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    Hey Carrie Lam What's your game now, can anybody play?
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    The obvious being that this is the DL equivalent of a space ark. You pass your team on to your kids.
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    There was an interview with him, it's going to be aired tonight: https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/alex-trebek-opens-up-to-lisa-laflamme-about-his-cancer-treatment-1.4625438 He's wearing a wig now (probably did so before already).
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    I don't mind, It's your game Sean, you choose the rules (Lesley Gore's 'it's my party' rule...) . Having entered with a team of people * mostly not much older than me all of whom probably have more money/access to better private healthcare than me should they ever need it, * over half of whom are women * only half a dozen of which have anything wrong with them I shall be amazed to outlive 25 of them, and there's absolutely no chance I'll survive all of them. Still, it's only a bit of fun, not as if it's life or death, is it...
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    I am open to that but have already set the rules.We could always split the game into first half and second half.If after crowning the 50% winner over 50% of participants don't wish to continue we could call it quits?
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    Only argument against your stats is that everyone is choosing people presumably in poor health or at least a history of it. So seeing 100 less likely than average. However we also have a 'survivors' thread that bears out even the ill can get a second wind in life.
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    New Zealand by 82 France by 21 And if Namibia wins I will personally fly over to Japan and streak on the pitch during NZ's next game.
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    And why do you have texture like sun?
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    It's a safe bet he was born in January 1923. The government's General Records Office list an entry registered in Sedgefield, just down the road from Chilton. The Ancestry tree is most likely someone put two and two together during their research and came up with five. There was a John Vitty born in Gateshead in 1926 who probably died in 2001. Our guy is very much alive in 2016. The Chronical editorial age is just a copy and paste error; I found a rehash of the story dated a year later and he was still 72.
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    Russell Howard... Who told you that you were funny?
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    I think so. We've had an insane amount of trick or treaters and Halloween parties going on in our area these past 5 years. I think alot of parents enjoy it more than the kids now, that's what I put it down to. My daughter doesn't quite understand it yet but certainly enjoys dressing up and seeing all of the decorations. She's too young for trick or treating so just taking her to a party instead.
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    Alan Zaslove, animator for Charlie Brown, Mr. Magoo, Popeye, and Scooby Doo, has died aged 92. Lots of classics there. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Zaslove
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    It was a heart attack
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    I remember this card. Bob Brenly - 65 - decent Catcher, made all star team in 1985 and actually received a vote for MVP. Managed the Diamondbacks to a World Series in 2001. Chili Davis - 59 - a hell of an OF. 4th in Rookie of Year voting, 4 time all star. Couple votes for MVP here and there. Then there's the deceased Bob Tufts. Looking at his stats, he pitched in 27 games (42 innings) total over 3 seasons, all in relief. Below average pitcher, sorry to say. Did manage to have a 2-0 lifetime record thanks to baseball's scoring anomaly. In 42 innings gave up 60 hits and 14 walks. A 'Future Star' he was not. SC
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    Discharged from hospital.
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    Boris Johnston. "How deep would you like your shallow grave?"
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    I like to think of it as temporarily vacated whilst the pool's erstwhile host deals with some personal intranquilities of an unspecified nature.
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    Who won? Not that I care, I don't really enter any of the deadpools here.
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    This one's a touch heartbreaking, particularly for Kurt Cobain fans. The pain in the vocals and lyrics of this song, the haunting simplicity of it, it's quite easy to imagine this being his last. It's highly likely it was, in fact.
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    Diahann didn't make it to Christmas Carroll (see what I did there) is a unique for Gooseberry Crumble, lifted from the bottom of the pack. Also hits A Clubs - 5 Additional Points. Leaderboard updated.
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    Clive James suffering from Leukaemia for last 15 months and is in Addenbrooks Hospital
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