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    Charles Van Doren, dead at 93: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/10/obituaries/charles-van-doren-dead.html?smid=tw-nytobits&smtyp=cur
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    hi everyone. long time lurker of the page but brand new to the forum. hope to be active since i haven't been in a forum since 2003 maybe and miss the experience very much lolz. im from peru and i can't believe only one person from the list has died so far!
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    Welcome! Any inside info on Javier Perez de Cuellar?
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    It's not just celebs who've had a quiet spell... overall deaths in england and wales have been below average almost every week in the first quarter of this year, in spite of the ageing population etc: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/weeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales Dare I ask if the reaper has been napping? (Although I'd guess the most likely causes are mild weather and a quiet flu season).
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    We are 100 days into 2019 and we have 1 hit. In 2008, the best year at this point there were 6 hits and in 2014 the worst (recent) year at this point we had two hits. In 2011 where we only had 7 his overall we were already at 4 hits at this point and in the record breaking year at this point it was only three hits. So based on this the final tally could be anywhere between 4 & 15.
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    Comparison of the current list with the 2019 Crowdsourced list 27 out of 50 Not included in Official Deathlist 3/27 are on both 2018 list and 2019 Drop 40 (Pope Benedict, Jill Gascoine & Leslie Phillips) Another one was on the 2018 but not on the drop 40 (Olivia Newton-John) 9/27 made the drop 40 (JLT, Ricksen, Conway, Alagiah, Turnbull, Jones, Blanco, Kerslake & Ginsberg) See earlier post for comments. That leaves 14 names to review Dilip Kumar – Low fame but very ill Le Duc Anh – As Former president of Vietnam has the status to be included but not a household name. Nearly 100 years old Glynis Johns Everyone loves Mary Poppins. Oscar nominee but her last film credit was 1999. One for the list next year? Violeta Chamorro Former president of Nicaragua. Justifiable pick in terms of age, health and status but not instantly recognisable John Hume Significant in the UK and reportedly very ill. Could easily see him on the 2020 list Robert McCain Has outlived her more famous son. Putting her on the list might be considered unsporting Franco Zeffirelli Very famous, very old, very ill. The triple. 2020 please. Gina Lollobrigida Exotic, beautiful, famous, secretive, over 90 but could be a gamble Jean of Luxembourg Someone I only became aware of as a long lingering Deadpool pick. Not one for the main list. I M Pei World renowned architect, there is precedent with Oscar Niemeyer being a regular pick until his death John Andretti I am not sure the 2020 list will be an issue for this one Rosalynn Carter First ladies are a staple of the list and Rosalynn should not be an exception Sheila Mercier UK Soap Icon needs to be on the 2020 list Beverly Cleary US Writer with little traction in the UK but is now at such an advanced age her inclusion in the Official List could be justified
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    His fame level outside the UK has shot through the roof over the last year, an old news interview of Hume played in the background of an episode of Derry Girls for about 5 seconds.
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    I will certainly be entering this year too.
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    In light of recent astronomical imagery:
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    Here is mine. 1. Alex Trebek 2. Javier Perez de Cuellar 3. Fernando Ricksen 4. Tom Seaver 5. Lee Kerslake 6. Valerie Harper 7. Leah Bracknell 8. Olivia de Havilland 9. Glynis Johns 10. Loretta Lynn 11. Herman Wouk 12. Kathleen Blanco 13. George Alagiah 14. Giorgio Napolitano 15. Sam Lloyd 16. Prince Philip 17. Doddie Weir 18. Tim Conway 19. Jean-Louis Trintignant 20. Bill Turnbull 21. Kirk Douglas Subs: 1. Bob Hawke 2. Gene Hackman 3. Jimmy Carter
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    Here's my first go. 1) Hernan Wouk 2) Sheila Mercier 3) Julie Goodyear 4) Doddie Weir 5) David McCallum 6) Jerry Stiller 7) Honor Blackman 8) Harley Race 9) Stan Bowles 10) Peter Oosterhuis 11) John Leslie (TV host) 12) Gene Hackman 13) Mel Brooks 14) Desmond Morris 15) Keith Richards 16) John Hume 17) Alex Trebek 18) Kenneth Cope 19) I.M Pei 20) Vera Lynn 21) Tony Bennett Subs 1) Cleo Laine 2) Malcolm Hebden 3) Ken McAlpine (Formula 1)
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    Hanson gets his QO thanks to the new ruling on BBC local news pages.
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    Whilst introducing a new family into Coronation Street May not be that interesting, the little snippet that Eileen Derbyshire is mentioned is. https://coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com/2019/04/new-corrie-cast-meet-bailey-family.html?m=1 Sadly it’s clear now that they decided to use Number 3 for this new family clearly shows that I think we’ve seen the end of Emily Bishop- they’ve kept number 3 almost vacant for few years just in case Miss Derbyshire decided to come back. End of an era.
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    https://www.voici.fr/news-people/actu-people/video-ces-images-inedites-de-charles-aznavour-deux-jours-avant-sa-mort-658280 A well-known french TV-Show has shown a video taken 2 days before his death : he looked so Good, he spoke so clearly and was completely clear. A quick reminder that one’s condition can suddenly take a turn to the worse....
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    Got reminded of the utterly shite early 90s ITV gameshow version of Cluedo earlier today: There were four series, and a Christmas special, each other which had a completely different cast. All were highly QO-able British actors. Pam Ferris is the only remaining Mrs White (pre-deceased by June Whitfield, Joan Sims, Mollie Sugden and Liz Smith). There's two dead Rev Greens (Robin Nedwell and Derek Nimmo), two dead Col Mustards (Leslie Grantham and Lewis Collins) and one dead Mrs Peacock (Kate O'Mara). Ms Scarlett and Professor Plum both have full dance cards, although seeing as the latter was played by people including David MacCallum and Tom Baker, perhaps not for long.
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    The mother of Angela Merkel has died at 90 (German link): https://www.merkur.de/politik/angela-merkels-mutter-ist-tot-schock-fuer-kanzlerin-vor-brexit-gipfel-zr-12181467.html
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