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    Bill Heine could go in various topics, eg, Journalists or Presenters. He doesn't belong in this one.
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    Happy Birthday Doris Day, most likely 97 today (other sources say 95)!
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    She says her battle with cancer is "ongoing": https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6882371/Jane-Fonda-83-says-Ive-lot-cancer-talks-battle.html
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    Ngl, I love that msc’s list of the lost theme team is this months player of the month...
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    Bill Heine's death is all over the news now. If you think I'm annoyed Spade beat me to a "jump the shark" pun, well, you'd be right. Points for Rad and Banana, with Banana maintaining a small lead. TQR takes the lead against Book. Torva and Chorizo share points. Clorox goes 6-0 up, against an opponent who is difficult to beat in the Cup. Meanwhie, Reptile cashes in his joker, and Death Impends extends his lead. Mr Key, I think you might want to skim over these updates now on health grounds tbh... The only goalless game left is Mad Hatter/Boudicca. I have the Kid as highly fancied in his section of the Cup, but weird note is that Boudicca is yet to concede a single point in the Cup. The record is 70 days, held by Young Willz, and Bou is now at 62. Mentioned before MH gets his first points... Round 3 1. The Mad Hatter vs Boudicca 0-0 2. Rad vs Banana 3-6 3. John Key vs Death Impends 0-14 4. The Quim Reaper vs Book 3-0 5. Gcreptile vs Pedro 6-0 6. Chorizo vs Torva Messor 3-3 7. Bibliogryphon vs Spade Cooley 0-11 8. Deadsox vs Clorox 0-6
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    Bill Heine has jumped the shark: Going Underground return to the top of the DDP.
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    Been avoiding DL for a bit. Thought if sign on and congratulate Spade on a solid victory. The battle of the SCs! Best of luck going forward in Cup 19. SirC
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    Saw something a bit surreal in Penge today. Car that looks exactly like this (not this one; this is just a Google image search). Vicious looking McLaren, bombing about at 4 times the speed of sound, you could hear the thumping from the stereo approaching even before the snarling engine. Anyway, it stops at the lights, this shithouse of a geezer in sunnies has his tattooed arm hanging out the window, looking like a bit of a helmet. What sort of music d'you reckon he's playing? Some kind of rap drivel that's equally gangster, perhaps? Hard rock, possibly? Maybe some bass-heavy dub?
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    Interesting Brackers news on her new phase of experimental treatment. Doesn't look like it's over soon: https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/03/former-emmerdale-star-leah-bracknell-starts-experimental-treatment-cancer-battle-9103378/
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    Yeah, those who take an early 3-0 lead might get caught with a late winner (it happened in one close tie in the last round) Re Heine - he's my DDP sub. 19 of that starting line up are still alive.
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    Wow he would be a big name if /when he passes away.
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    Report of the death of DDP Pick Jim Russell: https://www.autosport.com/national/news/142549/racing-school-founder-jim-russell-dies
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    They found her birth certificate in the past 2 years so it's now confirmed that she is 97.
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    Watching PMQs. Backbench Tories detest the idea of going to Corbyn to seek a compromise. What they forget is what the Tory Party happily did to the Lib Dems, they are now trying to do to Labour. Stewart Hosie is right - why should Corbyn co-author anything? His first premise should be that the Withdrawal Agreement having been rejected and supported less than several other options, that should be off the table. If that can't be done, Jezza should use Tezza's own argument and walk out saying "no deal". Anyhow, if this is the state of Westminster now, just imagine how wonderful it would be when they have all the powers back, all the law-making, etc etc.
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    Sometime 20/20 pick for @Sir Creep Noah Keen has died: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/latimes/obituary.aspx?n=noah-keen&pid=192061088 Credits apt for this thread include The Twilight Zone and The Six Million Dollar Man, but he's been in loads of stuff, including the 1973 Battle For The Planet Of The Apes. IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0444607/
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    Somewhere in his feed of Brexit slurry, Mike Stock can be found acknowledging Jason John's apparent death: The earliest tweet about it seems to be this rando from January (!): I appreciate that Big Fun aren't exactly the Jacksons in the boy band fame stakes, but are they really member-died-three-months-ago-and-nobody-noticed obscure? The press certainly weren't shy about covering the one who got arrested for chemsexing last year.
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    Btwn this new and Rusev's push down the card in WWE it is not a good year for Bulgarian wrestling
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    On a lighter note, I see that the infamous Neil Horan has his own peculiar take on the Brexit debate.
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    Thursday : Somebody will be stabbed Saturday: Some body will be stabbed Tuesday: somebody will be stabbed. Probably. You are going down the path of the 'No shit Sherlock' style of posting. We are perfectly aware of how many people are being stabbed, it's reported here every sodding day.
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    Jason John from Big Fun being reported dead:
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