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    May teams OldCrem 5 +5 bob hawke duchess of devonshire john hume rosalyn carter clarissa eden Joey Russ 20 +5+5 John Singleton sprent dabwido kathleen blanco ed genson jean vanier Wormfarmer 5 +5+4 John Singleton 4 jimmy greaves john starling sprent dabwido 4 kathleen blanco 4 theoldlady 8 +5 tim conway alex trebek abdelaziz bouteflika g p-orridge j l trintignant Sir Creep 11 +4+3 +5 sprent dabwido 3 tommy donbavand kathleen blanco 3 ezra castro (bills fan) john starling 4 Bou1 larry king silvio berlusconi glynis johns albert uderzo ezra castro (bills fan) 4 Bibliogryphon 4 john andretti william russell john lysak jerry stiller katherine jackson Philip kathleen blanco 2 clarissa eden 4 pearl carr robert mugabe jacquez chirac ebless john mccririck stuart hall monica vitti john hume 4 billy bingham Quim Reaper 6 +4 +4 lee kerslake hau pei-tsun bob hawke 4 tommy donbavand 4 g p-orridge 4 Clorox Bleachman 25 +7 sprent dabwido 2 rachel held evans sunny garcia tom long g p-orridge 3 msc 8 +4+4 rachel held evans 4 sunny garcia 4 natasha england ezra castro (bills fan) 3 jean vanier 4 Fixed Business 9 +5 micah bowie herman wouk g p-orridge 2 bob dole beth chapman gcreptile 33 +1 sprent dabwido 1 tom long 4 syed ali geelani stanley crouch johnny harris Captain Chorizo 21 +3 tommy devito tommy donbavand 3 ahmed mansoor luis escheverria maria robucci Bentrovato 5 +4+5 herman wouk 4 harry gregg claus von bulow michael jayston peter handke Yorkshire Banker 1 tony britton Olivia deHavilland johnny beattie yvette lundy joyce reynolds Death by Arsenic 5 sunny garcia 3 clarissa eden 3 michael lonsdale zizi jeanmarie wanda jackson MadHatter 10 no team yet Banana 8 no team yet Newjack 8 no team yet Joe Moneypenny 7 no team yet Prophet no team yet Unknown Man no team yet Grimm Reaperness no team yet
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    Dom DeLuise stopped acting on this day 10 years ago, aged 75.
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    Wowsers, that thar irish rebel boi SC on track for 11K today or tomorrow. TW11NT Congratulations in advance!
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    https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/shiner-tx/77984/weather-radar/341025 About to get buried in 20 min.... tornado alley in south central TX. I'm a little east of Gonzales, TX on that map. Yay At least I won DL before I died. Austin TX airport closed. Have a friend her flight diverted and parked in Dallas.....where she is spending the night. Flights grounded. SirC (Edit now shew 10:40 local time, so 90 min yet....it's going to park on us for an hour at least too)
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    MMMDP Forum Guide 16 - Baron Waqa While most have their minds set on former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido because of his failing health, we should not forget about current Nauru president Baron who @Predictor made this comment about: Oh, and then there the bastard Baron Waqa, whose size rivals that of the nation he is governing. Still one of my favorite comments ever on this website Anyways, pick the fat fuck.
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    Probably some such powers somewhere. Can't really be bothered unless @Cat O'Falksays otherwise, I think is the established forum conduct, but don't ask me, I just make the rules!
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    Enormous coincidence but that is exactly what I am listening to as well!
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    It's absolutely tropical in the east coast highlands. I need more thin clothes. Most I have on me are for the west. I keep meeting folk saying, "Cold! Wind!" I'm all wft, it isn't! Take your coat off, it's glorious! T shirt weather cuntos.
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    Check the scoreboard/ stats, enfant stupide, and come back to me with a reason to take your negging seriously, cunto! Love ya! <torrent of abuse incoming>
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    Nothing more lonely than being with the wrong cunto and additionally all touched out by weans. But on paper "not lonely" Differing libidos also a huge issue according to my lonely friends. Wtf? This chat should be in my Chirac thread!
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    "This has literally put me in tears"
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    I had 'Our House' on yesterday. It's associated in my mind with what I imagine a DL meet up would be like. I don't know why.
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    Not sure if it's the same on my member account but I did once fix SC winning the day quite successfully in the interests of science. And I've no idea whit he is going on about r.e signatures. It was a thing back in the day but everyone's on the mobile version and no fucker sees them. To get back on topic, in the latest Life Imitates Internet occurrence, I have a black eye which was described by someone on FB as "standard Scottish New Year" and which charon has kindly offered to equalise the effect for me
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    Zorders was an utter gent in chat. LFN and I discovered we grew up in the same town and charon.. well he's charon, we'll say nae more. Best thing about it was Banshees impersonating me back in the day when you could change names and harassing a female poster Took the heat off me for a bit and it was one of my rare reports. Bring it back!
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    I will refer this to Thread Police and our specialist if that is okay with you. @Cat O'Falk @Achelous and let them decide. They can sort things out amongst themselves r.e bovine matters. I can't believe I'm typing this. Bovine matters.
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    Miss Bou Pics or gtf. They CAN'T be worse than the giant revolver one surely?
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    I am deliberately not going to delete that double post.
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    That does sound horrible S.C. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture as any parent knows. I'm struggling to cope in the almost 30° temperature and cutting about in a wet t-shirt but texts are back, yay, and GBF#2 comedown has properly kicked in so he's quiet.
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    That is absolutely brilliant! I really want to hear more of them but Deathray is trying to get me banned (again)
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    How about you either fuck off or join in giving your rapper name? Go to another site if you don't like GirlieD.
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    It's gone a bit off topic admittedly and since the Chirac thread is the new Dickie O' Common Room I might move some posts if I can be bothered or if I remember to. Don't hold your breath though. Send your compaints via Facebook S.C.
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    I thought jewelry.
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    At the risk of incoming Kenneth Williams gifs, what does the other 11lbs consist of?
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    I used to have to cook mince for other people charon, you non-grater using, tinfoil-scrooging wrong-un. Where were we?
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