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    Ok. As Kenny McCormick is whinging about Roberta not having a thread, I present to you all............... The Roberta McCain thread. Fill yer boots.
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    One of jackpot options on Pointless last night was cast of The Longest Day. As it's over 18 months since I picked these three I was struggling more than I should have been but remembered Michael Medwin to impress Mrs GUN with an obscure pointless answer (although not one mentioned on the show - I had to show her on IMDB). So although all three live on this pool has provided me a small crumb of success.
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    I like how Jean Marsh is easily the most famous person referenced in the post and appears merely as "also Jon Pertwee"... Marsh is a DL future cert, Ingeborg Pertwee somewhat less so. Sheila Hancock is also a potential future DL pick, but Sally Alexander doesn't seem in trouble of threatening deadpoolers anytime soon last I saw?
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    J Dilla went out for some donuts on this day 14 years ago, aged 32.
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    Lynn Evans (Mand) singer with The Chordettes who had a smattering of UK hits in the 1950s, dead at 95: https://chroniclet.com/news/201619/lynn-evans-mand/?fbclid=IwAR0sbWNzfuZas4Q_glDf5Dw0lKlnmkUg7PlKACBPPbynJKSI3m5MsFEPnaA Here's Lollipop and Mr Sandman (Lynn gets a quick word individually).
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    My money's on Queen Bee.
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    I think the whole episode reached quadruple confusion mode. Endeavour is a prequel to Morse in which the John Thaw character is played by Shaun Evans. John's daughter Abigail Thaw has a regular supporting role as the local newspaper editor. In last Sunday's episode which was set in 1970 the real-life character of Sally Alexander appeared in a scene with Abigail Thaw who is her real-life daughter of course. The part of Sally Alexander was played by Abigail Thaw's actual daughter!
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    Charles Schulz was less animated after this day 20 years ago, aged 77.
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    Bernie Sanders has been declared the winner of New Hampshire primary by multiple sources...
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    She doesn't look like someone at death's door in those photos to me.
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    Apparently they're all hanging on to see who wins The Masked Singer on Saturday. There'll be carnage afterwards.
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    René Descartes stopped thinking on this day 370 years ago, aged 53.
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    Recent photos of Joni Mitchell at the Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday night/early hours Monday.
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    Serious? He looks like a pessimistic alien has moulded some mechanically recovered meat into what it thinks a human might look like.
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    Any relation to Lardy?
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    It was Death of a Playwright for Arthur Miller on this day 15 years ago, aged 89.
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    No more places to go for Jim Varney after this day 20 years ago, aged 50.
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    The latest edition of the National Enquirer boldly predicts the carona death toll will be 65 million.
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    David Hockney, 82, survived a heart attack, a stroke & three doctors who told him to quit smoking. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7984039/Art-icon-David-Hockney-82-says-smoking-act-defiance.html ...and he doesn't have his own thread.
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    I predict that we won't see a steady trend. Recently, the spread within China has been slowed by extensive quarantine measures... but factories, schools and assorted other currently closed facilities can't stay closed forever. Then there's the question of how long it will take until a new outbreak gets going in a big city somewhere else where they lack the same resources as China. Then there's the question of how much spring conditions will affect the spread when they come in, or how much tropical / summer conditions may affect current spread in other latitudes. And the question of whether all this surveillance will drive the evolution of a milder, less symptomatic strain that can slip through the net more easily but that also should also kill fewer people. A lot of unknowns, in short. Many of which can lead to significant changes in the rate of transmission and the rate of death, one way or the other.
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    Ah yes hadn’t occurred to me, presumably done in a job lot. Still gotta admire the guys ‘show must go on’ approach
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    I predict 34141 deaths as of april 30th (following the current logarithmic trend) and ~5000 by the end of february
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    While waiting for New Hampshire, Andrew Yang seems to be ending his campaign tonight.
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