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    Like every summer, I'm going to Poland with my family. This time for about 2 and 1/2 weeks. Right in time for my 18th birthday too, me and my friend over there got big plans. My flight leaves tomorrow - Saturday - from Chicago O'Hare at 17:25 to Warsaw (LO 2), and I have an hour layover there before I land in Rzeszów (LO 3809) at 11:30 local time Sunday. That info of course being for Cat in case he wants to track. I get back on August 1st. Don't think I'll be visiting the forums during my vacation. ABC title defense team already submitted. So this is goodbye for now.
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    55 today How the hell did she last so long. Respect for that.
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    Oy, can we get someone to please police this thread?
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    De Do Do Do, De Da Da Dead
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    I'm losing touch here marra Re the "aye" are you one of us?
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    Two cities left but the broadcasting channel isn't saying which two. link
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    He’s a Spirit in the Material World
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    I had it confirmed by DI just to avoid "you trusted a competitor"! Fucking GDPR. Or tbf, fucking American wank offs that cant put one small "confirm cookies" button like 99% of the rest of us need to do now. Anyhow, the Outlaw Sam Bass has died. Bou 0-12 Spade
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    King of pain
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    Ending act for Laurence Olivier on this day 30 years ago, aged 82.
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    Well Sir Creep will have to take solace in having the most hits (10) as we scoot into July. It’s a strong group of competitors and he will have to be happy with having that accomplishment. That said, it’s his first foray into alt obits and whatever the scoring structure is, it doesn’t favour him. It’s all good. Live and learn (he has been living and learning long enough — 56 years — to know what he is encountering, and he even has a name or two for it).
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    Mel Blanc died on this day 30 years ago (aged 81).
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    She's gone... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7235405/Willy-Wonka-Chocolate-Factory-star-Denise-Nickerson-62-passes-away-age-62.html?ico=pushly-notifcation-small
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