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    The last line of your post is the only sensible one. 1)Who the fuck is Hilda Hansen and why was she notable? 2)I'm not referring to a QO, which he won't probably get, but to any kind of obit the Internet could give. Legacy would be enough! 3)This guy contributed to Fantasia and Dumbo. And you define him a nobody when you spend most of your time here reporting deaths of very non notable people. Contrarian to the last, but you risk to look like a dork, you know.
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    My minions are slacking normally someone would have drawn my attention to the fact that Dave Bartholomew was a hit here for @msc and a unique one at that. It doesn't put him on the verge of winning but he is only two uniques or a boxer and Prime Minister away from victory.
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    Not really a quiz as more an ingathering of suggestions, inspired by the BBC posed question, Which Band Would You Erase From History? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/entertainment-arts-48677904/yesterday-which-band-would-boyle-curtis-james-and-patel-erase-from-history For me it is The Spice Girls. I never wanted to Zig A Zig Ah. Shouting "Girl Power" while wearing sexy outfits and giving themselves nom de plumes indicating their submission to male fantasies was probably the ultimate scam on the UK population. Spiceworld? Yikes. Viva Forever!? Double yikes. I'll concede Geri's version of "It's Raining Men" but she could have done that and probably had a career on her own without the group. Much more credible female artists and bands who let their music do the talking, rather than making up slogans, existed before and after this carbuncle of the 1990s.
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    How's John doing lately? Anyone heard owt?
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    Lucky he is not a betting man....
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    You posted that 4 hours ago. What game are you watching? ( Doesn't matter, it's 1-1 as I type )
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    How fitting that they managed to find the only Jag ambulance in the UK to cart him of to hospital in.
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    His wife will visit him in hospital once the rain stops and her hairdo isn't threatened with instant ruination.
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    He loves the NHS and the NHS loves him. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48745868 Not my words, but those of DJ Jezza C, the Labour leader mixmaster. Notice you can make "Marxist" out of "mixmaster".....
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    Ok we all knew Dave Bartholemew welllll before January. I’m guessing that none of us and I mean NONE OF US seasoned DLers had him cuz 1) we all simultaneously had a brain cramp or 2) we all simultaneously never found a legit category where he would fit. SC
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    It wasn't that easy for him first time round.
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    Of course Kirk Douglas had a major stroke at 79 and is still going.
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    Was surprised to find out John is now 81 years of age, thought he was younger than that to be honest. Certainly one to keep an eye on depending on the severity of the stroke and which part of the brain it has hit it could be the beginning of the end, learning to walk or talk again in your 80’s is very difficult, and he will be prone to more strokes. Then again he could go on for years, however one to consider for next years list.
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    Sorry Drol for your loss and Biblo- horrible time for you both.
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    Didn't we have a tet-a-tet about putting Holocaust survivors in this thread? Well whoever said not to was wrong (nowhere else to). Noémi Ban survived Nazis and then escaped Soviets before coming to St. Louis and teaching school for 17 years. Later in life, she became a respected author and lecturer about her family's ordeal during the Holocaust. Ms. Ban died June 7 after a short illness in Bellingham, Wash. She was 96. Born in 1922 in Hungary, Ms. Ban and her family were captured by invading Nazis in 1944 and shipped to the Auschwitz concentration camp — where her mother, grandmother, younger sister and baby brother were killed in the gas chambers. Ms. Ban, however, was picked as a laborer and sent to the Buchenwald camp. Later, while later being forced to march to the Bergen-Belsen camp, she was rescued by U.S. troops. She returned to Hungary and married Earnest Ban. The couple fled Hungary when the Soviets occupied the country in 1956, ending up in St. Louis in 1957. AMAZINGLY -- she has a Wiki page? smh..... I take everything back I said about Quon not getting an obit. Jesus.... smfh x100. SC
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    Article about "life-extensionists", i.e. people who do everything to live forever: https://www.theguardian.com/global/2019/jun/23/how-to-live-forever-meet-the-extreme-life-extensionists-immortal-science Lots of potential for future ironic deaths.
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    Saint Peter hears Dave Bartholomew knockin', and he can come in. Sir Creep's walking (up the scoreboard), yes indeed, with a whole lotta points points for him. 40 base points and 16 unique bonus points, to be specific.
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    Quon not getting a single obit is ridiculous.
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    Maybe he doesn’t remember having it diagnosed....
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    England 0 Camroon 0 France 0 Brazil 0
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    Unless...... unless the killings suddenly STOP. then we have figured out the culprit! A 90-year old woman!
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    Going into hospital Monday to have a section of my small bowel removed due to Crohn's disease, I had a major flare-up on Wednesday last that took me in as an emergency dehydration case and the surgeon has moved me up the list from 5 years waiting for a op to Monday. With some good surgery and also a bit of good luck this should give me a better quality of life for some time until the Crohn's comes back again.
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    So it boils down to Boris Johnston or Jeremy Hunt. Putting it politely, it's like choosing between Kate McCann or Jimmy Saville to watch your children.
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    I know someone who likes to cross-dress, yes. Unfortunately they're not famous.
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    Dave Bartholomew QO: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-7172653/Dave-Bartholomew-wrote-Aint-That-Shame--dies-100.html
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