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    Not dead but birthday: 87 today! Couldn't find any meaningful news about him.
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    Lady Bird was 94 when she died. Betty Ford was 93 when she died. Nancy Reagan was 94 when she died. Barbara Bush was 92 when she died. Enter Rosalynn Carter. Turns 93 years old in 2020, so prime 21st century First Lady dying age. Jimmy is clearly on his way out after many recent hospitalizations, and like the Nixon and Bush couples, I doubt they'll stand to be separated for very long. Get her on Deathlist 2020!
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    And, I'm sure we had a suggestion to that effect a few years back - possibly even from me
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    It gets him out of doing Panto
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    I'd guess Ted Bundy's last chair was sturdy.
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    Hospitalized. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7756495/amp/Archbishop-Desmond-Tutu-88-hospitalised-stubborn-infection.html
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    I have enjoyed taking part in a number of dead pools this year, and would like to give back a bit more next year. I'm not talented enough to come up with a brand new idea for a pool that I could run, but there is the low hanging fruit of simply sponsoring a team on the Doug Stanhope Celebrity Death Pool site. I would be willing to put up the registration fee if there is enough interest. Some of you are no doubt familiar with this site, but for those who are not, it's a site where you register your own pool (funeral home) and invite whoever you want (mourners) to participate. The nuts and bolts of it is that you choose 20 celebrities. There are no QOs as such, but rather the celebrity you choose has to be in their database, which you will find is both somewhat American-centric and also sets the bar a bit higher than your average pool as far as celebrity needs to go. Some of your more obscure, especially non-American, celebrities won't be in the database. You can request they be added, but my experience is that they usually get shot down. Regardless, the formula for points is 100-age, with bonuses for pool uniques, site-wide uniques, and various other factors ( ie. suicide, overdose, birthday, airplane crash) each with their own cute title. You are allowed one trade per month, on the 15th, but you can't choose someone who has already been taken in your pool. This pool is how I started out with deadpools, and I take part in about 10 pools. There are other pools you can join if you wish and they have open entry, even some paid pools so you can make a couple of bucks. Pretty sure if we put a pool together, it would vie for the top pool in the site. So tell you what, if you are interested, like this post. If it looks like we can put together 15-20 people, I will register a funeral home for us and send out the invites to those interested. In the meantime, if you are interested, check out the site (dscdp.com) and register a profile. Maybe to keep it simple for invites and competition sake, use your alias on this site, or at least something recognizably similar. If we decide to give it a go, I'm open to suggestions for funeral home names.
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    Either way - legend!
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    Free, but annoying site. https://okmagazine.com/photos/mackenzie-mckee-mom-angie-cancer-update-photo-teen-mom-og/
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    Andrew Neil just tore BoJo a new one on his last leader interview...
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    Everyone picks twenty celebrities from the DSCDP Database, plus up to five alternates per Funeral Home. The twenty do not need to be unique to each Funeral Home, but 25 bonus points go to Solo picks that are hits. Solo entries have green Solo flair. A site-wide solo nets a Mourner 100 points. Assorted bonuses are awarded for cases like murder, daily doubles, suicide, dying on one's birthday, and a bonus voted upon by the populace the year before.
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    A penguin goes to get his car fixed. The man says it will take a 3 hours to inspect the car. While the penguin waits he gets icecream. He gets ice cream over his face. He goes back to his car and the repairman says "it looks like you blew a seal" and the penguin says "No, it's just icecream".
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    Would said punishment be along the lines of say, 50 lashes from a 17 year old Dominatrix?
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    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/royal-family/2019/12/04/prince-philip-told-prince-andrew-take-punishment-summoning-son/ Well enough to 'summon' Prince Andrew to drive over 100 miles to see him at Sandringham so he could tell his son to his face that he needs to take his punishment.
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    You very well could be right, but I think I can say with some certainty that that wheelchair is just something someone pulled out for him, not a permanent feature. You can tell by his thighs- they aren't supported by the seat, so the chair is far too small, which means it's probably not his. And don't get me started on the wheels. Of course, he may have left his own chair at home and this one was just for convenience. I actually have no idea who the dude is. Chair spotting is just another weird fascination of mine. Amazing how many wealthy celebrities show up in horrible ones.
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    Again, been out all day and saw this on the news. Cricket just ain't my thing, but Gower, Willis and Botham were the triumviurate back in the day. Had the other two before Willis and maybe about another 7 years before you'd think about them. Boycott lives. Life is deffo not fair.
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    I think it must just be really hard living closely next to a country that is led by an unstable maniac with access to nuclear weapons, who you never know what he is going to do next. Thank goodness I live in Canada and don't have that, uh, concern........oh shit.
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    Found mine in my regular mail folder. I guess it has been desensitized by my odd assortment of other interests and lets anything through now.
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    Ferlinghetti was on my GCSE English anthology.I think there were about three or four of his poems in there.Two scavengers in a truck we spent about 5 lessons on.
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    Something has been living in my car I keep a fleece blanket in the back (it's a hatchback) for contingencies. It's rolled up in a carrier bag. Today I bought a picture, and as it is framed with glass I got the blanket out to wrap it up safely for transportation. I shook the blanket out to find that it had been nibbled and shredded by .... something. Most disconcerting.
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