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    I'm still here, I'll get round to it...
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    I kinda like the blind optimism that Tezza will keep her word. That would be a novelty. "Honest Guv, I'll leave as PM if you abandon all your principles and vote for my slimy thick turd of a Withdrawal Agreement." *Agreement goes through.* "Eat my kitten heels, you little Tory bitches! In your face BoJo!"
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    I'm very glad that the parliament are now finally doing what they should have done before they even went to the referendum in 2016 and deciding what Brexit actually looks like.
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    That's serious praise - coming from a dead pooler
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    Here's a tongue in cheek prediction of six possible varieties of chaos that may be coming up: https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/explained-the-six-possible-brexit-shitshows-20181119179543 "THE UK has reached a Brexit crossroads, but which ill-advised choice will we make and which completely avoidable shitshow will we stumble idiotically into? May deal passed by Commons This scenario, requiring half of Labour, most of the Tories and fuck it the SNP to back a Brexit deal way worse than our status quo, condemns Britain to a twilit half-life trapped in and out of the EU like a ghost haunting the place of its murder waiting for someone to investigate but nobody is. May deal rejected by Commons This scenario, considered extremely likely because everyone a) hates Theresa May and b) wants to see what will happen, gives the prime minister 21 days to come up with a new deal. 21 days for someone whose last new idea was in 1998. Come on. That’ll be worth watching. May replaced as leader by extreme Brexiter Expected to make the EU quake in terror, it will instead cause them to walk away from negotiations muttering “Fuck this,” and seal the Channel Tunnel with concrete. Britain will then enjoy a wonderful, nostalgic re-run of its glory days in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Extension of Article 50 The EU decides, given the level of the debate so far, to treat Britain like a toddler told he can definitely drive Daddy’s car next weekend. Consecutive indefinite extensions will leave Britain delighted it’s getting its Brexit without realising it will never arrive. Second referendum Forcing Nigel Farage out of retirement like Rambo in the 2008 film, this restages the referendum on the basis that enough people have come to their senses or died since then. Overestimating the intelligence and underestimating the death wish of the UK sees the same result returned, to the exact vote. War After a saintly couple of centuries of not invading Europe or only doing it to be nice, Britain returns to its comfort zone and starts wars with France, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. Everyone sighs with relief that things are back how they used to be."
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    Cosmonaut and DDP pick Valery Bykovsky has died at 84. Best I can do is a Spanish language source so far, figured more of y'all speak that than Russian. Edit: My bad, here's an English one already.
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    None of us knew. It was a complete hypothetical idea and if you asked ten different supporters you'd get ten different answers raging from continuing free trade to sending every non white person to Australia. At least if there's another referendum it might have an actually narrowed down vision on the ballot paper.
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    Why the fuck would you need to go and march to leave when you already voted to do so and got the majority vote in the referendum? The shat on will bite you on the arse!
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    @Wormfarmer if there are no hits in March will the same lists carry over to April? Thanks
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    If we had a tie, I would have let you go for the next round, so come on! 4 and a half days left!
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    I fondly remember his interview on the Jonathan Ross show.
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    Read as: You hate the Tories, an age old British tradition from what I've heard.
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    Mattel announced that next year they will be releasing a special Karen Carpenter doll to mark what would be her 70th birthday. It will be called My Little Boney.
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    Red wine makes me puke, it's dire. Guinness however is lovely, that's food for thought.
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    Is the recent drought in significant deaths down to Aaron Ramsey's injury?
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    Jimmy Carter has now become the oldest ever living former U.S. President, surpassing George H.W. Bush. https://www.ajc.com/news/jimmy-carter-gets-new-title-oldest-living-former-president/68TFzP9SMDjrVuqcUt3PkK/
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    Or, as I like to refer to them, a Scot.
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    YES. The fat-tongued cunt.
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    Kanye West Jay Z Beyonce Rhianna Cheryl Cole / Tweedie / Fernandez Versini Rita Ora Lady Gaga Ed Sheeran Jesse J Paloma Faith Olly Murrs Bruno Marrs
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    Michel Bacos, the pilot of the Air France plane hijacked to Entebbe, has died aged 95. He (and his crew) refused to abandon the passengers held hostage when given the opportunity, for which action he was awarded the Légion d'honneur
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    So for completeness, Ranking Roger has died. https://news.sky.com/story/the-beat-singer-roger-charlery-dies-aged-56-11676140 See this thread for his unbounded optimism and his acknowledhement he's had a great life whatever happened. Still doesn't make it hurt any less. RIP.
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