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    New photos. Walks and drives a car on his own, but he does not look at best. Still, in great shape for his age.
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    Michael J Pollard, nommed for an Oscar for his turn in Bonnie And Clyde, reportedly dead: IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0689488/
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    Yoo Sang-chul (48) who played at the 2002 finals with South Korea, scoring once against Poland, has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/sports/2019/11/661_279030.html
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    Christian Edwards, one-time Welsh international (for two minutes), has suffered a heart attack while taking training with Cardiff Met Uni this morning. He took them into the Europa League last season.
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    Trivia corner - Michael J. Fox added the 'J' to his name as a tribute to Pollard.
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    Yes sad - I've had to scroll down his films to find where I remember him from - Roxanne, although I've seen Bonnie and Clyde so will remember him from that too.
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    Sad news YoungWillz. I remember him most from Hannibal Brooks (yes the one with Oliver Reed and the elephant!) and Scrooged which I will be watching again this year.
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    1. American Football thread in main forum 2. HE INVENTED THE NERF FOOTBALL - how could you not say that? His great contribution to society!!
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    Cecilia Seghizzi, described on Wikipedia as a composer and painter, has died aged 111 - https://www.meteoweb.eu/2019/11/gorizia-lutto-morta-111-anni-cecilia-seghizzi/1348589/
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    Cecilia Seghizzi has died. A DDP pick, too. https://www.nordest24.it/e-morta-a-gorizia-cecilia-seghizzi-aveva-111-anni/ (Italian language obit, English one pending.)
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    Probably suffocated trying to say his title.
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    All of the above holds true until the day someone produces a time-coded photograph that places him at Pizza Express, Woking at some other date than the one claimed by Victoria Guiffre - at which point he's in there with Glitter and Savile! Interesting days ahead, maybe
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    My first thoughts. Kirk and Vera?
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    The unflappable Chris Moncrieff has died aged 88.
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