time has come for the country to accept that Brexit is a load of Bollocks. It was a plot by the establishment to harness anti-establishment feeling into a project that has only one beneficiary; the rich and elite in our society. Bollocks to Brexit, bollocks to people like you Charon, who want to sacrifice the stability of future generations for the sake of their own narcissistic delusions and patriotic misdirection that makes them think this country is somewhere better by isolating it's trading links and opportunities with the outside world.
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    From the opposite perspective, of someone who was there: it was a massive crowd, with all kinds of people there from all over. "Grannies against Brexit" and babes in arms. Placards were displayed by military veterans against brexit, members of all the bloody political parties against it, people of lots of different cities and towns, and so forth, besides many others generally mocking the likes of BoJo and Farage, as well as TM, of course. With all of the rhetoric that had been going around and all of the death threats that have been sent, I had anticipated there might be some kind of confrontation with counter-protesters, or even that the march might be the target of terrorist violence. In the event, the only counterprotester I saw was an oddly dressed character to one side of the march route on a stepladder, holding up a placard claiming that "The Bible Says that Britain and Europe have Different Destinies". No doubt we will all be ignored, but it had to be done all the same.
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    New look, abridged Theme Team League now live. All that needs doing now is some updating of the archives and that's the back-end sorted.
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    January: Carol Channing February: Karl Lagerfeld March: Luke Perry (at the moment)
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    That’s really terrible, yet our politicians won’t do anything about gun control or mental health. Sigh...
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    This was a really promising post till you let the side down with the last four words.
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    Well I pity da fool who doesn't like a terrier (thanks for the demotion by the way SC-or is it a promotion like with surgeons?). The proud Australian terrier, while an excellent ratter, was bred specifically to catch snakes. Though I hope Clancy never comes face to face with one I am sure he would acquit himself nicely. One thing I do know is that he can grab something and shake the shit out of it.
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    When was the last time you saw a cat leading a blind man down the road? Thought not. Fuck off. Dogs are more intelligent and caring animals than cats. And many of those dogs are not listed above.
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    Jeremy Richman, father of a Sandy Hook shooting victim, commits suicide. https://www.wfsb.com/news/father-of-sandy-hook-shooting-victim-found-dead/article_893b237c-4f0c-11e9-9404-83204962313d.html
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    Meanwhile, back on track....... The sun has stopped shining for Scott Walker. R.I.P :-(
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